How to make a jelly bag

How to make a jelly bag

Fruit jellies differ from jams by their lack of fruit items and their lovely readability. They’re straightforward to make and style scrumptious. You don’t must have a correct jelly bag to make them, you can also make your individual utilizing cheesecloth or muslin or perhaps a pair of previous tights – see Kitchen Equipment for extra data on jelly luggage.

As soon as you might be armed along with your selection of jelly bag right here is learn how to make jelly:

Good pickins’ – the correct fruit for jelly making

meal is just nearly as good as its substances and this is applicable to jam as effectively. By no means consider jam as only a approach to make use of up dodgy sell-by-dated fruit. For those who use aged and broken fruit you’ll get tasteless jam. So choose the choicest fruits for the most effective outcomes.

Wash’n’dry the fruit

Wash your fruit simply earlier than you need to use it as many fruits (significantly berries) will soak up water and turn out to be soggy with time. So wash prior to make use of and pat dry with a clear tea towel or kitchen roll.

Sterilise your jars for home made jelly

A very powerful step in all the jelly making course of! Actually necessary step this so please discuss with my How To Sterilise Jars web page for a full run-down on how to do that.

Put together the fruit

Decide over the fruit and take away leaves and stalks (referred to as ‘hulling’ in strawberries), you don’t must peel and core fruit when making jellies as you’ll be straining the cooked fruit so all the things will probably be caught and eliminated later.

Cooking the fruit for making jelly

Prepare dinner the fruit as per the recipe, it might require just a little water relying on the fruit/recipe used. As soon as the fruit is tender it is able to be strained.

Straining the cooked fruit

It is a case of time and persistence and I usually really feel one of the simplest ways to do that is simply to set your jelly bag up and go away it in a single day in order that gravity and nature can do their work whilst you sleep.

No squeezing!

It is a actual no-no of us, by no means are you able to squeeze the jelly bag to extract the final vestiges of juice. You could be determined to get in any respect that goodness however should you squeeze the bag you’ll trigger the jelly to go cloudy and lose that beautiful readability that jellies are so famed for, so resist the temptation in any respect prices.

Measuring for sugar in jelly making

Measure the strained juice in a measuring jug after which use the required quantity of sugar as said in your recipe. That is normally within the ratio of 450g/1lb of sugar to 600ml/1 pint of juice.

Boil and bubble

Convey the juice and sugar slowly to the boil at a low temperature as you don’t want to burn the sugar. Make it possible for all of the sugar has dissolved earlier than elevating the temperature.

Boil the jelly for about 10-20 minutes stirring often. The setting level will probably be reached when the jelly will get to a temperature of 104C/219F.

Setting level

By far the scariest little bit of jelly and protect making and one thing that usually places individuals off the entire course of fully. Don’t panic, jelly will set, it’s all a matter of timing and checking many times till you get the grasp of it.


Utilizing a thermometer to examine that the setting temperature (104C/129F) has been reached isn’t the one technique to examine your setting level for jelly. My normal approach is to make use of the previous chilled saucer approach or wrinkle check.

You need to use an ordinary jam/sweet thermometer for this that has the temperatures on one facet of the mercury and the kind of jam/sweet and so on on the opposite.

Digital thermometers are superb as you simply dip the probe into the jelly and it tells you the temperature on the deal with.

Wrinkle check

Simply pop a few saucers into the freezer earlier than you begin your jamming session (I truly hold just a few within the freezer al the time) and while you suppose the jam is prepared take away the saucer from the freezer and drop a teaspoonful of jam on to it. Put the saucer within the fridge for a few minutes to see how the jam companies up. If it wrinkles up while you press it along with your finger then it is able to pot.

Flake check

You may also examine for setting level by utilizing a spoon. Merely dip your spoon into the jam and let it cool only for a second earlier than holding it horizontally over the pan. Give the spoon a shake and see how the jam comes off the spoon. If it comes off in a single flat flake then it is able to pot.


Strawberries are significantly vulnerable to foaming, and whereas this foam (or scum which makes it sound a bit horrid) isn’t toxic or something, it simply doesn’t look good on the highest of your jelly, so is finest eliminated whereas it’s effervescent within the pan. Use a slotted spoon to do that and discard the froth.


No, no, not these nasty chemical components so well-liked with producers, I’m simply speaking about any extras you need to add like alcohol or herbs and so on for further style and dimension. Add these on the final second.

Wait earlier than potting the jelly

Let the jelly relaxation for a couple of minutes earlier than potting up. That is particularly necessary for jellies with herbs and so on added in as you need these to be suspended within the jam and never all float as much as the highest. Simply give the jelly a couple of minutes to tug itself collectively earlier than you begin ladelling and just remember to scoop up a little bit of all the things for every jar.

Fill and seal your jelly jars

Use a ladel to spoon out the jelly and in addition make use of a jam funnel to get the jelly into the jars. That is the place accidents can so simply occur and scorching jam is nasty stuff when it comes into contact with pores and skin. A jam funnel makes the entire course of a lot faster, simpler and safer so all the time use one.

Fill jars to half an inch from the highest and canopy the floor of the jam with a waxed paper disc with the waxy facet dealing with onto the jam floor. Pop on the lid.

Label your jars

All the time label your jars with the contents and date created. I’m ineffective at doing this and incessantly dig into anonymous jars with no clue as to the contents.

Storing home made fruit jelly

Retailer your jelly in a cool darkish cabinet and as soon as opened hold it within the fridge.

Jelly straining luggage are a vital piece of equipment within the preservers’ arsenal. The feel is all the things with regards to meals, typically you need texture, typically you need smoothness. A jelly bag makes all distinction between a jam and a jelly so studying learn how to use one opens up lots of alternatives for making silky easy preserves.

Desk of Contents

Straining The Distinction Between Jam And Jelly

Jams comprise all of the fruit and jellies are easy as they comprise solely the juice of the fruit. The result’s that jellies will yield lower than jams however the finish consequence could be very totally different.

Each jams and jellies set in the identical approach, utilizing pectin, sugar and acid to kind a gel, nonetheless, typically you don’t want the skins or added texture that some fruits have.

How To Get Fruit Prepared For Straining

Most jelly recipes comply with sure steps. The important thing a part of it’s extracting the juice of the fruit you might be utilizing and that is normally executed by heating the fruit in a small quantity of water.

The fruit is added to a preserving pan with just a few tablespoons of water and heated gently. The mild warmth begins to interrupt down the fruit and the juices will begin to movement freely. After 10 – 15 minutes of heating most fruits could have damaged down sufficient to begin seperating the juice from the fruit.

That is the place the jelly straining bag is available in. The fruit and juice will be ladled into the straining bag and left to drip by means of (no agitating or stirring) for wherever from an hour or two proper as much as in a single day.

How to make a jelly bag

As soon as the juice has been seperated, sugar is added to the juice and the juice and sugar are boiled once more to cut back down, hit the setting level and gel the jelly.

Just about each jelly recipe you can find could have particulars on how lengthy to warmth your fruit and the way lengthy to pressure for thus examine a recipe for particulars.

Getting Rid Of The Pips

The most important benefit of utilizing a jelly straining bag is to take away the dreaded pips. I keep in mind as a baby having raspberry jam which might. in fact, be filled with pips. It nonetheless tasted nice however I keep in mind asking my nan to make it with out pips. She made raspberry jelly the following yr and I couldn’t get sufficient of it.

Fantastically Clear Jellies

Utilizing a jelly straining bag could make fairly lovely jellies as a result of they’ll prove clear, particularly should you use gentle colored fruits. Apple jelly, for instance, is a beautiful white wine color with nice readability.

Making clear jellies like that is straightforward with a jelly bag, it’s all about persistence and straining the fruit with none strain or agitating. Leaving the fruit to pressure someday in a single day simply utilizing gravity will create a transparent jelly.

What You Get When Shopping for A Jelly Straining Bag

Most jelly luggage available on the market encompass a stand and the straining bag that sits within the stand. The stand will normally sit on high of a bowl or pan and the fruit is added to the straining bag which then runs or drips straight into the bowl beneath.

This mixture may not sound like a lot however jelly straining luggage are fairly cheap and can final a very long time. Most fashions have replaceable straining luggage to allow them to get replaced when the unique will get just a little drained. The opposite choice is to make your individual.

Making Your Personal Jelly Bag

Single-use jelly luggage will be simply made utilizing just a few layers cheesecloth. While it’s not as straightforward to pressure jelly this manner it’s nice should you don’t make jelly that usually.

To create your private home made straining bag place two to a few layers of cheesecloth in a bowl in order that the sides overlap. Ladle within the heated fruit and juice from the preserving pan and collect the corners of the cheesecloth to kind a sling holding the fruit inside. Safe the corners collectively and droop over the bowl to permit to pressure.

Some individuals grasp the fruit from a kitchen door deal with above the work floor or between the legs of an upturned stool. The thought is to maintain the jelly bag suspended and undisturbed while the fruit and juice is straining.

What Occurs As soon as The Fruit Has Been Strained?

After straining your fruit by means of the jelly bag you’ll be left with a bowl of juice and the fruit pulp left within the jelly straining bag.

The method now is rather like making jam besides you might be utilizing simply the juice and never the fruit pulp. The method normally follows like this, examine your jelly recipe for specifics:

The strained fruit juice is mixed with an equal quantity of sugar in a preserving pan.

The juice and sugar is heated and simmered for a set time to achieve the setting level. Examine your recipe for the precise time or use this information about testing the setting level of your jelly.

The jelly is then ladled or funneled into sterilised jars and sealed.

Is It Value Shopping for A Jelly Bag

As you’ll be able to see the method of creating a jelly is de facto easy. A jelly bag is fairly cheap and the top result’s scrumptious and actually appears to be like nice so I might say it’s undoubtedly value getting a jelly bag.

Strive making a jelly for your self and you’ll be hooked.

2 ideas on “Utilizing A Jelly Straining Bag”

Are you able to do something with the leftover fruit pulp or is it simply waste since all of the juices have been eliminated?

Personally, I compost it. The juice and sugars have largely gone into the jelly so you might be left with the skins and fibre.

There’ll nonetheless be some flavour so you could possibly use it should you needed to however I don’t trouble.

A jelly bag is a chunk of kitchen gear used to pressure fruits, sometimes to be used in jelly, to separate the juice from seeds and different strong supplies. Whereas usually commercially out there, quite a few substitute dwelling strategies for straining have been created and utilized by jelly makers through the years. These substitutions embrace utilizing unbleached muslin, previous pillowcases, and even mesh material akin to pantyhose. This bag will sometimes be used with a stand, usually a tripod stand or bending stand that may connect to a bowl, although some will be hung from hooks above a bowl.

Usually comprised of unbleached muslin, a jelly bag will be comprised of different supplies so long as they’re pretty skinny and may permit liquids to go by means of whereas reserving strong substances. These luggage are normally used within the early a part of making jelly, with fruit that has been cooked barely or smashed. The fruit is then positioned contained in the bag and the bag is both suspended over a bowl or linked to the bowl by means of some kind of stand. This permits the liquid fruit juice to slowly drip from the sheer material, and the solids akin to seeds, pores and skin, and meat of the fruit stay within the bag. For finest use, the fruit ought to be left for a very long time, akin to in a single day, and never squeezed by means of the bag.

A jelly bag is used to supply jelly, although it may be used for any kind of utility the place somebody needs to separate strong matter from liquid. Somebody making home made ketchup or spaghetti sauce can use this bag to pressure the liquid from crushed tomatoes, whereas holding the seeds and pores and skin separate. Residence jelly makers have usually bragged concerning the intelligent substitutions they’ve discovered when a standard jelly bag was not out there. The small dimension of some luggage additionally tends to make them typically inappropriate for some makes use of, particularly when a big amount of jelly is being made.

Among the many extra well-liked substitutions for this bag are new pantyhose or an previous pillow case. Outdated pillow instances are sometimes worn pretty skinny from every day use and frequent washings. This implies they’ll sometimes permit liquids akin to juice to go by means of, whereas holding solids contained inside the pillow case. New pantyhose are sometimes of such a nice mesh, and lack massive tears, that they’ll perform very similar to a jelly bag. Both substitution will be suspended from a hook or related fastener over a big bowl to gather the juices.

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Dialogue Feedback

A jelly bag can be utilized for extra than simply making jelly. Once we extract honey we use a jelly bag as a filter for the honey. It is a good answer because the mesh bag filters out all of the issues you do not need and leaves us with clear honey.

I attempted utilizing an previous pillow case as soon as as a jelly bag and the outcomes have been disastrous. The pillow case was not worn sufficient for the liquid to go by means of and I ended up with a large number in every single place.

I can see the place this may work in some conditions, however I might be certain and try it out on one thing earlier than you utilize it simply to ensure. It can save you your self an enormous mess by doing it this manner. golf07 September 17, 2012

I take pleasure in making my very own jelly and can usually give these as Christmas items. For a few years I used a chunk of muslin or no matter I had readily available. After just a few years I spotted this was fairly economical, nevertheless it additionally made it extra work than it wanted to be.

I purchased a jelly bag that attaches to a stand for round $15. You should purchase as many luggage as you want and this has been greater than well worth the small funding. I like attaching the jelly bag to a stand so I haven’t got to carry it till all of the juice drains out of it.

You’d be shocked how way more juice you get when you find yourself affected person and let this grasp for a number of hours. andee September 17, 2012

I’ve by no means used an precise jelly bag after I make my very own jelly or jam. I’ve made strawberry and grape jelly by means of the years and simply depend on a chunk of cheesecloth to pressure the juice from the fruit.

You should purchase an entire package deal of cheesecloth for just some {dollars} and this may final for a number of batches of jelly. I’ve by no means considered utilizing a pair of pantyhose, but when I haven’t got any cheesecloth readily available, I can see how this might work in case of an emergency.

What Can I Use as a Jelly Bag substitute?

A jelly bag is used within the kitchen to pressure fruits meant for jelly. It separates the fruit juice and seeds plus different fiber supplies.

In case you are searching for substitutions of a jelly bag you should use a cheesecloth, unbleached muslin, an previous pillowcase, or a mesh cloth-like pantyhose.

Because the alternate options is probably not usable with a tripod stand, you’ll be able to connect it to a bowl and pressure your fruits.

The best way to use alternate options

Unbleached muslin is pretty skinny and permits liquids to go by means of effortlessly with none strong substances. They substitute a jelly bag completely and full your course of of creating jelly.

What you want is to smash or prepare dinner the fruits barely earlier than putting them on the muslin material tightly tied on a bowl.

You’ll be able to go away the fruit for hours to launch juices with out making an attempt to pressure them to undergo the strainer.

This is similar course of you comply with with different alternate options of a jelly bag akin to cheesecloth, pantyhose or an previous pillowcase.

The perfect pillow case to make use of is the one which has thinned as a consequence of numerous makes use of and frequent washes.

This ensures that it permits liquids to go by means of not like a brand new pillowcase materials that’s too thick to permit something to go by means of.

A panty hose is the best to make use of; it’s fabricated from nice mesh that may permit juices to undergo with none issues.

Nevertheless, be sure you use a brand new panty hose; it’s not solely hygienic, but in addition doesn’t have any tears that may permit strong particles to go by means of along with your juice.

Norpro Alternative Jelly Strainer Baggage

Norpro Alternative Jelly strainer bag comes with two luggage with a top of 8.5 inches and a width 9 inches. The strainer luggage are fabricated from cotton and combination and are fairly sturdy.

They’re straightforward to make use of and tie loosely round your bowl or any opening, which gives sturdy assist for the fruits as you pressure. You need to use it to pressure soup, vinegar, jelly, and juice.

Drawstring Straining Jelly Strainer

The draw String Jelly Strainer is a mesh filter bag and is fabricated from food-grade and BPA free nylon. It’s sturdy and dries quick after washing.

It has a drawstring that you should use when straining your fruits to make jelly. Nevertheless, additionally it is used for soaking, extraction, cider press, and sprouting.

This meals strainer has a 12-inch opening that make sure you fruits get contained in the bag with none wastage or mess.

It is top of the range and can be utilized numerous occasions with out carrying out. The mesh filters are nice and won’t permit the pulp into your fruit juice.

It is likely one of the objects it’s best to all the time in your kitchen. Aside from making jelly, it should make sure you make vegetable juice, Greek yogurt, making wine, beer, nut milk and cider.

NiceCare Brew Micron High quality Mesh Bag

The NiceCare Brew micron nice mesh bag is actual new expertise. It’s made to present you completely strained brew with out permitting any grains or pulp into your drink.

You don’t want a lot area in your kitchen to make use of. It’s easy and arrange easy. You merely use the drawstring to connect it into your containers and pressure your fruits or every other ingredient.

The bag is fabricated from polyester and is washable. This implies it’s sturdy and reusable, due to the double sew edges that guarantee no pulp or grains discover their approach into your juice.

The filtered issues are straightforward to get rid of and you needn’t fear a few messy kitchen when executed. Nevertheless, wash the bag instantly after use with heat soapy water and go away it out to dry.

The drawstring offers this strainer bag an upgraded design. You pull the drawstring to stop spills and use the adjustable lock to stop your bag from falling into the pot. It retains securely tied.

This permits utilizing the strainer even on a boiling kettle because it doesn’t contact the underside because of the drawstring restriction.

The mesh bag is ideal for making fruit juices, a wine press, and something that requires related filtering in your kitchen.

The perfect factor is that this mesh bag comes with a top of 22 inches and 26 inches width. This allows you to filter juice for giant household meals.

Nevertheless, they’re additionally relevant with recipes requiring little quantities of strained liquids. It may maintain up 20 kilos of grain and usable in temperatures ranging between -40℉ and 248℉.

KitchenCraft Residence Made Jelly Bag

If you wish to make you jam or jelly at dwelling, you need to have a jelly bag. This one from KitchenCrafts is top of the range and one ought to have for straightforward straining of seed, pips and pulps out of your recipe preserves.

The jelly bag is finely woven and won’t permit any strong substances to slide in and this provides you to easy jelly.

The Kitchen Craft Selfmade Bag is flexible and fabricated from polyester and doesn’t fray. You’ll be able to hand wash or simply toss into the washer.

Aside from utilizing for you jelly, it should additionally turn out to be useful in filtering buttermilk in buttermilk, whey in yogurt and, home made cheese and yogurt.

In case you are an novice in jelly making, this is likely one of the instruments you want. This polyester strainer will seize all of the undesired bits and leaves you with easy a seedless preserves.

It’s reusable and can final for a very long time. It’s value shopping for and you’ll adore it.


Some individuals boil jelly luggage to get the lint out and chill out the fibres. This doesn’t have an effect on the efficiency of your jelly bag since they’re washable and reusable.

take excellent care of the jelly bag and it’ll all the time be pure white and won’t affect the style of your closing product. Moreover, it prevents contaminations that may happen if the strainers aren’t cleaned correctly.

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How to make a jelly bag

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