How to make apricot fudge

An one-of-a-kind spin on a typical fudge dish– you still have our scrumptious Super A glass of wine biscuits yet the enhancement of dried out apricots supplies a ruptured of flavor with a little of pleasant! For added sweet taste you might include the easy topping listed below as well as a couple of cut apricots to embellish.

Active Ingredients

1 package Lion’s Super A glass of wine biscuits, approximately smashed

1/2 mug brownish sugar

1/2 tin compressed milk

1 mug carefully cut dried out apricots

1 mug topping sugar, looked

1 tablespoon butter, softened

3 tablespoon warm water (approx)

1 orange (juice as well as peel)

How to make apricot fudge


1. Include the brownish sugar as well as compressed milk to a pan as well as delicately thaw with each other on a reduced warm. Awesome a little.

2. Contribute to a blending dish with the smashed Super A glass of wine biscuits as well as carefully cut dried out apricots. Integrate.

3. Spread mix right into a greased 18 centimeters superficial square tin. Cool till established.

4. You can leave this level or ice with the orange topping listed below.

Orange topping

1. Sort the topping sugar right into a dish.

2. Thaw the butter as well as warm water with each other, mix right into the topping sugar after that include the orange juice as well as peel. Beat to a smooth topping. Include extra water to make thinner, if wanted.

3. Spread very finely in addition to fudge.

Lion’s, New Zealand’s preferred biscuit bakers, has actually been thrilling Kiwis’ taste for over 150 years. Whether it is a seriously dunkable Gingernut or a really indulgent ToffeePop, every person has a preferred Lion’s bikkie.

How to make apricot fudge

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How to make apricot fudge

I ’ ve been making this delicious chocolate reward for at the very least 15 years. A mutual friend made as well as brought it along to a barbeque as well as she kindly informed me the dish. I couldn ’ t think just how very easy it was. It ’ s simply 4 components as well as a couple of mins to make.

What You Required

  • 1 Package 375 gm Dark Delicious chocolate Melts (or these are Menz dark delicious chocolate little bits from the Foodland mass get location)
  • 1 Can Condensed Milk 395 gm
  • 1 Tbsp Margarine or Butter
  • Approximate. 100 gm Diced Dried Apricots (1/2 a package) or even more if you like

How to make apricot fudge

What to Do

Thaw the delicious chocolate in the microwave utilizing tool warm for concerning 1 min. I make use of a 2 litre container. Include the margarine or butter. After that do brief ruptureds of no greater than 10 to 20 secs each time till the delicious chocolate is thawed. You can naturally thaw the delicious chocolate in an astonish a pan of warm water if you like.

Include the compressed milk as well as warm once more for ruptureds of 10 to 20 secs to slim the mix sufficient to mix everything with each other till you obtain a shiny ganache uniformity listed below. Mix via the diced apricots as well as put right into a square or rectangular shape cake tin, lined with non-stick baking paper. Embed in the refrigerator for at the very least a hr.

Cut right into squares utilizing a cozy sharp blade. It will certainly maintain for numerous days in the refrigerator in an air-tight container.

How to make apricot fudge

You might replace the apricot with various other fruit or nuts.

For many years, I ’ ve made it for barbeques, events, early morning tea as well as additionally packaged in cello bags for fundraising or cake stalls. It ’ s the most convenient delicious chocolate reward to make, yet preferences so excellent individuals will certainly believe you ’ ve mosted likely to a great deal even more initiative!

1/2 mug dried out apricots – cut ( The Gruel Bar)
1/2 mug days, cut in half, pits got rid of
1 orange, juiced
1/2 mug walnuts ( Ettrick Gardens)
1/2 mug almonds
1 mug coconut
1/4 mug cacao or top quality chocolate powder ( coKo Lounge)
1 tsp dried out ginger
1 tsp vanilla remove
Pure syrup to preference


Location dried out apricots, days as well as orange juice in a dish. Include water (if required) to cover the fruit, as well as entrust to saturate for 4 hrs or over night. Drain pipes, booking fluid.

Location walnuts, almonds as well as coconut in mixer as well as strike till they appear like biscuit crumbs. Include the drained pipes apricots as well as days, cacao/cocoa powder, ginger as well as vanilla as well as procedure till well integrated. Include a little of the scheduled fluid if required to bind. Change sweet taste, according to preference, with syrup.

Line a piece tray with greaseproof paper as well as press the mix in securely with the rear of a spoon– this will certainly load concerning half the tray. Location in refrigerator for at the very least 2 hrs to establish, or freeze for one hr. When established, reduced right into tiny items (concerning 16 offers).

Double the mix to make a complete tray.

Maintains in the refrigerator 4 – 5 days or in fridge freezer for at the very least a month.


Many Thanks to Ettrick Gardens— walnuts – as well as to The Gruel Bar – dried out apricots – for giving the components utilized in the food preparation presentation at the Otago Farmers Market

If you want to download and install a variation of this dish, please go here

I ’ ll confess that it can be hard to discover an excellent no-bake treat dish, yet this apricot coconut piece is certainly a victor!

This piece is stuffed packed with dry coconut, dried out apricots, white delicious chocolate as well as cut biscuits. The outcome is a very easy as well as habit forming pleasant reward breaking with flavour!

How to make apricot fudge

All you require to do is thaw, blend, as well as cool. This piece is additionally covered with a scrumptious lemon topping which you can make in much less than 5 mins!

How to make apricot fudge

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How to make apricot fudge

Apricot Coconut Cut (no bake!)

This apricot coconut piece takes much less than 15 mins to prepare as well as does not need any kind of cooking. This piece contains white delicious chocolate, biscuits, dried out apricots as well as coconut. A velvety soft topping is the best covering to this scrumptious pleasant reward.

Active Ingredients

For the Base

  • 250 g (9 oz) simple pleasant biscuits (I make use of Milk Arrowroot or Marie/Maria biscuits)
  • 200 g (7 oz) block of white delicious chocolate, approximately cut
  • 150 g (5.3 oz) saltless butter, approximately cut
  • 1 mug desiccated coconut
  • 1 mug dried out apricots, carefully cut
  • 395 g (14 oz) tin of sweetened compressed milk

For the Topping

  • 60 g (2 oz) saltless butter, thawed
  • 2 tablespoon lemon juice, plus extra as required
  • 2 mugs icing sugar/ confectioners sugar
  • 1/4 mug desiccated coconut


For the Base

  1. Oil as well as line a 20 x 30 centimeters (8 x 12 inch) piece frying pan with cooking paper, making sure there goes to the very least 3 centimeters (1 inch) overhang for very easy elimination of the hedgehog.
  2. Gently squash the biscuits either utilizing a rolling pin or mixer. There must still be some fairly big portions of biscuit to offer the piece a far better appearance. Allot.
  3. In a different big heat-proof dish, mix with each other the cut delicious chocolate as well as butter. Microwave at complete power for 1 min. Mix. Microwave in more 30 2nd ruptureds, mixing well in-between, till delicious chocolate is entirely thawed as well as smooth.
  4. Include smashed biscuits, coconut, apricots as well as sweetened compressed milk. Mix with each other till effectively integrated.
  5. Press the mix securely right into the piece tin. You might discover it useful to oil the rear of a spoon or the base of a hefty glass as well as usage that to assist weigh down the mix securely. Allot at area temperature level while you make the delicious chocolate covering.

For the Topping

  1. In the tool dish of an electrical stand mixer (or utilizing a hand mixer), mix with each other the thawed butter as well as lemon juice. Sort over topping sugar. Beat till cosy, including even more lemon juice as required till a smooth uniformity is gotten to.
  2. Spread topping over the piece. Leading with desiccated coconut. Cool the piece for 3 hrs or till established company. Get rid of from the frying pan as well as cut right into 24 also items.


Storage Space

  • You can maintain the piece un-refigerated in an impermeable container for 7 days.

Substitutions & & Tips

  • Delicious chocolate: you can replace the 200 g block of white delicious chocolate for 200 g (7 oz/ 1 loaded mug) of white delicious chocolate chips.
Nourishment Info:

How to make apricot fudge

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How to make apricot fudge

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