How to perform dhikr

Exactly How to Do Dhikr

When doing dhikr, attempt to bear in mind the complying with 6 rules:

  1. Review the significance of the dhikr.
  2. Constantly bear in mind that Allah is with you In a ḥadīth qudsī, Allah claims: “I am with My servant whenever he remembers me and also relocates his lips due to Me.” (Ibn Mājah).
  3. Correct your intent
  4. Review the benefit of doing dhikr as a whole, and also the particular benefit for particular adhkār.
  5. Keep in mind the favours of Allah upon you. For your dhikr to be mindful, your heart needs to overflow with thankfulness for the One that is the Resource of all true blessings.
  6. Attempt to be in a tranquil and also peaceful area, far from diversions.

Imām al-Nawawī (raḥimahullāh) states: ‘Any person making dhikr must remain in one of the most ideal state. If he is resting someplace, he must deal with the qiblah with humbleness and also peacefulness, bowing one’s head. If one keeps in mind Allah in any type of various other state it is still allowable, with no displeasure; yet if there is no reason for doing so, one would certainly be waiving something most outstanding.’

Mindful Dhikr

Dhikr is of 2 kinds: regular vs. mindful, and also it is just the last which will certainly cause you understanding (maʿrifah), being afraid, and also caring Allah.

Ibn al-Jawzī (raḥimahullāh) clarifies:

‘ The heedless one claims سُبْحَانَ الله out of practice. When it comes to the mindful one, he is continuously considering the marvels of production, or the remarkable nature of the Maker, and also this reasoning drives him to state سُبْحَانَ الله. Hence, this tasbīḥ is the fruit of these ideas, and also this is the tasbīḥ of the mindful …

Also, they think of the ugliness of previous wrongs, and also this leads them to consider, to have stress and anxiety and also to have remorse. The fruit of this idea is that they state أَسْتَغْفِرُ الله. This is real tasbīḥ and also istighfār.

When it comes to the heedless, they simply utter these out of practice. As well as what a distinction there is in between both kinds …‘ (Ṣayd al-Khāṭir)

In his work of art ‘al-Adhkār’, Imam al-Nawawī (raḥimahullāh) creates: ‘The function of dhikr is to bear in mind Allah with the existence of the heart It is very vital that everyone goes for this and also aims to attain it.

Hence, one need to consider on what one is claiming and also attempt to comprehend its significance. Reflection is the goal of dhikr, equally as it is the goal of stating Qur’ ān. This is why, for instance, the right and also recommended sight is that need to lengthen claiming “لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا الله” in order to consider upon it.’

” I’m not believing of what I’m claiming …”

Nonetheless, total reflection from the heart might not be feasible for everybody whatsoever times. Therefore, occasionally Shaytān casts uncertainties right into a person’s heart and also one might assume: ‘ I am saying سُبْحَانَ الله a hundred times yet I am not considering it. Exists also a factor?

Ibn Ḥajar’s (raḥimahullāh) extensive feedback supplies a deep understanding concerning this issue. He splits dhikr intHow to perform dhikr o 5 phases:

  1. ‘ Dhikr can be of the tongue, for which the one that says it obtains benefit, and also it is not needed for this that he recognizes or remembers its significance (as long as he does not plan aside from its significance).
  2. Along with saying it, if he likewise keeps in mind Allah with his heart, after that this is much more total.
  3. In this phase, one remembers the significance of the dhikr and also what it requires, such as amplifying Allah and also worshiping Him from issues; this is a lot more total.
  4. An also loftier phase would certainly be if all this happens inside a kind deed, be it a fard petition or making every effort in Allah’s course, and so on
  5. And Also if the above is integrated with total commitment and also genuineness, then that is miraculous degree of dhikr.’ (Fatḥ al-Bārī)

‘ The most effective and also most useful dhikr is when one keeps in mind Allah with the tongue and also the heart, it is from the Sunnah adhkār, and also one understands its significance and also its function. (Ibn al-Qayyim)


Sort Of Dhikr and also End Result

Tahlīl: Tawhīd and also bondage

Taḥmīd: Appreciation, hope and also love

Tasbīḥ & & Takbīr: Glorification and also respect of Allah

Ḥawqalah: Relying on Allah and also turning over one’s events to Him

Ṣalawāt: Utmost love for him ﷺ and also following his sunnah

Istighfār: Taqwā, regret over one’s wrongs and also humbleness

Uniformity is the Secret

Shayṭān will certainly attempt his utmost to quit the slave from purposely keeping in mind Allah. Attempt to establish on your own a day-to-day amount/duration of dhikr, and also stay constant on it.

Imām al-Nawawī recommends: ‘Any person that has a day-to-day list of dhikr (wird) in the evening or day or after ṣalāh or any type of various other time, and afterwards misses it and also later on remembers it, should certainly make it up when he has the ability to, so as not to forget it If one corresponds in exercising it, he will certainly not discover himself missing it; yet if he is lax in meeting it, it will certainly come to be very easy to forget it at its appropriate time.’ (al-Adhkār)

Filtration is a continuous procedure. It requires day-to-day constant initiative. Similar to we constantly clean our garments or tidy our areas lest dust accumulate in them, we likewise require to routinely and also constantly deal with cleansing our hearts.

The goal of Prophet Muhammad (tranquility and also true blessings be upon him) consisted of aiding us cleanse ourselves. As Allah claims:

Definitely did Allah give [great] support upon the followers when He sent out amongst them a Carrier from themselves, stating to them His knowledgeables and also cleansing them and also educating them guide and also knowledge, although they had actually been in the past in reveal mistake. (Quran 3: 164)

How to perform dhikr

Relaxing the Dunya – Living for the Hereafter

3- Closing Daily Conversations/Chats with this Supplication

The even more we speak, the much more we can make blunders, autumn in still speech, heedlessness, backbiting, and so on

Every One Of these are wrongs that eliminate the pureness of our hearts. However the Prophet educated us a fantastic method to respond to that.

The Prophet Muhammad stated:

Whoever beings in an event and also delights in pointless talk and also prior to rising supplicates: ‘& lsquo; Subhanaka Allahumma wa bihamdika, ash-hadu an la ilaha illa Anta, astaghfiruka wa atubu ilaika

( O Allah, You are without every blemish; appreciation be to You. I indicate that there is no real god other than You; I ask Your Excuse and also count on You in attrition),’ & rsquo; he will certainly be forgiven for (the wrongs he might have deliberately or accidentally devoted) because setting up. (At-Tirmidhi)

4- Stating This Dhikr after the Phone Call to Petition

Sa’& rsquo;d container Abu Waqqas (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Prophet (tranquility and also true blessings be upon him) stated:

He that claims after the Adhan: ‘& lsquo; Ash-hadu an la ilaha illallah Wah-dahu la sharika Lahu; wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan ‘& lsquo; abduhu wa Rasuluhu, radhitu Billahi Rabban, wa bi Muhammadin Rasulan, wa bil Islami Dinan

( I indicate that there is no real god other than Allah Alone; He has no companions which Muhammad (tranquility and also true blessings be upon him) is His servant and also Carrier; I am web content with Allah as my Rubb, with Muhammad as my Carrier and also with Islam as my Deen),’ & rsquo; his wrongs will certainly be forgiven. (Muslim)

5- Regularly Remaining In a State of Wudu’ & rsquo;( Ablution)(**********************

Abu Hurairah (Might Allah be pleased with him) reported:

The Prophet (tranquility and also true blessings be upon him) stated:

Must I not route you to something through which Allah eliminates the wrongs and also boosts (your) rankings.” & rdquo; They stated: & ldquo; Yes, O Carrier of Allah & rdquo;. He stated, & ldquo; Carrying out Wudu‘ & lsquo; appropriately, also in problem, regularly mosting likely to the mosque, and also waiting excitedly for the following Salat (petition) after a Salat mores than; certainly, that is Ar- Ribat(steadiness). (Muslim)

6- Regards Stating the Unity of Allah Almighty

Abdullah ibn Amr told that the Carrier of Allah (tranquility and also true blessings be upon him) stated:

There is no one upon the planet that claims: ‘& lsquo; None can be venerated yet Allah, and also Allah is the best, and also there is no may neither power other than by Allah, ( La ilaha illa Allah, wa Allahu akbar, wa la ḥ awla wa la quwwata illa billah) other than that his wrongs will be absolved, also if they resembled the foam of the sea. (Jami’ At-Tirmidhi)

With these 6 very easy adhkar daily, one sees to it that he/she are continuously conscious of Allah The Pure One that cleanses His servants and also envelopes them in His Grace, Tranquility and also Mercy.

In the Sufi course of Qadiri, dhikr can be carried out anywhere by combining 3 individuals. As, our master Prophet PBUH had actually stated; “The planet resembles a Mosque for the followers.”(25) In Muhammadiya Sufi branch, everywhere where salah petition can be carried out is approved to be an ideal area to do loud dhikr. The area where dhikr is made is called “Samahana” or “Tawhidhana”. The executing of dhikr is
called “Maydan Achma” or “Mukabala”.

Dhikr is handled by murshid or his agent or a person that has actually been given authorization by them. If the mureeds had actually not had the ability to discover such an opportunity, after that, the ones that will rest for dhikr picked a person that will certainly have the ability to handle the dhikr. Dhikr has no collection area or time. However to open up “Maydan” the authorization of the Honourable Sayyid Efendi is required. The associates being in the kind of cicle with wudu and also mainly after the salah petition. Resting can be as straight lines encountering each various other. However, being in the kind of circle is much more worthy. The ones that are not component of the dhikr circle or associates of various other Sufi Courses can accompany authorization, or they can rest instantly behind the dhikr circle.

The dhikr that is carried out in a resting setting is called “Kuudi Dhikr” because, whole of the dhikr yet as a whole the Avrad( day-to-day petitions) and also the Azkar( dhikrs) of the Sufi Course is carried out similar to this. Kuudi dhiks are carried out by standing and also remaining on knee caps, occasionally leaning in the direction of right and also left, occasionally by transforming the head create right to left. The dhikr carried out standing is called “Kiyami Dhikr”. In “Kiyami Dhikrs” normally, Tawhid, Ism-i Jalal (Allah), Ism-i Hayy, Ism-i Hu dhikrs are made. This dhikr is made by leaning in the direction of riht and also left, together or arm-in-arm, occasionally the associate holds the shoulder of the one on his right by his right-hand man, and also places his left hand to decrease rear of the one on his left and also they do dhikr by transferring to right and also left. The dhikrs done by transferring to right and also left is called “Davrani Dhikr”. The associates holding together, arm-in-arm or right-hand man on the ideal shoulder of the following one and also left hand on his back reverse the “Samahana” by doing the dhikrs of Ismi jalal (Allah), Hay Hay, Hu Hu, Allah Hay, Yâ Allah Hay and also a few other Lovely Names of Allah, they relocate with wonderful consistency by tipping right and also left, by having the ideal foot ahead and also left foot somewhat behind, minding not to collapse onto each various other. Throughout the zikr, vocal singing Ilahi ‟ s, and also playing music tools like bandir, tambourine, Kudum, Nay and also Hallila are permitted to offer consistency to dhikr and also ilahis.

It is needed to do the zikr according to the offered concepts and also good manners, not to damage the consistency of the zikr, not to leave the zikr circle without authorization from the supervisor or without outright need, to mind ikhlas, genuineness and also takva, to stay clear of displaying and also fallacy, to stay clear of all type of practices, speech and also believed which may would severely impact the spiritual preference experienced.
One method of the circle zikr that Sayyid Efendi has actually believed us along with lots of concepts is done in this manner:
Euzu Basmala.

Innallaha va Malaikatihu Yusalluna Alanabiy, Ya ayyuhallazina Amanu Sallu Alayhi ve Sallimu Taslima.

Salat-I Sharifa (as-Salatu ve ‟ s-Salamu alayka ya Rasulallah, as-Salatu ve ‟ s-
Salamu alayka ya Habiballah, as-Salatu ve ‟ s-Salamu alayka ya Sayyida ‟ l
Avvalina va ‟ l Ahirin va Salamun ale ‟ l-Mursalin ve ‟ l-Hamdu lillahi Rabbi ‟ l
The Wird of the tariqah (The Qadiri Sufi Course) (The petition, salawat of
Abdulqadir Jilani)

The takbir (glorification of Allah) that is stated in between recounting of the phases
of Nasr, Fatiha and also 3 Iklas.

11 times Ism-I Hu (This is called “Dem Tutma” and also the name of Hu is
expanded when claiming. At the end, “Dastur Ya my Sheik, Dastur Ya Abdulqadir
Jilani, We have actually surrendered ourselves Ya Rasulullah!” is stated.)

Basmala-I Sharifa (11– 100 times)
Salat-I Sharifa
Salawat (Allahumma Salli Ala Sayyidina Muhammadin va Ala Alihi va Sahbihi
va Sallim)
Astagfirullah al-Azim al-Karim allazi Lailahailla Hu al-Hayya ‟ l-Kayyuma va
Etubu ilayh ve Esaluhu ‟ t-tavbata va ‟ l-magfirata va ‟ l-hidayata lana innahu
Huva ‟ t-tavvabu ‟ r-rahim( 3 times)
Estigfar, Astagfirullah (100 times) at the end, Astagfirullah al-Azim al-Karim
allazi Lailaheillallahu al-Hayya ‟ l-Kayyume va Atubu ilayh Tavbata Abdin
Zalimin li-nafsihi la Yamliku li-nafsihi Mavta ‟ v-vala Hayata ‟ v-vala Nushura
Salat-I Sharifa
Wa’ lam Annahu Lailaheillallah
Lailahaillallah (100-300 times)
Last knowledgeables of the phase of Hashir (Lav Anzalna Haza ‟ l-Qurana …)
The dhikr which has actually proceeded as Kuudi( resting) until now, proceeds standing
Salat-I Sharifa
Lailahaillallah (100– 700 times), at the end, al-Maliku ‟ l-Hakku ‟ l-Mubin Muhammadu ‟ r-rasulullah Sadiku ‟ l-va ‟ di ‟ l-amin.
Lafz-I Jalal, Allah (100-1000 times), at the end, Jalla Jalaluhu va amma Navaluhi va Lailaha gayruh.

The dzhikr which remained in a standing setting until now, proceeds with Illallah,
Allah, Allah Hayy, Hayy Hayy, Hu and also various other Beiutiful names of Allah revealed by
the supervisor. Pace boosts and also reductions. If it is signified so, davran is
carried out.
Salat-i Sharifa is stated and also take a seat.

Salat-I Sharifa
Ism-I Jalal, Allah (100-300 times)
Salat-I Sharifa
Ya Latif (100-300 times)
If wanted so, the dhikr of Ya Latif is interrupted and also Asmau ‟ l Husna (The
lovely names of Allah) is stated.
Address of Quran (Amanarrasulu)
Dua (supplication, petition)

The variety of dhikrs pointed out below can be raised or lowered by the individual that is taking care of the dhikr.
Takbir’s (proclaiming Allah) and also Salavat-i Sharifa’s along with handshaking of individuals signing up with the dhikr after the Dua are basic techniques of the dhikr and also discussion celebration.

Just how to do dhikr on finger after salah. Doing dhikr after each salah is highly suggested. Prophet Muhammad Shalallahu alaihi wa sallam (pbuh) constantly utilized his right-hand man to count dhikr on fingers. That ends up being sunnah for muslims to comply with.

In a hadith told by Abu Dawud, it stated that:
” I saw the Carrier of Allah (pbuh) counting the tasbeeh.” Ibnu Qudaamah stated, “With his right-hand man.” (Sunan Abu Dawud).

How to perform dhikr

Exactly How to Execute Dhikr on Fingers Making Use Of Right Hand Just?

For day-to-day dhikr I made use of to utilize each finger to count as 1. I required to count each finger on both hands to make 10 and also duplicated them once more 3 times till I got to30 And after that included 3 to make 33.

Regrettably, utilizing this strategy was hard since I occasionally obtained empty and also unsure the amount of I had actually counted.

Currently, after looking in Google, I utilize various approach to lower blunders, and also it truly assists.

On each finger we have 3 joints, other than the thumb that just has 2. Each joint has internal and also external components and also its factor.

Each finger (other than thumb) has 3 internal components of joints, 3 external components of joints and also 1 factor at the idea. So, by counting them all we have 28.

Thumb has 2 internal and also 2 external components of joints and also 1 factor at its idea. So, there are 5 places we can count.

By including them all: 28 + 5, we have 33.

Thirty-three for tasbih (subhanallah), 33 for tahmid (alhamdulillah) and also 33 for takbir (Allahu akbar).

As it is not told in hadith which finger we need to utilize initial to begin dhikr, so it does not matter whether you begin with your thumb or your pinky to do dhikr as ibadah.

You can view the video clip for the entire tutorial.

With this strategy I truly do not require to bother with miscounting.

What concerning you? Have you attempted do dhikr on fingers utilizing right-hand man just? Or have you obtained one more method to do zikir with right-hand man?

How to perform dhikr

In the contemporary globe, we often tend to resemble the innovation by concentrating on our body and minds ’ efficiencies while overlooking one of the most vital side people – our hearts. Yes, we hope 5 times a day and also quick every once in a while, yet we ’ re so sidetracked with life that we typically fall short to remain linked to the core of these prayers and also to the One whom we praise.

Tips to Make Dhikr an Uncomplicated Regimen

As my spirit has actually experienced some damaging this previous year and also as I ’ ve been making even more initiatives to reconnect with my Master, I figured out that Dhikr is among the most effective devices around to assist us remain rational in these insane times. Daily adhkaar permitted me to redouble on what truly matters, to nurture my drained pipes spirit and also to bring an internal tranquility I place ’ t really felt for as long. We desire dhikr to come to be a behavior that we do on auto-pilot, similar to cleaning our teeth, consuming food etc. Complying with are some means on constructing a behavior of stating your adhkaar:

أَلَا بِذِكْرِ اللَّـهِ تَطْمَئِنُّ الْقُلُوبُ


1) Make adhkaar a concern:

You may really feel discharged up and also inspired to integrate dhikr right into your life after reviewing one short article or 2, yet without understanding and also internalizing its relevance and also without the dedication to prioritize it, you will certainly be losing out on what might be the only possibility to nurture your spirit, remaining concentrated on the larger photo, exercising thankfulness and also securing on your own from wickedness and also injury, done in a day-to-day and also constant kind.

Complimentary Online Dua & & Dhikr Resources


2) Everything About Duas and also Adhkar (audio talks and also recitations)

3) Free Printable of (وایّاک نستعین) “ And Also You Alone We Request Aid ” – Supplications for early morning, night and also security (choose “ Dua ’ ain Awr Azkaar ” in classification area to see all the totally free downloads associated with different supplications and so on) – [ the book can be bought HERE ].

8) Pay attention to the early morning adhkaar listed below and also do not hesitate to download and install:

2) Beginning little:

Our minds tend to withstand what is brand-new and also only adhere to the old and also comfy, so trying to go from absolutely no dhikr daily to having your tongue rolling non quit with it is a little bit of a difficult practice to adhere to. Rather, attempt beginning little. For example, dedicate to doing your early morning and also night adhkar for a week prior to including post-prayer adhkaar or arbitrary dhikr throughout the day.

3) Keep constant:

This once more is a vital active ingredient in structure and also maintaining a behavior since it educates your mind that whatever you undergo, you will certainly remain devoted to your dhikr practice. When you dedicate to that percentage of dhikr, likewise dedicate to never ever go a day without a minimum of it despite exactly how exhausted and also hectic you obtain – also if you simply state one ayah prior to shutting your eyes to rest as opposed to the entire 5 mins evening dhikr you at first devoted to. If you damage the chain, your mind might not take your dedication seriously any longer!

We invest a lot of our day on auto-pilot setting, executing little activities without much reasoning since we ’ ve been doing them for as long that they ended up being a component of us. An excellent method to begin a brand-new practice is linking it to an old one. Choose one practice you do each day and also dedicate to making your Adhkaar while doing it or right after it. For example, I enjoy reviewing my early morning adhkaar while making my bed or while waiting on the salutes to grill. You can likewise connect it with a coffee break in the center of the day or take a while after petition to rest and also do your dhikr.

Samina: “ I directly state it aloud with the youngsters when we are strolling residence from the park/playground/outdoor biking and so on prior to Maghrib. Stating aloud assists youngsters recognize their relevance also (and also maybe eventually they will certainly remember simply by listening it on repeat also). It ’ s so very easy to neglect them among the night trouble with the youngsters, yet piling it onto this old practice of opting for a stroll assists. If you can remember it after that it will certainly make your work simpler. I directly discovered them by paying attention to the above sound (downloadable clip) over and also over. May Allah assist you remember it also. ”-LRB- ******).

5) Make it conveniently obtainable:

As I pointed out previously, brand-new is difficult on our minds, so attempt to make dhikr very easy on yourself, and also considering that it is words of Allah, faster than later on, you will certainly discover on your own addicted to it and also your tongue won ’ t discover remainder unless you utilize it for dhikr in shaa Allah. But also for beginners, make dhikr obtainable for you to connect for and also review. Maybe download and install applications you like, download and install the adhkaar in an audio kind, stick post-it notes or adhkaar sticker labels on doors and also fridge etc., established suggestions on your phone, maintain a duplicate of Hisn ul Muslim around and so on

Maintaining a journal or a graph to mark off whenever you do a behavior is a really efficient method to remain inspired. You can make a note of the adhkaar you intend to state daily and also development in the direction of discovering more of them. A month is normally sufficient in regards to practice structure, yet if you feel you require to do it even more than that to be able to adhere to it, after that just reprint the web page and also punch it in the binder.

How to perform dhikr

7) Make on your own liable:

In my very own trip of attempting to dedicate to early morning adhkaar, this was among one of the most efficient means I made use of. My relatives and also I utilized our Whatsapp team to maintain each various other liable for making our early morning and also night adhkaar in such a way that each people reported that she did hers. This offered both as a tip and also an inspiration to do my own. At the start, a great deal of us missed our adhkaar while others adhered to it, yet it took us much less than 2 months prior to most of us quit requiring to report our accomplishment since it simply ended up being a column in our day we couldn ’ t persevere without!

The factor of stating dhikr is to soften the heart as it begins reconnecting us to its Master and also locating sanctuary in Him alone, so it is instead instinctive to ask Him for assistance and also assistance when devoting to making this lovely praise a component of our lives. So the initial kind of dhikr we require to do is asking Allah to assist us do well in doing this because at the end of the day our hearts are in between His fingers.