How to install a toilet

The installment of a bathroom is a fairly easy pipes job, yet to guarantee it is done properly, we require to rely upon the specialists.

The various commode versions available today need different type of installment, relying on the feature of the water electrical outlets. We make life very easy for installers as well as specialists with a collection of informative video clips that show the actions to comply with to set up a bathroom

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Setting up a bathroom is a one-person task, as well as these are one of the most typical devices called for, relying on the design:

  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Flexible wrench
  • Sealer

We advise you check out the directions very carefully prior to you start.

How to install a toilet

Setting up a straight electrical outlet commode

Among one of the most typical sorts of setups is a back inlet commode, like our Acro commode.

Action 1: To make it less complicated, get rid of the flush system inside the tank.

Action 2: Fit the quit shutoff as well as tighten it with a flexible wrench. It is very important to make sure there are no leakages.

Action 3: Fit the back inlet link set to the quit shutoff. To line up the pipeline properly, flex it a little utilizing a flexing maker or screwdriver. It is very important to fit the set items in the appropriate series, adhering to the directions.

Action 4: Change the flush shutoff.

Have a look at the Acro commode installment video clip:

Just how to set up a floor-standing commode

The installment of an upright electrical outlet commode, like the Urban C floor-standing commode, is likewise a basic procedure.

Action 1: Area the commode in the installment placement as well as define the impact of the commode utilizing a pencil. Likewise note the placement of the dealing with openings.

Action 2: Get rid of the commode as well as gauge the range to fit the plastic dealings with properly. Based upon these dimensions, set up the dealing with braces as well as make certain they remain in the appropriate placement.

Action 3: Screw the versatile supply of water tube onto the commode.

Action 4: Fit the wax seal.

Tip 5: Fit the commode by using also stress. Do stagnate it once it remains in placement as this might damage the hermetic seal.

Action 6: Link the supply tube to the electrical outlet as well as switch on the supply of water.

Action 7: Protect the commode with the dealing with set given.

Action 8: Mount the joints for the seat. Setting the seat properly and after that tighten up the screws.

Action 9: Use the sealer around the base of the commode.

Action 10: Manage the flush according to the directions in the guidebook. Align the flush devices with the tank cover as well as placed it in position.

Setting up a wall-hung commode

Among the benefits of a wall-hung commode is that you can readjust its elevation as well as make even more easy to use.

How to install a toilet


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  • Shift: 30 to 45 mins
  • Complete time: 30 to 45 mins
  • Ability degree: Newbie
  • Task price: $150 to $300

For lots of property owners, setting up a bathroom can be so remarkably very easy, rapid as well as simple and easy that no plumbing technician is called for. Relocating the commode right into the restroom is often the hardest component. Nonetheless, it is essential that you do it properly, as well as recognize that if you do require a plumbing professional for the task, you should not be reluctant to connect to a neighborhood pro.

Because 2 significant components are currently in position– the commode flange as well as the supply of water– it’s simply an issue of switching over out the old commode for the brand-new one. Depending upon your sort of commode, you might need to fine-tune the procedure a little, yet the adhering to actions will certainly make sure an effective installment.

When to Set Up a Bathroom

Commode issues do not constantly need a substitute task, as they can often be fixed. However you’ll intend to think about setting up a brand-new commode when it’s congesting also often. Setting up a brand-new commode is required if the porcelain is fractured or severely scraped.

Some older bathrooms utilize as high as 6 gallons per flush– near 4 times the government criterion. If your own is an older commode that surpasses the government criterion of 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF), you need to set up a brand-new 1.28 GPF commode.

Safety And Security Factors To Consider

Commodes are cumbersome as well as hefty, beginning around 80 extra pounds. Collaborate with an aide when relocating the commode.

If damaged, commode porcelain (glasslike china) is sharp as well as glasslike, so manage with care. Take unique treatment when tightening up the screws at the flange as this can fracture the commode base. Make use of an old towel to connect the open flooring flange to avoid drain gas from dripping out.


  • Putty blade
  • Bubble degree
  • Flexible wrench
  • Old towel
  • Water resistant handwear covers
  • Plastic dish to capture water


  • Commode
  • Wax ring, otherwise consisted of with the commode


1. Eliminate Old Commode

Beginning by shutting off the supply of water to the commode at the wall surface. Do this by transforming the take care of by hand clockwise to close it off. Do not overtighten the take care of maybe made from plastic as well as might damage.

Following, separate the supply of water line at the commode (not at the wall surface). Make sure to have a plastic dish close by to capture the water staying in the supply of water line. Flush the commode to get rid of water from the storage tank.

Putting on water-proof handwear covers, roll up an old towel as well as insert it right into the dish. Wait concerning 5 mins for the towel to absorb the staying water. Get rid of the towel, plastic screw caps as well as disks at the base of the commode, after that transform the flooring screws counterclockwise with the wrench to eliminate them.

With an aide, raise the old commode straight up. Do not glide it. After that get rid of the commode from the restroom.

2. Tidy Flange

Wad up an old towel as well as things it right into the flooring flange (the opening in the flooring, at the end of the commode). This not just obstructs smells as well as gas from leaving, yet likewise avoids devices from falling under the drain pipeline.

Get rid of the old flooring screws from the flange. Utilizing the putty blade, remove the old wax ring from the top of the flange ring. It’s usually hard to get rid of every one of the wax, yet take your time as well as get rid of as high as feasible. Attempt to scratch the top of the flange degree as well as smooth to ensure that the brand-new commode will securely hinge on the flange.

Examine that the flange is degree by relaxing the bubble degree on it. Area the degree both side-to-side as well as front-to-back.

3. Put Flooring Bolts

Utilizing the screws from the brand-new commode’s set, place them right into both ports on the commode flooring flange ring. The threaded ends of the screws need to deal with up. The ports in the flange ring enable the screws to be relocated. Relocate the screws to ensure that they are alongside the wall surface behind the commode.

Include one nut per screw. Hand tighten up the nuts.

4. Set Up Wax Ring

With your assistant, transform the commode inverted onto carpeting or a towel. Keep in mind that you need to not have actually mounted the storage tank on the commode yet.

Get rid of the plastic from the wax ring. Press the wax ring around the conical electrical outlet at the end of the commode. Press the ring securely till it remains in area.

5. Relax Commode on Flange

Get rid of the towel obstructing the flange. With the assistant, transform the commode rightside up. Hold the commode straight over the flange, after that relax the commode exactly onto the flange, with both screws extending via both openings at the base of the commode.

This can be a tough maneuver. Striking the screws from the side might break them off or might harm the commode porcelain. Because of this, it’s valuable to have a 2nd assistant that can assist the commode right into area, while you as well as the initial assistant hold the commode.

6. Protect Commode to Flooring

Press the commode to squash the wax ring. When the commode base is touching the flooring, place the plastic disks over the flooring screws. Include the wing nuts as well as tighten up by hand. Include the plastic caps over the screws by breaking them in position.

Keep in mind that the wing nuts are indicated to be tightened up by hand to stay clear of breaking the commode base. Do not utilize a wrench to tighten them.

7. Include Commode Container

Relax the commode storage tank onto the dish. Ensure it is dealing with the front, with the take care of towards the area. The rubber gaskets at the end of the storage tank usually are limited in the beginning, so you might require to carefully revolve the storage tank backward and forward till the storage tank seats.

From inside the storage tank, place the plastic screws consisted of with the set. After completions of the screws show up under the dish, place the consisted of plastic washing machines as well as wing nuts. Tighten up by hand just.

8. Connect Supply Of Water

Link the supply of water line to the commode by transforming the plastic nut (affixed to the supply of water line) clockwise onto the commode. Do not tighten up with a wrench. Gradually switch on the supply of water. Look for leak as the commode storage tank full of water.

9. Connect Commode Seat

Lay the commode seat in addition to the commode dish. Put the given plastic screws downward via the seat joints as well as via the openings on the commode dish.

From below, include the plastic nuts as well as tighten up by hand. While doing so, hold the top of the screw in position to avoid it from transforming. Break the joint covers down as well as right into area.

When to Call a Pro

Have a qualified plumbing technician set up the commode if you locate it’s also hefty to handle or if you are uneasy with any type of component of the installment procedure. If you find a busted flange after getting rid of the old commode or if the supply of water is dripping, have a plumbing professional do the job.

If you find considerably decayed floor covering or subfloor after getting rid of the commode, have a qualified specialist or woodworker repair work this prior to you set up the commode.

In some cases you are relocating right into a location with dreadful commode seats, often you recognize you have actually lived a long time with the very same commode as well as the seats are not what they made use of to be as well as often they damage, slide, or slide. Whatever the factor, if you have actually ever before asked yourself just how to set up a bathroom seat, we have actually obtained all the info you require for this easy job.

Just How Typically Should You Change A Commode Seat?

You just require to change your commode seat when it threatens, damaged, or if you just intend to for visual factors. As a whole, you will just require to change your commode seat every 5-8 years or two. Right here are several of the means commode seats can stop working:

  • The paint on wood commode seats can use down as well as look dull despite just how tidy they are
  • Plastic seats can splinter or split
  • Plastic seats can yellow with age as well as look unpleasant despite just how tidy they might be
  • Either sort of seat can obtain harmed at the screws as well as joints triggering it to slide & & slide
  • Either kind can just damage at the joints or throughout the cover and even the seat

It is extremely simple to place a brand-new commode seat on your existing typical commode. The procedure is easy as well as takes simply a couple of mins. You do not always also require any type of devices. It is a beginner-level job that basically any individual can handle.

Do All Commode Seats Fit The Very Same?

You do intend to know that there are 2 sorts of commode bowls on a common commode therefore you intend to acquire the appropriate commode seat to fit it. Commode bowls are either round or extended. While it is feasible to place an extended commode seat on a rounded dish as well as the other way around, it isn’t advised due to the fact that it will certainly endanger convenience, security, as well as sturdiness. The large bulk of bathrooms are “typical dimension” (generally in between 28 to 30 inches deep, 20 inches broad, as well as 27–32 inches high) as well as commode seat covers are, also. However there are some specialized bathrooms that might be various, in which instance you will certainly intend to take dimensions as well as inspect the design to locate the most effective commode seat as well as cover.

Commode Seat: Up Or Down?

Prior to we reach the detailed directions, this appears like a great time to attend to the olden inquiry of the most effective method to maintain the commode seat – up or down? In regards to good manners, if you remain in another person’s home, leave it the method you located it. Regarding maintaining a hygienic restroom, you are much better off maintaining the seat in the down placement, because water in fact sprinkles out of the commode every single time you purge.

Tips To Change Your Commode Seat

Right here are the fast actions to change your commode seat. (You might intend to clean up the commode initially, or utilize non reusable handwear covers while functioning):

< img src="/

To get rid of an old commode, initially shut off the supply of water as well as flush till the storage tank is vacant. After that, separate the supply line from the storage tank, get rid of the plastic flange nuts from each side of the base as well as raise the commode out of the area.

Action 2: Clean the Flange


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To prepare the flange, scratch away the old wax, clean with a fabric as well as get rid of the old flange screws.(**** ).

Action 3: Attract Recommendation Marks

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/ media/stanleytools/images/ articles/how-to-install -a-toilet/t3. jpg “alt=” t3″ size=”(************************ )” elevation =”450 “/ >
(**** ).

Make use of a measuring tape to find the facility of the flange as well as utilize a woodworker pencil to move referral marks to the flooring that will certainly aid line up the commode throughout installment.

Action 4: Install New Flange Bolts as well as Wax Ring

< img src="/

/ media/stanleytools/images/ articles/how-to-install- a-toilet/waxring. jpg” alt =” waxring” size=”670 “elevation =”450″/ > (******************* )(**** ).

Put brand-new flange screws in-line with the referral mark on each side of the flange. After that, set up the wax ring by securely pushing it in position.

/media/stanleytools/images/articles/how-to-install-a-toilet/setwithbodyweight.jpg” alt=”set-with-body-weight” width=”670″ height=”450″ /> Tip 5: Establish with Body Weight

(**** ).

Currently, raise the
brand-new commode over the flange as well as float as you align the screw openings to the referral lines. After that reduced the commode till the screws stand out via. Usage body weight to sink the commode right into the wax ring.

Action 6: Look For Degree(**** ).

< img src="/

/ media/stanleytools/images/ articles/how-to-install- a-toilet/checkforlevel.
jpg” alt= “check-for-level” size=”670″ elevation =” 450″/ >(******************* )

(* )Following, utilize a degree to plumb. Apply stress front to
back as well as side-to-side to guarantee the commode is degree as well as appropriately established. If required, plastic shims can be made use of to level the base.

/media/stanleytools/images/articles/how-to-install-a-toilet/installbolts.jpg” alt=”install-bolts” width=”670″ height=”450″ />.

Action 7: Set Up Nuts as well as Caps (**** ).

< img src="/

/ media/stanleytools/images/ articles/how-to-install- a-toilet/installbolts. jpg “alt=” install-bolts “size=” 670″ elevation=”450″/ >

Mount the flange nuts on both sides of the commode as well as hand tighten up. After that include the trim caps.

Action 8: Link Filler Tube

< img src="/(****************** )

/ media/stanleytools/images/ articles/how-to-install -a-toilet/connectfillerhose. jpg” alt
=” connect-filler-hose” size=”670″
elevation=”450″/ >

Currently attach the filler tube, transform the water on as well as allow the storage tank fill.(**** ).

Action 9: Examination for Leakages

< img src="/

/ media/stanleytools/images/ articles/how-to-install- a-toilet/testforleaks. jpg” alt=” test-for-leaks” size =”670″ elevation=”450″/ >

/media/stanleytools/images/articles/how-to-install-a-toilet/sealant.jpg” alt=”sealant” width=”670″ height=”450″ />

When complete, examination flush as well as for check leakages. After that set up the storage tank cover.(**** ).(* ) Action 10: Use Sealer(**** ).

< img src ="/

/ media/stanleytools/images/ articles/how-to-install – a-toilet/sealant. jpg” alt=”sealer” size =”670″ elevation =”450″/ >
(*** )

Ultimately, include a grain of sealer around the base, device with a wet towel, as well as the commode installment is total.