How to make a pen magically disappear

How to make a pen magically disappear

Are you an ambitious illusionist that wishes to discover a great method for an approaching program? Or do you simply wish to have some enjoyable with your close friends? This impressive magic method is really simple to carry out since it does not call for any type of unique devices or abilities. You simply require to learn about some typical deception strategies and also exercise this method for a couple of hrs. Keep reading to discover exactly how you can make a pen vanish and also drive your target market insane.


Technique 1– Oscar Owen

In this simple pen magic method, you will certainly make a pen vanish in slim air and afterwards bring it back. It’s a straightforward impression however can have a fantastic result on your target market.

Products required:

  • A pen



  1. Hold the pen with the thumb, forefinger, and also center finger of your right-hand man.
  2. After that, get the various other end of the pen with the forefinger and also thumb of your left hand.
  3. Make use of the center finger of your right-hand man to use some pressure to the pen.
  4. This will certainly draw the pen back in the direction of your wrist. This is called the ‘flip stick activity’ which’s why this method is additionally referred to as the ‘Flip stick disappear’.
  5. Currently, utilize the thumb of your right-hand man to flip the pen out. This will certainly make the pen reappear, much to the confusion of your viewers.

Many Thanks to Oscar Owen for this method.

Technique 2– Making Difficult

For this method, you should understand exactly how to carry out the flip stick step. If you understand that, this impression will certainly end up being really simple for you since it’s really an expansion of that ability.

Products required:

  • A pen (with its cap)



  1. Hold the pen before your body with both your hands.
  2. Get rid of the cap.
  3. See to it that the cap remains in your non-dominant and also the pen remains in your leading hand.
  4. Currently, relocate the pen in the direction of the cap.
  5. Do the flip stick step right before affixing the pen to the cap. This will certainly offer an impact as if the pen has actually disappeared inside its cap.
  6. Afterwards, inform the target market that you are mosting likely to bring the pen out of the cap.
  7. Hold the cap with both your hands.
  8. Make use of the third finger of your leading hand to press the pen out while relocating the hands far from each various other.
  9. See to it that you time both the activities properly to finish the effective implementation of this vanishing pen method.

Many Thanks to Making Difficult for this method.

Technique 3– Evan Age

Seeking some trendy pen techniques to astonish your close friends at college? In this magic method, we will certainly make a pen disappear right before the target market.

Products required:

  • A gimmicked pen
  • A paper



  1. Program the gimmicked pen to the target market and also create something on a paper. This will certainly offer an impact that the pen is actual and also absolutely nothing is dubious concerning it.
  2. After that, put the pen inside that paper and also fold the paper right into a round to make the pen vanish.
  3. The pen will certainly obtain folded up inside the paper since it’s made from a versatile product.
  4. Program your vacant hands to the customers and also appreciate the praise.

Many Thanks to Evan Age for this method.

Technique 4– Chris Ramsay

Wish to bring some development right into the pen disappear method? Allow’s attempt disappearing a pen up your sleeve. In this approach, you will certainly utilize the sleeve of your t shirt to hide the pen and also make it re-emerge.

Products required:

  • A pen
  • Lengthy sleeves t shirt or coat (you need to be using it)



  1. See to it that the shades of your t shirt and also the pen you are making use of are comparable. For instance, a black (or dark-colored) t shirt is advised when it comes to a black pen. This is since you will certainly be ‘sleeving’ the pen in this method and also a shade distinction can distribute your trick.
  2. Hold the pen flat with the forefinger and also thumbs of both your hands.
  3. After that, utilize the center finger of your leading hand to use some stress on the pen. This will certainly make the pen vanish behind your wrist. See to it that the pen is crinkled in at a straight angle since it will certainly assist in sleeving it.
  4. Relocate your hands upwards throughout the breaking activity to make it look much more genuine.
  5. Revolve the thumbs as if you are providing thumbs approximately somebody. This will certainly assist to conceal the pen behind your fingers.
  6. Currently, promptly move the pen right into your sleeve.
  7. Revolve your hands and also reveal your hands to the target market to ensure that they can confirm the impression. See to it that the pen continues to be covert in all times.
  8. Afterwards, misdirect the target market by directing in some instructions with your non-dominant hand. Throughout this activity, slide the pen back right into your hand from the sleeve.
  9. Make use of the third finger of your leading hand to make the pen reappear.

Many Thanks to Chris Ramsay for this method.

Technique 5– Disappearing a pen behind your ear

‘ Just how to make a pen disappear’ is an incredibly popular magic method, and also lots of illusionists utilize it in their programs. For that reason, it is very important to use something various to your target market for making sure the component of shock. Maintain reviewing to discover an one-of-a-kind means of doing this impression.

Products required:

  • A pen



  1. Hold the pen in your right-hand man and also touch it on the table. You can additionally flip it with your finger if a table is not readily available. You simply wish to reveal the target market that it’s a genuine pen.
  2. After that, bring your left hand ahead and also touch it with the pen. Inform the viewers that you will certainly make the pen disappear on the 3 rd faucet.
  3. For each and every faucet, take the pen near to your ear and afterwards drop it to your hand. See to it that these activities fast to ensure that the customers can not discover the impression.
  4. Prior to making the 3 rd faucet, put the pen behind your ear when you increase your hand.
  5. Continue with the touching activity and also slap your hands at the end of it.
  6. Program both your hands to the target market to reveal that the pen has actually gone away.
  7. If you wish to make the pen reappear, misdirect the viewers and also get the pen from behind your ear. For instance, you can develop a tale or factor in an arbitrary instructions.

All-time Low Line

Making a pen vanish is among the most convenient and also coolest pen magic techniques, particularly if you are a novice. You can discover it with minimal initiative as a couple of repeatings before a mirror will certainly work. This pen magic method can be done on the move since you do not require a details configuration for this impression. All you require is a pen and also rapid hands, and also you will certainly be good to go to astonish the viewers.

Wish to make a pen disappear in the blink of an eye? Well you can, when you discover to carry out Pen-be-Gone. You will certainly require 2 white bodied ballpoint pens, white building paper,
tinted building paper, scissors, clear tape and also a screwdriver. In some cases we utilize products that call for grown-up guidance. like scissors so make certain you have loved ones around whenever you do magic techniques.
1. Prep work: Take among the pens and also bulge the pen nib and also the cap at the end. Press the nib and also take out the ink.
2. Extremely meticulously get rid of the ink from the nib. Make use of a lengthy screwdriver to press completion out of the plastic body. All you require is the nib and also completion.
3. Currently, take a paper and also suffice to ensure that it coincides size as the pen body. It must have to do with a 2 inch strip. Cover it around the pen body snugly and afterwards tape it so it makes a tube.
4. Move television of the pen body and afterwards put the pen insert and also cap onto each end. Tape these on, and also really meticulously tape the center. It will certainly currently appear like a genuine pen.
5. Efficiency: Program the pen and also an item of tinted paper. Meticulously roll the pen up right into the paper.
6. Swing your turn over television and afterwards amazingly collapse up the paper … the pen is gone!

Make a pen vanish with a magic method

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This totally free magic method is an unplanned method where you can make a pen vanish before a viewer. It is really straightforward method to do and also we will certainly reveal you exactly how to round off looking tidy.

David Blaine, Derren Brown and also Cris Angel have actually most likely discovered exactly how to do this approach.

What you will certainly require is a pen and also to make certain you are putting on either a droopy lengthy sleeve t shirt or a jumper with vast cuffs.

The strategy you will certainly utilize is called the flip stick strategy and also we will certainly experience the procedure so you can do it well.

You hold the pen with both hands. You hold it making use of the thumb and also very first and also center fingers. This will certainly assist you develop the impression of making it vanish.

You flip the pen in your right-hand man with your center finger. You develop stress so it breaks the pen versus the hand of your hand. The thumb comes to be a counter bar versus the pen. The pen ends up on the top of the center finger and also the thumb. The very first finger conceals completion of the pen. It is deceitful as it appears like the pen has actually disappeared.

You require to cleanse this up by utilizing the pointers listed below to obtain the pen up the sleeve.

You after that carefully tip the hand upwards so it comes under the sleeve making the pen disappear. That is the difficult little bit. You can utilize the forefinger to flip the card up the sleeve. It is a bit of a strategy by itself once you exercise it a couple of times, you will certainly draw it off.

It is quite excellent if you see the video clip meticulously.

Make a Pen Disappear Magic Technique

How to make a pen magically disappear

It is all a little bit of enjoyable and also will certainly begin you off in the art of magic. It is a standard method. All illusionists utilize it. If you wish to utilize this in a various setup why not consider our pen in container method by Calen Morelli right here.

If you appreciated this method why not remain on the website and also discover some much more. We have more than 100 techniques right here varying from card ticks, coin techniques, mentalism techniques and also road magic.

We have an entire host of write-ups that will certainly assist you proceed in ending up being a much better illusionist also.

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How to make a pen magically disappear

How to make a pen magically disappear Today, when you order ” Vanishing Pen by SansMinds”, you’ll immediately be emailed a Penguin Magic present certification. You can invest it on anything you such as at Penguin, similar to cash money. Simply finish your order as regular, and also within secs you’ll obtain an e-mail with your present certification.

Cost: $2999

Doing magic with pens has integrated charm, given that every person lugs them, you can obtain them anywhere, and also they are generally identified.

You cradle a pen within a paper napkin leaving each end revealed in ordinary sight. The viewer holds the paper napkin with the pen noticeably dangling underneath. You slap your hands with each other and also. immediately. the pen vanishes.

This is a sensible, remarkable impression with the easiest of things.

There’s a lot you can do with this Vanishing Pen. The coolest point is making it disappear in a small plastic bag. This way you can see it up until the last 2nd. and also you do not obtain ink on your hands.

However there are additionally trendy methods to make it aesthetically show up, which you can determine by experimenting with it.

I had the old design disappearing pen for some time currently. which one looses its form a little bit. the brand-new design by SansMinds stands up excellent, though. Huge follower of it.

This is simply impressive. It is among my favorite impacts today, and also this is most likely the most convenient method I understand. A close-up employees desire. Bordered, tidy, aesthetic, this has all of it.

To Begin With, I anticipated something like a deducting pen or something like that. Well, no. The trick pen composes n’stuff. I like the trick and also you will. This need to last you for life, you can maintain it in your pocket in all times. The pen is really a contracted down pocket variation of an one more impressive phase result, I will not inform the name however many people understand it.I do not assume I am disclosing a lot by stating that you obtain 2 pens. One is gimmicked and also the various other one isn’t, both create and also look almost identically. I did this to THE VERY SAME INDIVIDUAL 3 DAMN TIMES !! He has no hint. it is actually best under their noses. What I do is I create their name on the paper napkin I utilize or whatever (any type of unscripted paper or paper napkin) and also create their name on it or something, secs prior to disappearing the pen.

This is awsome. You will certainly like it and also will certainly wish to do it today. This is produced real functioning illusionists, virtually instantaneous reset, bordered, you can call it unscripted. Do not assume on wether or otherwise to purchase it, simply purchase it. Get it currently, otherwise currently after that as quickly as you can. Obtain this. I can not suggest this much more.

Simple, simple, enjoyable, FREAKS INDIVIDUALS OUT.

What much more would certainly you desire?

This is the excellent point to do when somebody asks to see a method. Have it in your pocket and also prepare yourself for some major responses and also enjoyable:–RRB-

This method would certainly enter into my leading 5 acquisitions of the year from Penguin. Your target market will not understand what’s coming. The most effective time to disappear the pen is when the viewer’s guard is down and also bam, you disappear the pen to any type of area you want. Simply visualize it from a nonprofessional’s point of view, their responses are valuable. Dvd is brief and also to the factor. You can actually carry out as quickly as you open up the bundle.

Obtain it currently. You can not fail with this method and also it’s excellent for dining establishment job.

I like this a great deal BUT I assume it requires a bit even more to meet the price.

The props are great and also extremely well made which is excellent however the mentor together with this is doing not have majorly. I needed to see one component a couple of times to truly obtain what was taking place.

Likewise, I truly concur with what David Penn stated on WPR. It’s a great enhancement to a currently existing regular. It might not suffice as a “one method” thing. So, if this is something you are checking out check out a few other regimens also. While he did wrapped up (shortened) from Gregory Wilson I truly assume Greg’s various other result Meaningless would certainly incorporate perfectly (no factor you can not damage a little arts and also crafts to obtain them the very same shades).

It’s a bargain if you like the trailer. You might be let down with the directions BUT the prop itself is great.