How to make au gratin potatoes

How to make au gratin potatoes

Au Gratin Potatoes are very finely cut potatoes, covered in a luscious cheese sauce and afterwards covered with even more cheese as well as baked in the stove up until they are soft with a crunchy, tacky crust! It ’ s the excellent side meal for a vacation dish or actually any type of dish for that issue!

Maturing, I enjoyed it when my mother would certainly deal with tacky potatoes (aka-Au Gratin Potatoes!) We commonly had them when we had a pork supper, with buttery pull-apart rolls as well as baked veggies! Yet we never ever had leftovers due to the fact that every person enjoyed this tacky potato covered dish with its crunchy tacky crust!

How to make au gratin potatoes

Au Gratin vs Scalloped Potatoes

You might really feel frightened by the words, Au Gratin, yet put on ’ t be! In French, Au Gratin suggests “ by grating ” or “ with a crust. ” This potato dish is au gratin due to the fact that we cover the very finely cut potatoes with an additional layer of cheese prior to cooking, offering it a tasty tacky crust!

Many individuals perplex au gratin potatoes with scalloped potatoes, as well as for some time so did I! They both include very finely, rounded sliced up potatoes, baked in a casserole meal. As well as both are incredibly scrumptious!

The distinction is that scalloped potatoes are generally reduced thicker as well as covered in a lotion sauce, instilled with garlic as well as fresh natural herbs. As well as au gratin potatoes are thinner, covered in a cheese sauce and afterwards covered with even more cheese or bread crumbs prior to being baked.

How to make au gratin potatoes

Just How to Make Au Gratin

When making Au Gratin Potatoes, I such as to utilize russet or yukon gold potatoes, due to the fact that they are greater in starch as well as consequently able to take in even more of the sauce as well as they hold their form well!

The trick is to cut your potatoes slim sufficient to totally prepare (no person suches as a problem potato!) yet not to assume that they break down as well as end up being mushy. I intend to reduce my potatoes so they are & frac14; inch thick.

I choose to utilize my mandoline slicer to reduce my potatoes. The mandoline slicer behaves due to the fact that your pieces are a lot more constant as well as it is quicker! Yet if you put on ’ t have one, put on ’ t fret due to the fact that you can additionally utilize your routine blade as well as reducing board!

As well as lastly, determine what kind of cheese you intend to utilize. Generally Au Gratin Potatoes utilize Gruyere cheese. It can be pricey as well as tough to discover. If I can discover it, I such as to blend it with cheddar. Nevertheless, the majority of the moment I utilize a mix of cheddar as well as Colby jack!

How to make au gratin potatoes

Saving + Tips

PREPARATION: I like making these potatoes for Thanksgiving or Xmas as well as the most effective component is you can prep them the day prior to! Comply with the direction right as much as the factor of covering your potatoes with the last layer of shredded cheese! After that cover as well as cool for as much as a day.

When you prepare to cook, allow them rest on the counter for 20 mins before cooking! Don ’ t neglect to leading with the last layer of cheese!

SAVING: When baked, your Au Gratin Potatoes will certainly remain great in an impermeable container for 3-5 days in your fridge. You can additionally freeze them, simply allow them thaw in the fridge the day prior to you intend on consuming them!

REHEAT: To reheat you can obliterate them genuine fast in the microwave or cover with aluminum foil as well as reheat in the stove at 350 levels for 20-30 mins.

How to make au gratin potatoes

As you can see, there is no requirement to be frightened by Au Gratin Potatoes! They are easy to make yet rupturing with taste! Provide a shot as well as allow us recognize what you assume. We sense you ’ ll like them.

They might be timeless for Thanksgiving yet they’re also scrumptious not to make all year. Do not be frightened by the name. Potatoes au gratin are in fact truly simple to master. You have actually obtained this.

Do I require a mandolin?


No, yet it will certainly make you’re life a lot simpler. If you do not have one, simply prepare to exercise your blade abilities, as well as make certain to utilize a veryyy sharp cook’s blade.

What’s the distinction in between potatoes au gratin as well as scalloped potatoes?

Terrific concern! Gratins have cheese; scalloped potatoes do not. unless they’re Packed Scalloped Potatoes with cheddar as well as bacon. 😈-LRB- ***).

Milk or lotion?

We such as to utilize a mix of both. Whipping cream includes an unsurpassable splendor. Plus it makes the sauce kinda velveety. Yet an all-cream sauce would certainly be extreme. So to stabilize it out, we include milk. (Entire milk, not skim, is liked!)

What type of cheese should I utilize?


That’s completely as much as you. Gruyère thaws well as well as has an amazing nutty taste. As well as a great sharp Parmesan is timeless. We such as to utilize both! Yet there aren’t actually guidelines. Fontina, mozzarella, or perhaps a sharp cheddar would certainly all function, also.

Why do I require to cover with aluminum foil?

The aluminum foil assists prepare the potatoes (they kinda heavy steam as well as boil in the sauce) while the entire gratin remains in the stove. We take the aluminum foil off throughout the last stretch of cooking to obtain the leading cheese layer gold as well as crunchy.

What happens if my top isn’t browning?


Considering that the warmth in the stove is reasonably modest, your leading layer might persist as well as not intend to brownish. When this occurs, we rely on the griddle. When your potatoes are extremely tender as well as the sauce is gurgling, crank the stove warmth as well as broil it for a pair mins up until the gratin is gold on the top.

Just How do I avoid watery potatoes?

Baked potatoes will certainly launch a great deal of dampness, creating your last meal to be a little slushy. To aid avoid that you can lay your sliced up potatoes out theoretically towels to aid absorb some excess water. The last 15 or 20 mins of cooking you ought to additionally cook the meal discovered. This will certainly aid some dampness retreat as well as make your cheese good as well as gold!

Allow your meal remainder for a couple of mins after cooking. This will certainly enable your potatoes to take in even more of that lotion sauce!

How to make au gratin potatoes

Fancy without the difficulty? Greet to potatoes au gratin– a baked-until-bronzed assortment of potatoes, butter, whipping cream, as well as 2 sort of cheese.

Why Mash, When You Could Gratin?

Whether you’re aiming to up your vacation side meal video game, or just for a comfortable, indulgent method to beautify your following supper event food selection, these homemade au gratin potatoes are a champion each time. Laden with nutty Gruyère as well as the umami-punch of Parmesan cheese, as well as baked in a bathroom of smooth lotion, they’re an edible personification of Mae West’s incredible proverb–” also much of an excellent point can be terrific.” Traditional potatoes au gratin are whatever a vacation meal is expected to be– stylish, abundant, extravagant, remarkable– as well as this certain au gratin dish is the most effective of the most effective.

How to make au gratin potatoes

What Does “Au Gratin” Mean, Anyhow?

Au gratin is a French cooking term that describes a recipe (normally a potato meal) covered with grated cheese (and/or breadcrumbs), lotion, butter, after that baked up until browned as well as crunchy. Yet what– you may be asking on your own– is the distinction in between potatoes au gratin as well as scalloped potatoes? Though in the past their meanings as well as prep work differed, today both terms are virtually entirely compatible. Those tacky scalloped potatoes you enjoyed as a youngster? Our au gratin potatoes dish is basically the very same point.

How to make au gratin potatoes

How to make au gratin potatoes

How to make au gratin potatoes

How to make au gratin potatoes

How to make au gratin potatoes

How to make au gratin potatoes

Just How to Make Potatoes Au Gratin

To make this timeless, calming dish, you’ll just layer every one of these stunning tastes in a baking meal as well as allow warmth function its melty, browning, sparkling magic:

  • Potatoes Clearly. We ask for russet potatoes in our au gratin dish, yet Yukon Golds are additionally scrumptious. Bonus offer: if you utilize Yukons, you do not need to peel them.
  • Butter We can not obtain sufficient of it this time around of year.
  • Whipping cream See above.
  • Cheese mix The mix of fresh grated Parmesan cheese as well as nutty Swiss Gruyère– the globe’s ideal melting cheese, if you ask us– produces the most effective potatoes au gratin. End of tale.

How to make au gratin potatoes

Devices You’ll Require For This Easy Potato Gratin:

Though couple of devices are required to make our scalloped potatoes with cheese, one, particularly, we would certainly be specifically shed without. Yet just the most effective for these potatoes au gratin with Gruyère.

  • Mandoline slicer This slicer takes the insipidity out of reducing the potatoes as well as additionally makes certain consistent density. Also if you utilize it for simply this gratin dish it’s still a needs to in our publication. For the very best potatoes au gratin dish, just a cozy, garlicky mix of butter as well as whipping cream will certainly do. Either will certainly function, yet we choose the round gratin frying pan due to the fact that it’s superficial as well as provides a lot more surface for blistery-topped benefits.

How to make au gratin potatoes

One Potato, 2 Potato.

Potatoes are the supreme carby convenience– they’re constantly our favored point on any type of vacation food selection. Right here are 4 of our really favored, joyful potato dishes:

Grateful for Gratin

Were your homemade potatoes au gratin the grand marshall of the vacation side recipes ceremony? Program us your cheese-blistered au gratin benefits as well as tag us @themodernproper as well as #themodernproper.

Traditional potatoes au gratin is baked in a lotion sauce enhanced with cheese as well as covered with breadcrumbs. This favored potato dish is as simple to make as it is scrumptious.

Sally is the writer of 4 recipe books as well as is a routine reporter for the Boston World Wednesday Food Area. She additionally is a food digital photographer.

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Chopped potatoes bathed in lush lotion as well as covered with gold cheese as well as breadcrumbs should have a location at any type of vacation table.

Potatoes au gratin is a decadent yet easy-to-make meal to offer together with roast, turkey, or beef ribs. Chopped potatoes layered with onion, thyme, as well as a little Gruyere cheese are baked with each other in lotion up until meltingly soft.

You can make fast job of the dish by cutting the potatoes with a food mill cutting blade, after that pale the potatoes in lotion, lots them right into a baking meal, as well as pop them in the stove!

The Potatoes: What Kind as well as Just How to Preparation

I directly like the luscious structure of yellow waxy potatoes like Yukon golds in this gratin, yet lots of people like floury russet (cooking) potatoes due to the fact that they absorb a great deal of lotion.

If you choose russet potatoes since that’s what you carry hand or you simply choose them, you might need to change the quantity of lotion as well as the baking time a little. When the gratin cooks, peek under celebrity. If the potatoes appear completely dry, simply put a little lotion right into the meal in the stove.

To prep the potatoes, peel them (or do not if you desire an even more rustic meal) as well as cut them very finely (roughly 1/8-inch) with a blade, a mandoline, or the most convenient without a doubt, the 4mm cutting disk of your food mill.

The pieces do not need to be excellent considering that a gold layer of tacky breadcrumbs coverings them, however, for the most effective outcomes, they ought to be of the very same density so they prepare equally.

How to make au gratin potatoes

What Is the very best Cheese for Au Gratin Potatoes?

Celebrity in this dish does not bewilder the potatoes, yet if your individuals are additional tacky (!) do not hesitate to include even more.

For this dish, I parboil the potatoes in the lotion, move the potatoes to the baking meal as well as include regarding half celebrity to the lotion left in the pot to make a delicious sauce.

While a typical French gratin of potatoes normally consists of Gruyere, there are a lot of various other scrumptious melting cheeses where to select:

  • Sharp cheddar
  • Oozy Fontina
  • Buttery Havarti
  • Nutty Swiss or Emmenthaler
  • Gouda– smoked or unsmoked

Attachments as well as Variants for Potatoes Au Gratin

I like the simpleness of these potatoes, as well as to me, thyme is the excellent refined natural herb to boost them, yet if you intend to obtain elegant, switch over up the natural herbs or include various other components.

Right Here are several of my faves:

  • Rosemary
  • Marjoram
  • Tasty
  • Oregano
  • Bacon
  • Pork
  • Cooked spinach, pressed completely dry

How to make au gratin potatoes

Just How to Reheat Potatoes Au Gratin

If you intend to obtain a running start on your vacation food preparation, after that it’s ideal to cook this the day prior to your supper as well as reheat it the day of.

To make in advance as well as reheat: Construct as well as cook it at 350 ° F, and afterwards reheat it (350 ° F) covered freely in aluminum foil to maintain the crust from browning excessive for 45 mins, or up until warm right with. Get rid of the aluminum foil for the last 5 or 10 mins of cooking to make sure that the crust remains good as well as crunchy.

To reheat the remaining gratin: You will certainly intend to have leftovers! Comply with the very same regular to reheat, however, for a late-night potato yearning that can not wait, there’s constantly the microwave.