How to create a magnet with a wire and a nail

1. Leave regarding 8 inches of cable loosened at one end as well as cover the majority of the remainder of the cable around the nail. Attempt not to overlap the cords.
2. Cut the cable (if required) to make sure that there has to do with one more 8 inches loose at the various other end also.

3. Currently eliminate regarding an inch of the plastic finish from both ends of the cable as well as connect the one cable to one end of a battery as well as the various other cable to the various other end of the battery. See image listed below. (It is best to tape the cords to the battery – beware however, the cable might obtain really warm!)
4. Currently you have an ELECTROMAGNET! Place the factor of the nail near a couple of paper clips as well as it ought to select them up!
KEEP IN MIND: Making an electromagnet consumes the battery rather promptly which is why the battery might obtain cozy, so separate the cords when you are done discovering.

Just how does it function?

Many magnets, like the ones on numerous fridges, can not be switched off, they are called long-term magnets. Magnets like the one you made that can be switched on as well as off, are called ELECTROMAGNETS. They operate on electrical power as well as are just magnetic when the electrical power is moving. The electrical power moving via the cable sets up the particles in the nail to make sure that they are brought in to particular steels. NEVER obtain the cords of the electromagnet near at home electrical outlet! Be secure – enjoy!


The job over is a DEMO. To make it a real experiment, you can attempt to respond to these inquiries:

1. Does the variety of times you cover the cable around the nail impact the toughness of the nail?

2. Does the density or size of the nail impact the electromagnets toughness?

How to create a magnet with a wire and a nail

Producing an electromagnet utilizing a battery, nail as well as cable is an outstanding presentation for primary school age youngsters. This job does call for some grown-up guidance as there is electrical power included. It offers a possibility to see just how electric existing moving via a coil develops a magnetic field, which is moved to the nail. Whenever there is existing circulation, there is likewise warm created by the resistance of the cable. If there is even more existing moving, after that much more warm will certainly be created. If there is way too much existing, the warm might thaw the cable as well as create a melt injury.

Strip regarding 1/4 inch of the insulation from each end of the cable. Solitary stuck cable functions the most effective if offered. It is less complicated to maintain twisted around the nail.

Cover the cable around the nail securely. Leave regarding 1/2 inch of the nail idea subjected. You can likewise cover electric tape around the covered cable to maintain it from coming reversed.

Affix one end of the removed cable to the base, or adverse (-) end, of the battery with an item of the electric tape.

Touch the various other end of the removed cable to the leading or favorable end (+) of the battery. When both ends of the cable are touching the battery, the nail is an electromagnet. It is not advised to connect the 2nd end of the cable to the battery with electric tape. Both ends of the cable ought to just be touching the battery momentarily.

Grab the paper clip with the nail idea. Leaving the cable touching the battery at both ends creates 3 points to take place: The nail comes to be allured, the cable comes to be cozy as well as the battery sheds power. At some point the battery will certainly come to be diminished. This is hard to identify since the longer the battery continues to be linked, the much more allured the nail comes to be. If you attempt utilizing a brand-new nail with the very same battery, you will certainly see that the brand-new electro-magnetic nail is not as solid as the old one.

Points You’ll Require

  • D cell battery
  • 2 feet shielded cable
  • Cord pole dancers
  • Electric tape
  • Paper clip

A greater voltage battery will certainly create a more powerful electromagnet. A lot more covers of cable on the nail will certainly likewise create a more powerful electromagnet. You can try out a battery of much less voltage, for instance a C cell or an AA battery, to see the distinction.


A greater voltage battery will certainly create much more existing circulation, which will certainly create even more warm. This might create the cable to thaw if there suffices existing. Do not utilize a cars and truck battery or any type of huge battery as this might create prompt melting of the cable as well as its insulation, which might lead to major injury. Restriction this presentation to a D cell battery or smaller sized.

In this task, pupils learn more about the connection in between electrical power as well as magnetism by producing as well as explore their actual own electromagnet

After making the magnet, they can check out just how it functions by making adjustments to the variety of batteries, the size of cable as well as variety of loopholes, as well as the sort of core made use of.

Electrical energy as well as magnetism are connected sensations.


Relocating electrons constantly produce an electromagnetic field. Electrons relocating along a cable make an electromagnetic field that enters circle the cable. When you flex the cable right into a coil, the electromagnetic fields around each loophole of the coil amount to make a long, slim magnet with north at one end as well as southern at the various other. The even more loopholes the coil has, the more powerful the electromagnetic field, while the existing is moving.

A magnet made from simply a coil of cable isn’t really solid. However when you coil the cable around an iron nail, the magnetic domain names inside the nail align as well as make a solid, short-term magnet If you separate the cable, the electromagnetic field vanishes as well as the nail is no more a magnet.

If you leave the cable attached enough time, the nail’s magnetic domain names will certainly straighten sufficient to make it a long-term magnet However beware! The existing moving via the cable makes the cable warm as well as drains pipes the battery promptly.

  • How to create a magnet with a wire and a nail
  • How to create a magnet with a wire and a nail
  • How to create a magnet with a wire and a nail
  • How to create a magnet with a wire and a nail
  • How to create a magnet with a wire and a nail
  • How to create a magnet with a wire and a nail


Clarify the connection in between electrical power as well as magnetism.


Per Trial or Trainee:
huge iron nail (regarding 8 centimeters)
1 metre of shielded copper cable
1 fresh D dimension battery
paper clips or various other little magnetic items

Trick Inquiries

  • Is the nail itself a magnet? Does it matter if it is attached to the battery?
  • What occurs when a cable is curled around the nail as well as attached to a battery?
  • What occurs when you separate the cable?
  • Why do the cords come to be warm when they’re attached to the battery?

What To Do

  1. Begin regarding 20 centimeters from one end of your item of cable. Cover it nicely about as well as around the nail, functioning your means along the nail. Attempt not to overlap the coils. Leave one more 20 centimeters of cable complimentary at the end.
  2. Eliminate regarding 2 centimeters of the insulation (plastic finish) from each end of the cable. Affix one cable end to one end of a battery as well as the various other cable end to the various other end of the battery. Usage tape to attach the cords to the battery, yet beware! The cords can obtain rather warm!
  3. Placed the factor of the nail near a couple of paper clips as well as see if it can select them up!
    How to create a magnet with a wire and a nail

Care: The cords will certainly obtain really warm, so never ever leave the magnet on for greater than 30 secs each time. Leaving the magnet on for also lengthy might thaw the insulation, triggering a melt or discharge risk. Constantly perform this task with grown-up guidance. Offer the magnet a lot of time to cool off in between examinations.


What do you obtain when you blend a battery, a little copper cable as well as a nail? Among one of the most vital pressures in scientific research. Attempt it on your own as well as allow the pressure be with you!

Electromagnets are various than the long-term magnets made use of in the various other Attempt This in your home tasks. They’re not allured steel: they’re generally a cable performing electrical existing, which subsequently produces an electromagnetic field. Magnetism as well as electrical power are really carefully relevant sensations.

Electromagnets have a vast array of usages, from the MRI makers made use of in medical facilities to remote-control plaything cars and trucks to numerous home appliances in your house. They differ in toughness from really weak yet delicate electromagnets made use of to discover various other magnets or electrical currents to the significant research study tools made use of below at the Magnet Laboratory.

What you’ll require

  • One D-cell battery
  • Protected copper cable
  • Iron nail or iron pole
  • Paper clips
  • Compass

What you’ll do

  1. Prior to you start to develop your electromagnet, allow’s examine to see if the nails are magnets. Do they bring in the paper clips?
  2. Link the shielded cable to the battery. Make certain you finish the circuit by affixing completions of the cable to contrary ends of battery. Area the compass under the cable. Exists any type of response?
  3. Disconnect one end of the cable. Cover it around a nail 15 times prior to attaching it back to the battery. What do you see when you bring the compass near? Is this response various from what you saw when you positioned the compass under the straight cable? Can you get paper clips with the cable? Can you get paper clips with the nail?
  4. Eliminate the nail from the cable without relaxing it. Will the cable get any type of paper clips? Will the nail alone get any type of paper clips?
  5. Area your compass under the injury cable. Do you obtain the very same response as you did when you observed the compass symphonious 4? Just how can you describe this?

What occurred, as well as why!

Symphonious 1, when you examined the nail to see if it was a magnet, you understood it was not since it did not bring in the steel in the paper clip. Nonetheless, iron nails can be allured. Your compass did not respond to the cable since the cable on its own produced no electromagnetic field.

Symphonious 2, when you positioned the compass under the cable, the needle dispersed since the cable was currently bring an electrical existing created by the battery, as well as current-carrying cords have an electromagnetic field around them.

Symphonious 3, after you included the nail as well as curled the cable around it, the compass got a much more powerful electromagnetic field. That’s since a coiled cable develops a more powerful electromagnetic field than a basic size of cable (the much more coils, the more powerful the area), as well as including an iron nail in the center increases that field much more. The cable itself did not get the paper clip (its electromagnetic field was also weak), yet the nail as well as curled cable did.

Symphonious 4, the nail got the paper clip this time around since you had actually allured it by subjecting it to the electromagnetic field of the existing operating in the cable. However without the nail inside it, the injury cable still really did not create sufficient of an electromagnetic field to get the paper clips.

Symphonious 5, the compass determined an electromagnetic field in the injury cable (minus the nail) that was more powerful than the area in the uncoiled cable, yet weak than the area in the curled cable with the nail inside.

Did you recognize?

  • The electromagnetic field of a fridge magnet is greater than 10 times more powerful than the Planet’s electromagnetic field.
  • There are 2 devices of procedure for electromagnetic fields: gauss as well as tesla. One tesla amounts to 10,000 gauss. The Planet’s magnetic pull has to do with.5 gauss. A 1 tesla magnet is solid sufficient to get a cars and truck. Our best magnet at the MagLab is a massive 45 tesla– the best continual electromagnetic field in the world.

Assume Quick!

Which of the complying with home products does not utilize an electromagnet?

  • An auto
  • A cleaning equipment
  • A computer system
  • A stereo

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