How to properly care for your guinea pigs

Test subject are additionally referred to as cavies, which is stemmed from the taxonomic name Cavia porcellus. According to the American Cavy Breeders Organization, there are thirteen types of test subject. The majority of test subject will certainly live from 5 to 9 years however, if maintained in optimal problems and also healthy, some are recognized to meet 10 years.

Test subject are really friendly and also group-oriented family pets. If you’re bringing greater than one test subject right into your residence, prevent selecting various sexes. Non-familiar men will normally combat, though men raised with each other might not. If you’re maintaining test subject in teams, guarantee they are single-sex or desexed people as this might assist to remove aggressiveness. Desexing your test subject might additionally minimize their threat of condition, raise their life expectancy, make them calmer and also quit them recreating. Your neighborhood Greencross Veterinarians will certainly have the ability to do this for your brand-new pet dog.

Your test subject call for a secure residence, full and also well balanced diet regimen and also lots of love and also focus. So be prepared to share great deals of love and also love with your lovable brand-new pals.


The even more test subject you have, the larger the hutch you ’ ll demand. If reproducing, the outright minimum flooring area needed for one lady is 1200 centimeters 2 with a wall surface. A flooring area of 3 to 4 times this is suggested if reproducing test subject. Ask your neighborhood Petbarn employee for guidance on the ideal unit.

Line the hutch with paper covered with soft lawn hay for bed linen Hang a consume container outside of the unit with the spout directing within. A hefty food dish is required, as is a hidey hut and also playthings

Location the unit unreachable of various other pets and also out of any kind of locations subjected to drafts and also straight sunshine. Give sufficient warm defense as test subject are at risk to warm anxiety. Prevent revealing test subject to temperature levels over 25 ° C for extended periods of time. These family pets will certainly prosper in temperature levels varying from 18–25 ° C.

Area tidy your test subject’ cage daily and also do a comprehensive tidy every 2 to 3 days. Change the bed linen, clean down the cage with warm water and also clean the components, such as playthings and also consume containers, with anti-bacterial You’ll require an alternative residence for your test subject while you cleanse– a traveling cage is ideal.


Your brand-new pet dog will certainly require a consistent resource of hay as food and also bed linen to remain healthy and balanced. Eating will certainly additionally quit their teeth from expanding as well long. Discover hay for test subject at your neighborhood Petbarn.

Your pet dog will certainly additionally like to bite on veggies like broccoli, cabbage and also celery, in addition to natural herbs like mint, parsley, and also coriander. If gathering plants from your yard guarantee they are devoid of chemicals, as these chemicals can be dangerous to your pet dog. Remember that you ought to throw away any kind of vegetables and fruit that have actually remained in their hutch for greater than 24 hrs.

You can additionally offer test subject pellets, which you can discover at your neighborhood Petbarn. These ought to just supplement various other products on the food selection, and also not be the major basis of their diet regimen. Prevent feeding your test subject grains, grains or nuts as this might create digestive system issues.

Test subject are incapable to make their very own vitamin C. While some veggies include vitamin C, you will certainly require to offer your family pets with an ideal supplement to maintain them healthy and balanced.

Do NOT feed your test subject:
  • Grains
  • Grains
  • Nuts
  • Grass trimmings
  • Rhubarb leaves
  • Pink clover
  • Hemlock
  • Delicious Chocolate
  • High Levels Of Caffeine
  • Alcohol

A test subject requires regarding 100 ml of water each day, and also it is very important to transform their water daily. We recommend utilizing a hanging water dispenser, as water bowls can be unpleasant and also are typically toppled. It’s ideal to revitalize your test subject’s water every early morning, however watch on their water throughout warm days.

Pet Grooming

A vital part of parenting a test subject is brushing. Similar to you, your test subject will certainly require some hair upkeep from time to time. Making use of a company, soft brush– you can discover ideal test subject pet grooming choices at your neighborhood Petbarn– eliminate any kind of excess hair, tangles, or anything else that might have been captured up therein, like branches and also leaves.

Throughout your routine brushing regular, see to it to examine your test subject’s skin and also nails. You will certainly require to take your test subject to your neighborhood Greencross Veterinarians for a little manicure when their claws obtain as well long.

Taking care of and also brushing your test subject daily will certainly offer you lots of bonding time and also will certainly boost their self-confidence and also convenience when being dealt with. Test subject are best gotten when they remain in the crouch placement. Positioning your turn over their shoulders will certainly urge them to enter into this placement so you are after that able to scoop them up from beneath with your various other hand. Make sure to make use of both hands to hold them, as they shock quickly and also might scuttle off. Hold them near you and also sustain them from beneath. Constant day-to-day communication is the essential to gaining your test subject. Make use of a mild voice and also stable motions to resolve your pet dog and also assist them create depend on.


Test subject are at risk to acquiring numerous disorders. If looked after appropriately and also considered semiannual exams at your neighborhood Greencross Veterinarians, your test subject will certainly be much less most likely to drop ill. A few of the lots of test subject vet demands used for you and also your pet dog are: desexing for both male and also women test subject, bloodsucker control, oral treatment, preventative medication, dietary and also husbandry guidance and also materials, and also nail cutting.

Your test subject is susceptible to skin disorders, fleas, vitamin C shortage and also oral issues. Among the essential points to keep in mind with your test subject is that their teeth expand frequently. They require to have lots of eat sticks and also rough foods such as celery, broccoli, corn and also husks to chomp on and also maintain their teeth trim and also in check. If their teeth end up being thick, it can bring about significant health issue and also will certainly require to be considered by your veterinarian.

If your test subject reveals indications of sleepiness, uneven defecation, a boring layer, itching or are indifferent in consuming, they will certainly require clinical focus. A healthy and balanced test subject will certainly look out, energetic and also have a glossy layer.

If you observe your pet dog is revealing any one of these indications, do not be reluctant to see your neighborhood Greencross Vets that can advise the right wellness items or therapies your test subject might require.

Family pet safety and security pointers

Allow your pet dog run inside or outside once in awhile. Obtain a playpen for exterior runs. For interior experiences, obstruct any kind of tiny openings and also make certain nothing else pets have accessibility to the area. Eliminate electric cords, ingestible products and also poisonous plants and also keep guidance whatsoever times. When they’re really feeling energised, a test subject is most likely to begin ‘popcorning’, where they leap about in exhilaration. This is a delighted sing from your pet dog, though they might outgrow it when they obtain a little older.

Do not house test subject with various other tiny pets such as bunnies. Blending test subject with bunnies is not suggested as it can spread out condition. You wish to develop a trouble-free setting for your brand-new family pets and also real estate them with pets increase their dimension will certainly have the contrary result.

Test subject list

Discover whatever you require for your test subject in the tiny pets materials area of Petbarn online and also in-store.

How to properly care for your guinea pigs

Test subject are herbivores. One of the most vital part of their diet regimen, like bunnies, is YARD HAY Yards are especially terrific for test subject due to the fact that they’re teeth expand constantly throughout their life and also lawn hays are rough to the teeth. Yards additionally offer a variety of nutrients for the test subject, in addition to both indigestible and also absorbable fiber. Indigestible fiber maintains the digestive system relocating at a regular rate and also absorbable fiber is utilized the GI germs to create vitamin B and also amino acids. Any kind of lawn hay is excellent to feed, such as timothy and also orchard brome. You ought to prevent bean hays, like alfalfa, due to the fact that they are too expensive in calories, calcium and also healthy protein for your test subject. Give hay in a hay feeder or basically it in the edge of the cage.

Test subject are incapable to create their very own vitamin C, similar to human beings, and also as a result require an outdoors resource to prevent establishing a condition called scurvy. To stop this from occurring, you ought to feed your test subject FRESH VEGETABLES AND FRUITS daily. Dark leafy environment-friendlies such as kale, collard environment-friendlies, mustard environment-friendlies and also dandelion environment-friendlies are especially excellent resources of vitamin C, however you can additionally attempt providing pleasant peppers, apples, pears, berries, broccoli, cucumbers, parsley and also basil. You ought to feed your pig around 1/4 to 1/2 jam-packed mug of fresh foods daily.

Test subject can additionally be provided PELLETS in restricted amounts however see to it they are guinea pig-specific and also not bunny pellets. Test subject pellets include added vitamin C while various other pellets do not. You ought to additionally review the tag and also select a yard hay based pellet rather than an alfalfa based one. Pellets tend to create test subject to put on weight, so enjoy your pet dog’s weight thoroughly and also readjust the quantity you are feeding if they are obtaining obese. Usually, a grown-up test subject ought to consume no greater than 1/4 mug of pellets a day, with endless lawn hay and also a percentage of fresh foods.

STAY CLEAR OF FEEDING foods high in starch, like peas, beans, corn, nuts, cakes, cookies, grain, grains and also bread. These can create a severe, possibly deadly inequality in the regular germs located in the test subject’s GI system.

Certainly, it is very important for your test subject to constantly have fresh, tidy WATER readily available to them whatsoever times, either in a sipper container or a hefty dish to stop spilling.

The view, scent, preference, structure of your test subject’s food can be psychologically revitalizing for them, in addition to the noise of the cooking, which can offer a cheerful expectancy wherefore is ahead. To raise psychological excitement, you can place hay or fresh foods in vacant toilet tissue or paper towel rolls, safe baskets or in little items of messed up paper. You can additionally place pellets in a tiny hollow plastic sphere with openings in the side.

Test subject can be housed in units constructed from cord, stainless-steel, resilient plastic or glass. Timber ought to not be utilized due to the fact that it is challenging to tidy and also simple for test subject to eat on and also ruin the unit. There ought to be one side of the unit available to advertise air ventilation. It ought to certainly be retreat evidence and also have no sharp sides or possible threats for your test subject.

The FLOOR COVERING in the unit can be cord or strong. While cord floor covering will certainly assist maintain the location tidy and also is simpler to keep, it typically creates injuries to the feet and also hocks, the majority of frequently busted legs when the test subject fails the cord mesh and also stresses to run away. Strong floor covering might call for even more initiative to maintain tidy, however it is a whole lot more secure for your pet dog.

BED LINEN needs to be tidy, safe, absorbing and also dust-free. Instances of appropriate bed linen consist of timber shavings, shredded paper, refined ground corn cob, and also business pellets. It is not suggested to make use of cedar shavings due to the fact that they are connected with creating breathing trouble and also liver condition in test subject. Saw dirt ought to additionally be stayed clear of as it can create an impaction in men.

The DIMENSION of your test subject unit ought to be around 100 square inches of flooring location per grown-up test subject. The unit can be open on the top, however make certain that the sides go to the very least 10 inches high to make sure that your pet dog can not leap out of the cage and also create injury. It is additionally crucial to think about any kind of various other household animals that might be a danger if the unit is open.

The ATMOSPHERE in which you house your test subject ought to remain in a silent place far from sound, exhilaration and also anxiety. You ought to prevent straight sunshine, in addition to chilly moist locations. They are nighttime, so they require silent durations of light to remainder. Test subject do best in completely dry, trendy settings with sufficient air flow.

Test subject are SOCIAL pets, so greater than one can securely be housed with each other, consisting of men with women. New men might periodically combat in the visibility of a lady, however they typically are great to be with each other. Older, much more leading test subject might additionally eat on the ears or hair of their cage friends, so take this right into factor to consider.


Test subject are relatively simple to manage. Positioning a hand right into the cage will certainly typically create the test subject to strategy. They can after that be quickly scooped up. One hand ought to mug the back end while the various other hand supports the stomach. 2 hands are constantly suggested when getting and also managing a test subject to make sure that there is much less threat of dropping them. They hardly ever transform hostile, nonetheless they might leap or attempt to run if they aren’t utilized to being dealt with.

How to properly care for your guinea pigs

Test subject call for some particular treatment in order to prosper. Pezibear/Pixabay. com

Your test subject are household, so you desire them to be pleased and also healthy and balanced. In some cases, straightforward treatment blunders bring about calamity. A testimonial of these typical test subject treatment no-nos aids you prevent them so your test subject friends live the excellent life.

Test Subject Feeding Mistakes To Prevent

1. No skimping on abundant lawn hay, fresh water, and also vitamin C. The test subject diet regimen is generally hay; we’re speaking about 80% hay. Hay is required as a result of its high-fiber web content, which aids keep the test subject digestive system system as well as additionally puts on down frequently expanding teeth. Water is important forever. It needs to be fresh and also tidy daily. Test subject require vitamin C from their food due to the fact that they can not make it themselves. Several test subject pellets consist of added vitamin C, and also you can additionally provide guinea pig-safe fresh veggies and also percentages of fruits abundant in vitamin C. Without this vitamin, test subject create scurvy and also might pass away.

2. No negative foods or overfeeding of excellent foods. What misbehave foods? Refined, sweet, salted, and also fatty foods cover the listing. Various other no-nos consist of meat, alcohol, high levels of caffeine, milk, or foods that create gas. When doubtful regarding a food, ask your guinea-pig wise vet. Remember that test subject are herbivores. Test subject can consume as much lawn hay as they want, however section control is required for pellets, and also also healthy and balanced deals with suches as veggies, fruits, and also Hey!Berries. Fruit ought to be used most moderately as a result of its sugar web content.

Test Subject Real Estate Or Setting Mistakes To Prevent

3. No free-roaming in dangerous locations. A hazardous location is any kind of area you have not guinea pig-proofed. This implies any kind of location with toxic substances, easily accessible power cables, bite-sized products on the flooring, sharp items, various other free-roaming family pets, not being watched kids, and also much more. Usage good sense prior to enabling your test subject to stroll a space. Some spaces ought to constantly be out-of-bounds, such as kitchen areas, garages, and also utility room. The outdoors provides brand-new issues, consisting of predators diving down, condition from scat, insect attacks, or standing water, and also unidentified chemicals.

How to properly care for your guinea pigs

Make certain a location is guinea pig-safe prior to you enable your family pets to stroll openly in it. summa/Pixabay. com


4. No cozy setting. Heatstroke is a significant worry for test subject. Temperature levels over 80 levels Fahrenheit bring the opportunity of heatstroke; with high moisture, it might occur at reduced temperature levels. If you’re unpleasant, so is your test subject. Give cooling down choices in the cage, such as icy containers of water or a guinea pig-safe pet dog trendy plate. As well as do not intend a follower straight at your test subject.

5. No medicine ball. The safety and security of medicine ball for test subject is under discussion. Suppliers of such items count on their safety and security, however some test subject proprietors oppose them. The Guinea Lynx site, which concentrates on test subject wellness, and also site visitors to test subject discussion forums advise versus them. Prevent them up until you review with your test subject’ vet regarding what is ideal for your family pets.

6. No sharing an environment with various other types, also bunnies. Test subject require a relatively huge habitat/cage that has area to run about after devices like food meals, canteen, playthings, secludeds, and also can are included. For individuals with greater than one pet dog, the lure may be to have test subject share their home with various other nonpredator family pets. Do not do it. While various types typically can share the exact same residence, they can not share the exact same home. Test subject ought to just cope with various other test subject. Along with feasible inter-species aggressiveness, conditions like Bordetella bronchiseptica can be passed in between types. This usually accompanies service provider bunnies that look healthy and balanced however contaminate test subject.

7. No inadequately aerated, tiny, or all wire-floored real estate. Test subject require well-ventilated environments; this implies no aquarium-types. The unit ought to enable test subject to move openly with all cage devices in position. Difficult or all wire-floors may create agonizing bumblefoot, so offer a room that has strong areas and also bed linen or coverings in areas so test subject can hinge on strong or soft locations as they want.

8. No skimping on cleansing. A tidy environment advertises much better wellness and also lessens any kind of smells. If the unit has a smell, this implies it’s time to raise the regularity of cleansing. Ammonia accumulation from pee might create breathing condition.

Test Subject Communication Errors To Prevent

9. No inadequate handling. This consists of chasing after a test subject around the environment with your hands, not sustaining a test subject’s abdominal area and also feet while holding, and also enabling children not being watched play with test subject. It’s ideal if test subject pertain to you to be raised out of their environment; too much chasing with your hands creates anxiety. Obtain your test subject utilized to your hands by laying them in the environment for a number of mins without doing anything and also offering deals with on your hand. Test subject constantly require to be sustained when held to stop injury and also to stop agonizing that might bring about being gone down. Little ones of regarding 7 years of ages or much less will not understand just how to connect with test subject or have the control or capacity to understand their very own stamina.

10 No disregarding. Test subject are social and also wish to be in on your household activity. A test subject set or team that has a tidy environment, terrific food, abundant water, and also great deals of playthings still will not appreciate the very best life if they invest all their time alone in their environment. They require the enrichment of time engaging with you and also checking out locations apart from their environment.

Test Subject Health And Wellness Mistakes To Prevent

11 No waiting if you think health problem. Test subject are target pets that conceal any kind of health problem as long as feasible. This implies that by the time you may observe something is “off” with your test subject, your hairy good friend may be hrs, days, or weeks right into suffering. Beyond evident indications of health problem, adjustments to the standard are your initial hints of feasible test subject health issue.

12 No under brushing. For test subject, this generally implies maintaining existing on nail trims and also hair cleaning. If nails expand as well long, they can divide, damage, obtain removed, or make strolling agonizing. Conserve your test subject from such pains. Bathrooms are just required if test subject enter into something filthy or are going to the program ring.

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Yes. Watch on your test subject when they ’ re out of the cage! They can enter into numerous points !!

Test subject are tiny, friendly and also ‘friendly’ rats. They’re generally considered terrific initial family pets for kids.

Test subject reality data

How to properly care for your guinea pigs Test subject, additionally referred to as ‘cavies’, are social pets with a portable, rounded physique, brief legs and also no tail. They stem from the meadows and also reduced inclines of the Andes Hills in South America. There are various types and also selections of test subject, with a variety of colour and also layer sizes.

Right Here are some even more leading test subject realities:

  • Normally test subject live for 5-6 years, however some might live much longer.
  • Test subject are energetic as much as 20 hrs each day, and also just rest for brief durations.
  • Test subject are very social – in the wild they reside in close household teams of 5-10 test subject, though a number of teams might reside in close distance to develop a swarm.
  • Test subject obtain lonesome and also should not be maintained alone – they’re happiest in sets.
  • Test subject require a high fiber diet regimen supplemented with vitamin C, as they do not have the enzyme required to synthesize vitamin C and also can just save it for brief durations.

Wish to find out more regarding these lovable pets? Sight our complete test subject reality data!

Recognizing test subject’ demands

Review our professional pet dog treatment details to discover even more regarding the demands of test subject, including their setting, diet regimen, practices, business and also wellness and also well-being. You can additionally download our pamphlet on just how to look after your test subject.

Adopt saved test subject from the RSPCA

We rescue and also rehome all type of pets, consisting of test subject! If you’re taking into consideration acquiring test subject for your household, why not rehome rather?