How to be responsible when you have a cat

How to be responsible when you have a cat

A microchip is a small digital chip that may be scanned by a microchip reader to point out a novel quantity. The microchip is in regards to the measurement of a grain of rice and consists of a coating which protects the interior electronics and avoids the animal’s physique from reacting to the chip. The chip is inserted below the pores and skin at the back of a cat’s neck utilizing a needle.

The microchip quantity is linked to a database with particulars in regards to the animal and proprietor, in order that when the chip is scanned, the proprietor’s particulars might be recognized. This helps to reunite misplaced cats with their homeowners shortly and can also be used to show possession. See this text for extra details about why microchipping is necessary.

Pet proprietor contact particulars needs to be registered along with your native council, and up to date if any particulars change. You are able to do this right here. Microchipping is obligatory in most Australian states and territories (please see this text to seek out out extra in regards to the rules in your state/territory).

Details about what to do in case your cat does go lacking might be discovered right here. Exterior identification (collar and tag) must also be positioned in your cat, the place that is protected and tolerated by your cat. Make sure that any collar used is a fast launch sort, to assist keep away from your cat getting hooked on one thing by the collar or getting a leg caught by way of the collar.

In some jurisdictions it’s essential to register your cat with the native authority so it is very important test this.


Desexing includes surgically eradicating the ovaries and uterus of feminine cats, or surgically eradicating each testicles of males to forestall undesirable breeding. This have to be performed by a certified veterinarian. Along with stopping undesirable litters, different advantages of desexing embrace decreasing the danger of mammary cancers and uterine infections; decreasing aggressive behaviour; decreasing the probability of a cat roaming and, consequently, getting misplaced or injured; and decreasing the probability of marking behaviours akin to urine spraying [1].

There isn’t any profit in permitting feminine cats to have one warmth or litter earlier than they’re desexed [1]. Pre-pubertal desexing is really helpful, earlier than cats can attain puberty at about 16 weeks (that is additionally generally known as Early Age Desexing or EAD). Please see this text for details about legal guidelines and rules surrounding desexing your cat in your state/territory.

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Well being care

An annual check-up by your veterinarian is necessary to make sure your cat is wholesome. Your cat’s weight may also be monitored throughout these visits, to make sure they aren’t underweight or chubby, as each could be a signal of or result in well being points.

Dental care is necessary in stopping painful dental illness in cats. It might contain brushing your cat’s tooth with a pet toothpaste and toothbrush if they permit this, offering specifically formulated dental meals to assist cut back tartar construct up, giving them dental treats or having their tooth cleaned professionally below normal anaesthesia, as really helpful by your veterinarian.

It is vital that you simply cat is vaccinated by your veterinarian to cut back the dangers related to cat flu (feline herpesvirus and calicivirus) and enteritis (feline panleucopaenia), each of that are contagious and might make your cat very ailing. In some circumstances, you might want to think about vaccination in opposition to different ailments on your cat; for instance, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV). Search recommendation out of your veterinarian about probably the most applicable vaccination program on your cat.

Flea prevention is necessary as fleas may cause vital discomfort, may cause an allergic response, may additionally transmit ailments akin to tapeworm, and may also trigger anaemia (as fleas feed in your cat’s blood). Relying on the place you reside, you might also want to guard your cat in opposition to ticks and, particularly, paralysis ticks.

Worming prevention can also be necessary in avoiding diarrhoea and different worm associated issues akin to anaemia from a heavy worm burden.

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Cats are obligate carnivores, which implies they require meat of their food regimen for them to be wholesome. A top quality industrial cat meals tailor-made to their age and desires is necessary to make sure they’ve a balanced food regimen. Your cat ought to have entry to wash, contemporary water always.

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Preserving your cat indoors

Containing your cat to your property prevents undesirable litters of kittens, cat fights, ailments, and different accidents akin to being hit by a automobile [2]. Containing your cat additionally reduces the danger of them looking native wildlife [2]. If you need to permit your cat outdoor, a completely contained out of doors enclosure or enclosed yard with cat-proof fencing is really helpful [2]. Offering enrichment will guarantee your cat is entertained and stimulated whereas indoors (see ‘Enrichment’ beneath) [3].

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There are a lot of sorts of enrichment accessible to maintain your cat entertained and stimulated.

  • Toys: for instance, wand toys, balls or stuffed mice toys.
  • Puzzle feeder toys: these enable your cat to forage for meals and encourage downside fixing [4].
  • Alternatives to scratch and rise up excessive: cats love heights and scratching, so offering scratch posts or getting artful and making a cardboard tower will preserve them joyful [4].
  • Make sure you additionally spend high quality time along with your cat.

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Planning for emergencies and adjustments in circumstances

Throughout a pure catastrophe akin to a bushfire, excessive climate (e.g. storms, floods, or heatwaves) or an earthquake, it might be essential to evacuate from your property. It is very important have an emergency plan in place which incorporates your animals.

Additionally it is necessary to make a plan for the continued care of your cat, ought to one thing occur to you which ones restricts your means to take care of your cat.

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[1] Reichler IM (2009) Gonadectomy in Cats and Canines: A Evaluation of Dangers and Advantages. Copy of Home Animals 44:29-35. doi: 10.1111/j.1439-0531.2009.01437.x

[3] Jongman E (2007) Adaptation of home cats to confinement. Journal of Veterinary Behaviour 2:193-196. doi:10.1016/j.jveb.2007.09.003

[4] Miller Okay & Watts Okay (2017) Environmental and behavioral enrichment for cats. In Animal Conduct for Shelter Veterinarians and Workers, First Version; Weiss, E., Mohan-Gibbons, H., Zawistowski, S., Eds.;

How to be responsible when you have a cat

It might not all the time seem to be it, however your cat or kitten adores you.

She desires nothing greater than so that you can come house on the finish of the day and snuggle up together with her, play together with her, or wave at her whereas she lies cozily in your linen cabinet.

Sure, our candy feline buddies depend on us, which implies we’ve got an enormous duty to take care of them correctly.

Listed below are our ideas for making your cat proud and being the easiest proprietor you might be.

1.The fundamentals

For individuals who have adopted a model new kitty into their lives – and even have an present pal – a meals bowl, water bowl and collar with an ID tag are important for apparent causes.

Feed your cat a food regimen wealthy in proteins and vitamins – your veterinarian will advocate an applicable dry and/or moist meals food regimen – and all the time guarantee there’s sufficient contemporary water accessible for her to drink. If possible, ensure her water bowl is situated distant from her litter.

2. Be sure they’re microchipped and vaccinated

How to be responsible when you have a cat

Vaccinations will preserve her wholesome and free from probably life-threatening illness, and microchipping will carry her again to you if she ever will get misplaced.

Fortunately, for those who’re adopting from RSPCA NSW, microchipping and vaccination prices are included within the adoption payment.

3. Preserve her worming and flea remedies updated

If not correctly protected, cats are susceptible to catching fleas and worms. These sneaky little parasites wreak havoc on your beloved’s abdomen and pores and skin, amongst different yucky irritations.

Worse, as soon as they’ve burrowed their method onto your pet and into your property, fleas are extremely onerous to do away with.

Communicate to your veterinarian about establishing a schedule on your cat’s worming and flea remedies.

4. Clear your own home of potential hazards

Cats like to get their playful paws on all the pieces, so hazard-proofing your own home is a should for any pet proprietor.

Preserve a watch out for potential issues like human drugs, poisonous indoor vegetation, pesticides and baits, rubber bands and plastic luggage. Greatest to clear any of those away earlier than your curious cat begins wandering round.

5. Present treats, toys and different stimulation

How to be responsible when you have a cat

Your cat is a brilliant cookie. She desires to play with toys and remedy issues and use her pure instincts to hunt for meals. She’d hate to only sit round feeling bored all day.

Listed below are some ideas for retaining her occupied whilst you’re away:

  • Purchase her a very good, tall scratching submit she will be able to sit on prime of. Cats love to take a seat excessive and observe what’s occurring within the room beneath them, or out the window.
  • Frequently change up your cat’s toys so she doesn’t get bored. You might additionally think about an ‘automated’ toy that can transfer electronically and have interaction your cat.
  • Disguise treats round the home to allow them to ‘hunt’.
  • Be sure she has entry to nooks and crannies, or a little bit hutch or cave, to snuggle up in.

Take a look at the RSPCA NSW on-line retail retailer right here.

6. Preserve her indoors

RSPCA NSW encourages homeowners to maintain their cat inside, as an alternative of roaming across the neighbourhood. This prevents her from getting misplaced, looking wildlife and/or catching potential ailments.

However don’t fear: your cat can dwell a wonderfully joyful life indoors, particularly for those who present her with sufficient enrichment and stimulation.

7. Take her for normal check-ups

Guide your kitty into the veterinarian for a check-up as soon as each six months to a yr. An expert will be capable of diagnose any present or potential issues and provide you with some good recommendation on learn how to make your pet the happiest she might be.

8. Brush and bathe her

How to be responsible when you have a cat

Whereas cats are nifty little creatures who can groom themselves, they nonetheless want a serving to hand from their proprietor every so often.

Brushing your cat often won’t solely stop her from matted fur (particularly for longer hair breeds) however may also preserve you abreast of potential pores and skin points or fleas. The occasional bathtub helps with this too.

9. Give her all of your love and a focus

On the finish of the day, after you’ve supplied her with meals, water, shelter and a spot to relaxation her furry head, your cat will profit immensely off simply being cherished by you.

Be round as a lot as attainable and deal with her with the utmost respect – that’s the key to being a very good cat proprietor.

From 12-14 April, grownup cats will likely be adopted out for a lowered payment of $49. Discover your new furever pal right here.

There are a lot of benefits to pet possession, particularly for younger kids.

How to be responsible when you have a cat

There are a lot of advantages to proudly owning a pet. Pets educate kids worthwhile life classes like duty, belief, compassion, respect and endurance. Whereas pets supply quite a lot of advantages to children, children even have loads to supply the pet in your loved ones as properly. Each children and pets get pleasure from excessive vitality play in addition to having a cuddle buddy throughout nap time.

In case your baby asks for a pet, discuss with them about duty and the permanency of proudly owning a pet. When the “newness” wears off or the pet/kitten will get older, will they nonetheless wish to look after the animal? Have they expressed a constant want for a pet and perceive it would want each day care up and above play time?

Arrange and focus on what your baby’s pet tasks will likely be forward of time. Keep in mind, irrespective of how dedicated they’re on the time of getting a pet, you’ll have to think about your self because the backup plan if and after they can’t or won’t proceed to look after the pet.

One of many main causes, and an necessary life talent, for proudly owning a pet is to show duty. Pets require meals, water and love. Many, some greater than others, require train. In addition they require grooming (brushing develops massive muscle tissue of the arm) and toilet time (strolling the canine develops massive muscle tissue of your baby’s legs and is nice for the event of their coronary heart, mind and lungs).

Kids over 5 years previous can have developmentally applicable tasks regarding the care of the pet. Kids below the age of Four needs to be monitored with pets always, and kids below the age of 10 shouldn’t be anticipated to care for a canine or cat utterly on their very own.

A second talent kids be taught is belief. A pet gives unconditional assist when a toddler (or anybody) is gloomy, indignant or upset. They will educate your baby to belief the pet, themselves and construct belief in different relationships as properly.

Compassion is the third life talent developed. When a toddler takes care of a pet, they be taught to be variety to others by way of taking good care of their furry pal’s primary wants.

How to be responsible when you have a cat

Different abilities children be taught embrace:

  • Bereavement. When a pet passes away, a toddler will be taught in regards to the grieving course of.
  • Respect. Requiring light touching and studying about boundaries when the pet is consuming and sleeping will develop respect for others in younger kids, which is a tough talent to be taught at a younger age.
  • Vanity. When pets present unconditional love, it boosts a toddler’s vanity. Being accountable additionally develops vanity in younger kids.
  • Loyalty. Pets are very loyal and a very good instance of learn how to deal with others which are necessary to the kid and household.
  • Bodily exercise. Strolling and throwing a ball is nice train.
  • Endurance. Generally bonding with a pet takes time, in addition to instructing tips and studying good habits.
  • Social Expertise. Pets are nice in serving to “break the ice.” On outings, canine encourage conversations with others and can enhance a toddler’s social abilities.
  • Motivation. Due to all the abilities pet possession offers, younger kids have a lowered threat of allergic reactions and higher grades in school as a result of children develop inner motivation whereas caring for his or her animals.
  • Empathy. Kids rising up with a pet accomplish that with extra empathy in direction of animals and extra empathy generally.

Analysis reveals kids who dwell in houses with a canine can presumably have fewer ear infections and respiratory tract infections and require fewer antibiotics, maybe as a result of the publicity to animals at a younger age stimulates the immune system. Analysis discovered within the Time article, “Why Canines and Cats Make Infants More healthy,” signifies that publicity to pet dander might prime infants’ still-developing immune techniques and be capable of fend off widespread allergens and bugs. Younger kids’s immune techniques are extra able to going through them. Youngsters with a canine did higher than these with a cat. The publicity has to occur very early in life. Extra data can be discovered within the CBS Information article, “Infants with canine much less prone to develop colds, ear infections as infants.”

How to be responsible when you have a cat

When considering of which pet so as to add to your loved ones, decide one that matches your way of life. A fish, turtle or hamster would require much less playtime than a cat or canine. If your loved ones travels loads, then possibly an animal that may be left at house with minimal care could be a good selection. In the event you choose to go for lengthy walks and play within the yard, then a canine could also be an ideal match. Extra data on selecting the best pet might be discovered within the Michigan State College Extension article, “Which pet is true for me?”

To be taught in regards to the constructive affect kids and households expertise resulting from MSU Extension packages, learn our 2016 affect report: “Making ready younger kids for fulfillment” and “Making ready the long run technology for fulfillment.” Further affect stories, highlighting much more methods Michigan 4-H and MSU Extension positively impacted people and communities in 2016, might be downloaded from the Michigan 4-H web site.

How to be responsible when you have a cat

Council goals to maintain Brisbane a pet-friendly metropolis by guaranteeing the retaining of a cat doesn’t change into a nuisance to neighbours, destroy wildlife or endanger themselves or folks.

Your tasks as a cat proprietor

In Brisbane, there are necessary guidelines you must comply with to make sure you’re a accountable cat proprietor:

As a accountable cat proprietor, you must also:

  • establish your cat with a collar and tag earlier than it’s six months previous
  • vaccinate your cat yearly for neighbours or affect wildlife
  • don’t depart uneaten pet meals outdoors as this will appeal to pest or stray animals to your property
  • do not let your pet assault or scare folks


Cats have to be microchipped:

  • earlier than reaching the age of 12 weeks
  • when offered (vendor duty)
  • if given away (duty on the individual gifting away the animal).

The advantages of microchipping

A microchip is a everlasting type of digital identification. The microchip implant is in regards to the measurement of a grain of rice and causes no discomfort to your pet. Your native vet can implant the microchip.

The barcode accommodates your contact particulars recorded on an animal information database for the lifetime of your pet. In case your pet is just not carrying a collar, it will probably nonetheless be recognized Australia-wide and returned to you.

Sustaining microchip data

Everytime you transfer deal with, it’s your duty to contact your microchip registry to replace your particulars as quickly as attainable. This offers an elevated likelihood of reuniting along with your pet whether it is misplaced.

Ample enclosure – Know the place your cat is

You should stop your cat from wandering and inflicting a nuisance to neighbours. A cat enclosure is one of the best ways to maintain your cat protected. Your cat is much less prone to be damage in fights, decide up ailments, be hit by a automobile or trigger a nuisance. A cat spraying or disrupting home or native animals might provoke anger from neighbours. In addition they threat assortment by a Council officer.

Preserving your cat indoors or in an enclosed space outdoors prevents it preying on native animals. Placing bells or reflective mirrors in your cat’s collar may additionally be efficient if native wildlife can get into the enclosure.

Cat inhabitants management and breeding cats

Council goals to remove the issue of undesirable cats and promote accountable cat possession by:

  • guaranteeing residents adjust to the Animals Native legislation 2017
  • utilizing trapping packages to cut back or remove non-domestic cat colonies in wildlife habitats and industrial areas.

Desexing program

As a part of Council’s dedication to accountable cat possession, we regularly associate with organisations that undertake annual de-sexing initiatives with the purpose of decreasing the variety of undesirable kittens born in Queensland. These campaigns contribute to decreasing the affect of undesirable animals in rehoming centres and reduces the inhabitants progress of feral cats. It additionally offers a chance to focus on the advantages of de-sexing pets whereas additional encouraging accountable pet possession.

Between 1 June and 31 August 2021, Council is partnering with the RSPCA of their Operation Wished program. Throughout this time, you may register to obtain 20% off the price of desexing your pet at collaborating veterinarians. To seek out out extra about this program, go to the RSPCA web site.

Cat allow

In Brisbane, you may preserve as much as three cats and not using a allow. If you wish to preserve greater than three cats, you will have to use for a allow. If retaining greater than three cats is authorised below a growth approval issued by Council, a allow is just not required.

Deciding if a cat is the appropriate pet for you

Cats have a popularity for being unbiased, however they nonetheless want care and self-discipline for their very own well being and security.

In case you are considering of getting a cat you must take into consideration:

  • how a lot grooming it would want
  • if the breed you need is shy and quiet or energetic and sturdy
  • if will probably be an indoor cat or in case you have applicable fencing or enclosures to forestall it inflicting a nuisance to neighbours or impacting wildlife
  • the time and prices concerned.

Recommendation about selecting the best cat for you is on the market for those who undertake a cat from a Council Animal Rehoming Centre.

Wandering cats

Council is dedicated to accountable cat possession and inspiring Brisbane residents to do their half by retaining cats contained to their property. Roaming cats can unfold ailments, trigger damage to themselves or different cats, injure or kill wildlife and might trigger injury to property.

Council’s Animals Native Regulation 2017 requires a keeper of an animal to offer an enclosure and forestall the animal from wandering. Council understands that generally an individual might not know that their animal is wandering or the extent of the nuisance that it might be inflicting.

There are quite a few methods a cat proprietor can safely include a cat to their property and there are many choices that may very well be thought-about together with however not restricted to:

  • Present additional stimulation (for instance scratching poles, cat runs, toys and so forth);
  • Preserving the cat indoors;
  • Modifying present fencing; or
  • Present prefabricated cat runs.

Dealing with wandering cat complaints

In the event you see a wandering cat and know the place it resides, Council encourages you to make contact with the cat proprietor. To help you, Council have created a Wandering cat letter (Phrase – 15kb), that may be crammed out anonymously and supplied to the cat proprietor.

In the event you imagine the cat is feral/non-domesticated, Council operates management packages selling the safety of Brisbane’s native wildlife. To register your property as a administration location please fill out Council’s Feral animal sightings on-line kind or contact Council.

Report back to Council

In case you are not snug or really feel unsafe approaching the cat proprietor, or if the cat continues to wander after the proprietor has had time to resolve the issue, you may report the problem to Brisbane Metropolis Council by telephone, 24 hours a day, 7 days every week on (07) 3403 8888.

Council doesn’t lure pet cats on non-public premises in response to disputes between residents.

Nuisance cats

If a home cat is inflicting a nuisance, your only option is to speak to the cat’s proprietor and attempt to resolve it. You’ll be able to report back to Council home cats inflicting an ongoing nuisance.

Stray cats are a lot the identical as pet cats – in some unspecified time in the future of their lives, they’re going to possible have been cared for by folks, usually dwelling in a house, however are actually free-living and spending quite a lot of time outdoor. Every stray cat could have a unique story – they could have been deserted, they could have change into misplaced or they could have moved away from their house as a result of they weren’t joyful.

Many cats are joyful as strays, however with out anyone accountable for serving to to maintain them protected and well-fed, they’ll find yourself with accidents or nasty well being issues. Here is what to do for those who discover a stray, feral or misplaced cat.

In the event you’ve discovered a wholesome stray, feral or misplaced cat

Initially, you must attempt to discover the proprietor. Cats roam over a large space and generally they are often mistaken for strays even after they have homeowners. Ask round to see if anybody is aware of who the cat belongs to. If it is attainable to move the cat, you may ask a vet to scan for a microchip. You too can create ‘discovered’ posters and promote on social media and different on-line assets akin to Pets Positioned.

In the event you’re not capable of finding; the proprietor and wish to take short-term duty for vaccinating and neutering the cat, please accomplish that – you¿d be probably saving a little bit life. In the event you’re prepared to assist however apprehensive you may’t afford it, you may contact your native RSPCA department to see in the event that they may help or strive different animal charities akin to Cats Safety.

If the cat is pregnant

Until she seems to be sick or injured, there’s often little to fret about. She’ll most likely have a house and proprietor close by, or she could also be in a wholesome stray. We perceive you might be apprehensive in regards to the cat and need us to assist, however it’s extremely unlikely we might be capable of accumulate a wholesome pregnant mum.

In the event you’ve discovered a sick or injured stray or feral cat

In the event you discover an injured stray or feral cat they usually’re approachable, please confine them and take them to a vet, if attainable. If this isn’t attainable, please get involved with us on 0300 1234 999.

In the event you’re taking a sick or injured stray cat to the vets and the cat simply wants minimal care, you is likely to be anticipated to take the cat away and match a paper collar if wanted.

If the cat is pregnant

If the mum cat appears to be like sick or injured and in want of pressing medical assist, the quickest method to assist her is to telephone your native vet. In the event you discover the cat in a harmful location, akin to subsequent to fast-moving site visitors, please do not put your self at risk – name our helpline on 0300 1234 999 or the emergency providers.

If the cat is in labour

In the event you’ve discovered a pregnant cat who you suppose is in labour:

  • Give her area – keep away from disturbing her.
  • Attempt to find her proprietor – submit on native social media teams or converse to neighbours to see if anyone is aware of her. If you cannot discover the proprietor, please name a neighborhood animal rescue centre for recommendation on what to do when the kittens arrive.
  • Inserting a shallow bowl of water close by – this needs to be performed with minimal disturbance, so nonetheless preserve a long way.
  • Place some shelter close by – relying upon the climate, inserting some shelter close by might assist preserve her shaded from the solar and sheltered from chilly winds and rain.
  • Keep watch over her to test she’s doing okay, however keep away from disturbing her because it might trigger pointless issues for the kittens.

Many cats give beginning with no need any assist in any respect, however indicators she could also be having issue embrace:

  • If between 30 and 60 minutes of intense straining she would not produce a kitten or a kitten appears to be caught.
  • The mom appears to be noticeably distressed.
  • If she appears torpid, has handed an disagreeable discharge or is bleeding closely from her vulva. Inexperienced, brown or pink discharge, whereas the kittens are being born, is regular.

In the event you see any of those indicators or if mum is in danger as a result of she’s close to a busy street or constructing, please name a neighborhood vet, animal rescue or name our recommendation line. By no means put your self at risk.

In the event you’ve discovered a stray cat with kittens

If a stray cat has simply had kittens, it might be greatest to depart them for just a few days. If anybody tries to maneuver them, the mom might reject and even kill the kittens. After just a few days, she’ll transfer them anyway as soon as she realises you recognize the place they’re.

If mum and kittens look like wholesome and are in a protected space, it is best to depart them alone – do not transfer them except they’re in danger. You’ll be able to comply with our recommendation above to attempt to discover the cat’s proprietor. If you cannot discover them and also you suppose mum is a stray, name your native animal rescue for recommendation. They could discuss to you about giving a serving to hand by offering meals, water and outdoors shelter to assist defend mum and kittens from excessive climate.

If mum and/or the kittens appear to be sick or injured, phoning a neighborhood vet for recommendation is the most effective and quickest method to assist. It is necessary that mum and kittens keep collectively. If it’s essential to transport them and are not ready to take action safely, or if the stray cat rejects a kitten, please name your native rescue charity or our recommendation line on 0300 1234 999. By no means put your self at risk.

In the event you’ve discovered deserted, orphaned or lone kittens

In the event you discover kittens on their very own, please preserve a long way to keep away from disturbing them and presumably scaring mum into not returning. It is common for mum to depart her kittens when she goes off to seek out meals. Kittens have a a lot better likelihood in the event that they stick with their mum, so it is essential to offer sufficient time to see if mum returns earlier than assuming they’re orphaned.

If the kittens look like at risk as a result of they’re moist, chilly or sick, please name a neighborhood vet, animal rescue charity or our recommendation line as quickly as attainable. If the kittens are very younger – with eyes which are nonetheless closed and little mobility – you must monitor them for round two hours earlier than phoning a vet, native rescue charity or our recommendation line.

Older kittens can often go a little bit longer with out meals, so for individuals who have their eyes open and might stroll, you must monitor for mum’s return for round 4 hours earlier than calling for recommendation. It is best to depart the kittens the place they’re except a vet, native rescue charity or our recommendation line recommend in any other case.

Find out how to establish an unbiased kitten

An unbiased kitten will:

  • Have their eyes open and be able to listening to
  • Have the ability to wee and poo with out assist from their mum
  • Eat strong meals
  • Have the ability to run, run and play

If the kitten is not able to any of those, they’re nonetheless depending on their mum. If that is so and the kitten is alone, please get in contact with us through our helpline on 0300 1234 999.

Can I rehome a stray cat?

You’ll be able to resolve to tackle a stray cat your self if you cannot discover an proprietor, and kittens might be rehomed after they’re eight weeks previous. In the event you’re unable to maintain the cat, a neighborhood animal rescue charity might be able to assist. Attempt contacting your native RSPCA animal centre, Cats Safety or different respected organisations. A few of these are listed on our misplaced and located contact listing.