How to install a dryer vent hose

A fast as well as simple means to boost the effectiveness as well as safety and security of your garments dryer.

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The bright side: The 4-inch white plastic or aluminum-foil exhaust ducting frequently made use of to link a clothing dryer to an outdoors air vent is simple to mount. Its spiraled-wire inside is incredibly solid as well as adaptable as well as, at 50 cents to $1 per foot, this hose-like item is low-cost. Yet the ducting isn’t the most effective option: It does not do a great task of laborious warm air as well as, in many cases, it can be hazardous.

The ribbed, corrugated surface area inside the pipelines imitates numerous little rate bumps, interfering with as well as slowing down the air movement. Consequently, it takes longer to completely dry garments, losing power as well as cash. Furthermore, the indoor catches dust, which additionally decreases air movement as well as, in severe situations, overwhelms the electric motor as well as reduces the life of the clothes dryer.

More crucial, a build-up of dust is a fire threat. In a gas clothes dryer, a dust fire can thaw the plastic ducting as well as begin a home fire. Therefore, constructing codes ban utilizing it, as well as proprietor’s handbooks alert versus it.

What Is the very best Clothes Dryer Air Vent Pipe to Utilize?

The service is to mount a rigid-metal air vent pipeline. Its smooth indoor develops extremely little air resistance, that makes the clothes dryer much more effective, as well as dissuades dust build-up. We changed an 8-foot-long plastic flex tube with a smooth-metal air vent as well as cut 10 mins off the drying out time of a complete lots of garments. Right here’s exactly how we did it.

Clothes Dryer Vent Installment in 6 Actions


Action 1: Draw the clothes dryer far from the wall surface

  • Initially, meticulously draw the clothes dryer far from the wall surface as well as detach the power cable. (If it’s gas-fired, make sure to shut the gas shutoff also.)
  • Following, utilize a screwdriver or nut vehicle driver to loosen up the band clamp that protects the plastic air vent to the exhaust electrical outlet.
  • Draw the air vent off the electrical outlet as well as vacuum away any type of dust you discover inside the clothes dryer.
  • After that, detach the various other end of the plastic air vent from the ducting that goes outdoors.
  • Once more, utilize a vacuum to clear dust out of the round air duct.

Action 2: Tighten up the clamp

  • Slide a steel band clamp over the reduced end of the periscope box air vent as well as push it onto the exhaust electrical outlet.
  • Holding the air vent stable, tighten up the clamp with a screwdriver till it really feels tight.

Action 3: Connect the periscope

  • Clinch the top area of the periscope as well as raise till it’s a number of inches over the rear of the clothes dryer.
  • Plugin the power cable (transform the gas back on if needed) as well as meticulously press the clothes dryer back versus the wall surface.

Action 4: Usage clothes dryer air vent package to sign up with package air vent to air duct

  • All that’s delegated do currently is to sign up with package air vent to the overhanging air duct with the air vent package.
  • Begin by affixing the reduced flex air vent to the periscope box air vent.
  • Safeguard the joint with a band clamp.

Tip 5: Connect a 90- level joint

  • After that slide a band clamp onto the overhanging air duct, put the male end of the 90- level joint right into the air duct as well as tighten up the clamp.

Action 6: Complete by linking

  • Following, bring up on the reduced flex air vent as well as pull down on the top air vent till both ends satisfy midway in between the clothes dryer as well as ceiling.
  • Completions of the vents have actually specifically developed quick-lock installations that break with each other– no band clamp is required.

After you have actually made every one of the needed links, it’s time to examine out the overhauled air vent system. Activate your clothes dryer as well as validate that air is blowing with the air vent hood that’s installed outside of your residence.

Attaching the air vent for a clothing dryer is testing in the most effective of scenarios because the electrical outlet is limited up versus the rear of the device. It comes to be much more tough when the total area is extremely limited, such as when the clothes dryer lies in a little wardrobe.

When linking a clothes dryer that has a wall surface air vent near the clothes dryer discharge air vent, you might need an unique clothes dryer air vent adapter, a countered clothes dryer air vent. These unique vents utilize 2 opposite air vent links that move on the right track to change the range in between the facility of each air vent as well as additionally enable rotational versatility. The vents generally enable a variety from facility to facility (0-inch balanced out) to 24- to 48- inch offsets, relying on the dimension as well as design of balanced out air vent made use of.

The clothes dryer’s air vent link coincides whether you have a gas or electrical clothes dryer, however, for this demo, you’ll discover exactly how to link the gas line if you occur to have a gas clothes dryer. You can avoid this action if you have an electrical clothes dryer, where setting up the clothes dryer calls for that you just connect the cable right into an unique 240- volt wall surface electrical outlet.


Prior to working with any type of clothes dryer, disconnect the power cable from the wall surface as well as shut off the gas supply.

Watch Currently: Exactly How to Mount a Clothes Dryer Vent in a Limited Area

What You’ll Require

Tools/ Devices

  • Flexible wrench
  • Outlet vehicle driver or level blade screwdriver (to tighten up the band clamp)


  • 1 Yellow gas line thread-seal tape with PTFE (for gas clothes dryer)
  • 1 cooling and heating light weight aluminum foil tape
  • 1 Offset clothes dryer air vent package
  • 2 Flexible stainless-steel band worm-gear tube clamp (4 1/2- inch)


How to install a dryer vent hose

The Spruce/ Kevin Norris

Link the Gas Line (Gas Dryers Just)

A gas clothes dryer has an unique adaptable gas line that supplies gas from your home gas pipeline to the gas inlet installation on the clothes dryer. The strings of these 2 elements should be covered in PTFE plumbing’s tape. This yellow tape is produced specifically for gas, gas, butane, water, oil, as well as chemical lines as well as is larger than white plumbing’s tape.

See to it the gas shutoff remains in the OFF placement– the shutoff deal with will certainly be vertical to the gas line. Disconnect the clothes dryer ' s power cable from the wall surface electrical outlet.

Cover each suitable with yellow PTFE tape, knotting around the suitable 2 or 3 times in a clockwise instructions. As soon as covered, connect one end of the gas line to the clothes dryer inlet suitable as well as hand tighten up. Location the various other end of the adaptable gas line over the gas supply line as well as hand tighten it. Utilizing a flexible wrench, tighten up each link securely till snug. Do not over-tighten.

Evaluate the gas link by transforming the gas shutoff to the ON placement, so the deal with is alongside the gas line. Look for leakages by cleaning a soapy water service onto the gas links. If you see any type of bubbles, the link is dripping as well as requires to be tightened up. If you still can not obtain a great seal without bubbles, call the gas firm or a plumbing professional for support.

How to install a dryer vent hose

The Spruce/ Kevin Norris

Prepare the Offset Clothes Dryer Vent

Where area is restricted, a flexible balanced out clothes dryer air vent is made use of. It’s additionally called a periscope clothes dryer air vent. Offset vents enable the clothes dryer to be set up more detailed to the wall surface than a regular cellar setup, making use of a 90 level 4-inch air duct joint on the clothes dryer’s discharge air vent. (Some designs enable a 3-inch clearance from the clothes dryer to the wall surface.) It additionally enables the clothes dryer to be attached to a dealt with air vent link in the wall surface because it enables both a countered modification as well as an elevation modification in the air vent link air duct.

Gauge the balanced out range in between the facility of the clothes dryer discharge air vent as well as the facility of the wall surface air vent to which you require to link.

Acquisition the proper sized balanced out clothes dryer air vent package. You ought to purchase the tiniest sized package that will certainly function.

How to install a dryer vent hose

The Spruce/ Kevin Norris

Seal Gaps With Aluminum Foil Air Duct Tape

Get rid of the balanced out air duct from package, after that change both air vent link openings to the proper spacing by moving both ends apart or more detailed with each other.

As soon as readied to the proper area, attach completions in position by utilizing cooling and heating light weight aluminum foil tape to secure the open joints as well as secure the moving air duct right into placement. (Do not utilize typical air duct tape, which rapidly dries as well as falls short to secure the joint.) A limited seal is important since, with a gas clothes dryer, the air vent exhausts not just dust as well as air however additionally lugs dangerous carbon monoxide to the outdoors.

How to install a dryer vent hose

The Spruce/ Kevin Norris

Link the Offset Air Duct to the Wall Surface Vent Air Duct Link

Link the proper end of the balanced out air duct (generally the smaller sized size end) to the wall surface link air duct. There is very little area to function, as well as you do not desire the balanced out air duct diminishing when the clothes dryer is being placed in position, so connect it with light weight aluminum foil air duct tape by positioning the balanced out air duct at the approximate angle required for the last link to the clothes dryer.

If there suffices product for a great rubbing fit, you can utilize a 4 1/2- inch stainless-steel band worm-gear tube clamp.

How to install a dryer vent hose

The Spruce/ Kevin Norris

Link the Offset Air Duct to the Clothes Dryer

Location a 4 1/2- inch stainless-steel band worm-gear tube clamp over the clothes dryer ' s release air vent.

Relocate the clothes dryer right into placement, moving the balanced out clothes dryer air vent link over the clothes dryer ' s release air vent. See to it there is a tight fit, after that relocate the band clamp over the air duct ports as well as tighten up, making use of a screwdriver or outlet vehicle driver.

Connect the clothes dryer in as well as switch on the device. Look for correct procedure as well as make certain the exhaust air ducts continue to be linked.

Maintain your residence much safer by complying with clothes dryer procedure safety and security treatments, consisting of cleaning up the dust catch as well as clothes dryer air vent of dust build-up often. As soon as every number of years, have a competent solution individual tidy the inside of the clothes dryer framework to reduce the quantity of dust build-up. Maintain the location around the clothes dryer tidy as well as without mess.

If you have actually simply relocated right into a brand-new residence or got a brand-new vented clothes dryer, the requirement to link clothes dryer airing vent or mount an initial airing vent system is unpreventable. Venting your clothes dryer can be as straightforward as linking suitable airing vent to existing ductwork in your utility room or require a much more complex procedure of laying brand-new ductwork that goes through an outside wall surface of your residence. An area currently geared up with airing vent connections might need a handful of devices as well as materials, plus a bit of expertise, to do the job right.

Laying all brand-new ductwork for your clothes dryer is a much more substantial procedure, so it could be valuable to speak to an expert for support. Comply with the 6 straightforward actions listed below to read more concerning linking a clothes dryer air vent.

Detailed Directions for Setting Up a Clothes Dryer Vent

What You’ll Require to Get going


  • Hefty steel exhaust air vent (stiff or adaptable, normally 4 inch size)
  • Air vent joints (if relevant)
  • Aluminum foil tape or air vent clamps
  • Tin trims


  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Safety job handwear covers



Percentages of entraped dust in clothes dryer airing vent are unpreventable, so it’s finest to obtain a clean slate by eliminating accumulation to aid boost your clothes dryer’s efficiency.

To cleanse airing vent, adhere to these actions:

Separate any type of existing ducting from the clothes dryer exhaust electrical outlet as well as the wall surface.

Get rid of as much dust by hand as feasible, cleaning the connective ducting along with the available to the clothes dryer exhaust electrical outlet as well as air vent hood air duct on the wall surface.

Utilize the tube of your vacuum cleaner to gobble any type of continuing to be dust.

Get rid of the air vent cover from the exhaust hood outside of your residence as well as clear out the clothes dryer airing vent making use of a vacuum cleaner tube.



Utilizing a determining tape, determine the range from the clothes dryer’s exhaust to the area of the air vent electrical outlet grill on the outside wall surface. Make certain to represent any type of weaves by gauging the specific course the airing vent will certainly take, instead of reducing up or over diagonally with the gauging tape.

Airing vent is most effective when the air vent course is brief, straight as well as straight. Examine your clothes dryer item specs or literary works to verify the called for air vent size as well as variety of joints. For instance, Maytag Ⓡ clothes dryers generally need air ducts disappear than 64 straight feet, with as much as 2 joints. If you observe that the existing air vent course appears needlessly made complex or indirect, take into consideration getting in touch with an expert to aid boost the course for enhanced drying out efficiency.



Securely airing vent a clothes dryer suggests selecting in between stiff as well as adaptable steel airing vent. We do not suggest various other alternatives like plastic or steel aluminum foil vents. Both adaptable as well as stiff steel airing vent can be found in 4″” size tubes as well as can properly air vent clothes dryer exhaust, however each kind has its very own one-of-a-kind benefits as well as disadvantages that deserve taking into consideration. Make certain to adhere to the referrals as well as needs in the setup guidelines or proprietor’s handbook that featured your clothes dryer for the very best alternative.

Versatile steel ducting is flexible as well as flexible, which can be excellent when you’re attempting to identify exactly how to connect a clothes dryer in a limited area. It’s typically less expensive than stiff steel airing vent, however much more vulnerable to kinking as well as drooping so you’ll need to place even more initiative right into seeing to it it’s totally sustained.

Inflexible ducting is made from a strong product covered in insulation as well as is available in a range of established sizes and shapes. It has a tendency to remain cleaner, catch much less dust as well as preserve its form far better than adaptable ducting, so it’s excellent for much more complex airing vent courses that need directional modifications. Inflexible ducting frequently features a somewhat greater cost as well as can be more difficult to deal with in limited rooms.

If you’re laying initial ductwork, speak to an expert to learn more concerning selecting a place for the air vent hood opening as well as the most effective ducting to aid obtain you there.

Having your clothes dryer appropriately aired vent is important in maintaining the device operating properly as well as staying clear of the danger of fire or water damages to your residence. Luckily, setting up a clothes dryer air vent is simple.

By Michael Franco|Upgraded Apr 19, 2021 10: 20 AM

How to install a dryer vent hose

Established in 19 th-century England, the very first mechanical garments dryers were perforated barrels that revolved over fires. Today’& rsquo; s home appliances are not so extremely various, at the very least in concept, with warmed air blown with a stemless glass. Yet where does the air go when it has taken wetness from your socks, t-shirts, as well as hand towels? If you’& rsquo; ve ever before strolled or driven past a modern laundromat, after that you currently understand: For a clothes dryer to run securely as well as properly, it needs to air vent to the exterior.

In current years, it’& rsquo; s prevailed method for home owners to utilize adaptable plastic or steel tubes in clothes dryer air vent setup. The jagged style of these air ducts, nevertheless, has a tendency to posture a fire threat: In other words, they catch dust.

Therefore, professionals currently rather suggest making use of stiff or semirigid tube; either can be discovered quickly as well as acquired reasonably in the size proper for your device (for a lot of clothes dryers, the proper air duct dimension is 4 inches).

Exactly How to Mount a Clothes Dryer Vent

ACTION 1: Establish the course of the air flow air duct.

Clothes dryer air vent setup starts with a choice: By what path will the air duct traveling from your device to your residence’& rsquo; s outside? The much shorter, the far better.

A straight course is the fastest feasible path, however not constantly useful. If, state, your clothes dryer beings in the cellar, after that the tube requires to make at the very least one turn. To make complex issues, the overall size of the run ought to not surpass 25 feet—– which’& rsquo; s for a line of sight. From that optimum, subtract 5 feet for 90- level flexes, as well as 2 as well as a half feet for 45- level ones.

ACTION 2: Open a little, 4-1/4″ & Prime; opening in the outside wall surface.

Currently comes one of the most tough component of clothes dryer air vent setup: placing an opening in the outside wall surface.

In many cases, the opening needs to be 4 as well as a quarter inches broad (for verification, seek advice from the guidelines offered by the producer). I recommend piercing a pilot opening initially, after that going outdoors to confirm its placement.

If there’& rsquo; s no obstacle, as well as you’& rsquo; re boring with timber, continue to equip your drill with a hole-saw accessory (sight on

To permeate stucco or concrete, it’& rsquo; s much easier to utilize a stonework little bit (sight on to pierce several openings around the area of the wanted opening prior to by hand sculpting out its inside.

How to install a dryer vent hose

ACTION 3: Safeguard the clothes dryer air vent cap on the residence outside.

Set up the clothes dryer air vent cap versus the side of your residence, making certain that its affixed pipeline fits with the wall surface opening you have actually made. Safeguard the cap with the offered screws, as well as put on’& rsquo; t fail to remember to caulk around the sides for security versus the aspects. Currently go within as well as link the clothes dryer air duct to the air vent cap pipeline (a 90- level joint might be required), protecting the link with a hose pipe clamp.

ACTION 4: Cut as well as sign up with air duct areas to link the air vent available to the clothes dryer’& rsquo; s tire electrical outlet.

Having actually relocated the clothes dryer right into the wanted area in your utility room, determine the range from the rear of the device to the air vent opening, making up all the needed kip down the ductwork. With a set of tin snips, continue to reduce the tubes to the size of the gauged range. If you are signing up with greater than one size of tubes, enhance all joints with aluminum foil tape. When you’& rsquo; re ultimately affixing the tubes to your clothes dryer, bear in mind to safeguard the link through a hose pipe clamp, as you performed in Action 3.

ACTION 5: Evaluate your setup.


Now, it’& rsquo; s crucial to ensure your clothes dryer air vent setup has actually achieved success. Turn on the clothes dryer, after that go outdoors to check the air vent cap: It ought to be releasing cozy air. If it’& rsquo; s not, head back inside to assess your ductwork. One of the most likely description is that a person of the links has actually come reversed.

Bear in mind that in order for your clothes dryer to maintain running at optimal effectiveness, you should regularly vacuum inside the air vent system, as dust has a persistent means of sticking around, also when there are no ridges in which it can obtain lodged.

How to install a dryer vent hose

You should tire your clothes dryer outdoors to get rid of any type of wetness from the washing location, prevent dust build-up on surface areas as well as dissipate a few of the produced warmth. When your clothes dryer air vent tube comes to be broken, it might trigger dust to develop inside the clothes dryer, as well as according to the National Fire Security Organization, dust is just one of the leading igniters of clothes dryer fires. A broken air vent can additionally trigger the clothes dryer to take longer to dry your garments, raising your power costs. Changing your clothes dryer air vent tube can aid you prevent damages as well as maintain your clothes dryer running successfully.

Disconnect your clothes dryer, as well as relocate far from the wall surface as well as the existing clothes dryer air vent. Loosen up the screw on the clothes dryer air vent tube clamp as well as draw the air vent tube from the stiff clothes dryer air vent expanding from the wall surface.

Get rid of the screws holding the plastic elegance ring to the wall surface around your initial clothes dryer air vent. Draw the ring off the air vent. Put it as well as the screws apart.

Look for spray foam insulation in the space in between the air vent as well as the wall surface. If the initial setup made use of spray foam, you might have problem eliminating the air vent.

Puncture the caulk around the outside clothes dryer air vent hood making use of an energy blade. Get rid of the screws holding the air vent hood to the outside wall surface. Do not dispose of the screws.

Get the air vent hood, as well as draw it from the wall surface. If the initial setup made use of spray foam around the air vent, it might not draw from the wall surface. You will certainly require to by hand get rid of the foam to launch the air vent.

Placed on natural leather job handwear covers. Place a stab saw right into the space in between the indoor wall surface as well as the air vent tube. Try to saw with the spray foam insulation to launch the tube. If you have difficulty with the saw, reduced the air vent tube with tin snips, order the air vent on one side of the cut with pliers as well as draw the air vent far from the insulation till the foam launches the tube.

Get the air vent hood once more as well as draw the clothes dryer air vent from the wall surface. Tidy any type of spray foam insulation from inside the wall surface.

Place a substitute air vent tube with the opening in the outside wall surface. Connect the air vent hood to the outside wall surface with the screws you extracted from the initial hood.

Cut the idea from a little capture tube of silicone outside caulk with energy shears. Use a grain of caulk around the clothes dryer air vent hood to maintain wetness from permeating right into the indoor wall surface.

Place the applicator right into the spray shutoff on a container of spray foam insulation. Place the applicator right into the space in between the indoor wall surface as well as the substitute air vent tube. Spray foam can increase in dimension, so make sure when filling up the space.

Move the elegance ring over the substitute clothes dryer air vent tube. Utilize the elegance ring offered with your brand-new tube, or you can utilize the one from your initial tube. Safeguard the ring to the indoor wall surface with the screws you eliminated from the initial ring.

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