How to remove linoleum

Find Out the very best Method to Eliminate Plastic Floor Covering Yourself

Fresh floor covering can change a space– however it does not come low-cost. If you’re wanting to conserve cash on your upcoming remodel, eliminating your damaged plastic or linoleum on your own is a wonderful means to maintain even more cash in your budget plan. This task calls for perseverance as well as a great little bit of effort, however as lengthy as you’re up for the physical labor, removing old floorings is a job the ordinary property owner can achieve within a weekend break.

The procedure for getting rid of both products has to do with the very same, so comply with the actions listed below to discover just how to get rid of plastic or linoleum the do it yourself means.

Exactly How to Eliminate Plastic or Linoleum Floor Covering in 4 Easy Actions

When plastic as well as linoleum are set up over a timber subfloor, which holds true in many houses, one of the most taxing facet is getting rid of the glue left behind– which we cover symphonious 4. The remainder of the task is quite uncomplicated. Prepared to reach function?

Pick the Action You’re Dealing With:

Preparation|Eliminate Facility Floor Covering|Eliminate Boundary Floor Covering|Scratch Away GlueHow to remove linoleum

Action 1: Prepare to Eliminate Plastic or Linoleum Floor Covering

Prior to we reach the centerpiece, there are a number of prep actions you’ll require to finish.

Assemble Your Devices

You most likely currently have a lot of these accessible, however anything you’re missing out on can be gotten or rented out quite cheaply from your nearby house enhancement shop.

Devices to Eliminate Linoleum or Plastic Flooring
  • Knife
  • Pliers
  • Apartment crowbar
  • Energy Blade
  • Putty Blade
  • Warm Weapon
  • Flooring Scrape *
  • Job handwear covers
  • Lengthy trousers
  • Durable footwear
  • Knee pads
  • Face mask

You might wish to take into consideration renting out a 10 backyard dumpster for this job. Sheets of linoleum are as well hefty to bag up with your normal garbage– particularly if you’re servicing a huge area. As well as if you’re likewise redesigning various other locations of your cooking area, you’ll require a practical means to do away with the cumbersome things like cupboards as well as kitchen counters that your garbage solution will not take at the visual.

Eliminate Walls

Prior to you can bring up the floor covering, get rid of all the walls in your area. If you prepare to re-install them when your brand-new flooring is laid, make sure to note the rear of each item with its place.

  1. Shake your crowbar or sculpt in between the wall as well as the wall surface beginning behind-the-scenes. If wanted, move an item of timber or cardboard behind your device to stay clear of damaging the wall surface.
  2. Pry with mild, stable stress up until the board divides from the wall surface.
  3. Get rid of any kind of nails with your pliers when you can reach them.
  4. Shop walls away if you intend on recycling them.

Essential Security Pointer: If your flooring was laid prior to the 1980 s, the adhesive might have asbestos. To evaluate your own, remove a little item, moistening it as well as the underlying adhesive with water as you draw it up. Bag it as well as take it to an asbestos reduction firm.


How to remove linoleum

Action 2: Remove the Facility of the Floor Covering

In many cases, plastic as well as linoleum are just glued down along the boundary of the area. This makes most of your elimination quite basic.

  1. Step 10 inches from the wall surface as well as puncture the plastic or linoleum with your energy blade, relocating alongside the wall surface.
  2. Utilize your energy blade to cut this cut-away facility right into strips.
  3. Maintain strips much less than 18 inches vast as well as a couple of feet long to avoid them from obtaining as well hefty as well as unwieldy to perform of the area.

How to remove linoleum

Action 3: Wreck Side Floor Covering

Currently it’s time to get rid of the section of your plastic or linoleum that was glued down. You’ll most likely require to place your back right into it, so operate at a comfy speed as well as take breaks whenever you require.

  1. Job your crowbar along an area of the floor covering to start loosening up the side.
  2. Utilize your sculpt or putty blade to chip away extra glue once you have actually torn sufficient away to obtain under the side.
  3. When there suffices loosened for you to obtain a grasp on it, draw securely back up until you can not peel off away anymore.
  4. Cut off the loosened strip with your energy blade as well as relocate out of your workspace.
  5. Repeat these actions up until you have actually gotten rid of all the continuing to be floor covering.

Pro-Tip: If the adhesive is as well tough to chip away if with a carve or putty blade, fire up your warmth weapon. Use it to the glue up until it softens sufficient for you to peel off back the floor covering or proceed breaking.


How to remove linoleum

Action 4: Scratch Away the Continuing To Be Adhesive

Once the floor covering is gone, you’ll require to do away with the remaining adhesive. If you do not get rid of the linoleum adhesive from the underlying plywood, it will certainly be tough to appropriately mount your brand-new flooring– you can also nullify its guarantee. This will most likely be one of the most taxing component of the job, so provide on your own a lot of freedom for breaks.

Exactly How to Eliminate Linoleum or Plastic Floor Covering Glue

  1. Transform the warmth weapon on reduced as well as enable it to heat up. You can increase the setup later on if needed.
  2. Beginning at one edge of the area, use the warmth weapon to an area of glue up until it softens.
  3. Scratch the softened glue away with your putty blade.
  4. Repeat these actions up until you have actually gotten rid of the adhesive from the whole area.

Pro-Tip: If you require to accelerate this action, take into consideration renting out a flooring scrape.


Time for Your New Flooring!

Since you have actually eliminated your unexciting plastic or linoleum, you’re one action better to a changed flooring. Still undecided regarding what to change the old things with? Take a look at our overview to picking the very best floor covering for your family members.

Eliminating the old linoleum as component of a larger cooking area remodel? Maintain our full cooking area trial overview accessible for your following job.

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How to remove linoleum

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How to remove linoleum

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Things regarding house restoration tasks is that they can set you back a ton of money to see them with to conclusion. Keeping that in mind, several property owners try to find means to reduce the economic concern by rolling up their sleeves, getting a hammer (or sledgehammer) as well as doing a few of the job themselves. If you’re updating to wood floor covering, one means you can cut a couple of bucks off the expense of the job is to get rid of any kind of old plastic or linoleum floor covering on your own; obviously, this is simpler stated than done. Right here’s just how to do it right.

How to remove linoleum

Advised Devices

A handyman – or in this situation, a house renovator – is just like his/her devices; you absolutely can not anticipate the task to go efficiently as well as promptly if you do not have the ideal devices, however that does not suggest you require to scamper to the equipment shop for devices you’ll just utilize for this certain job. Ideally you have a suitable collection of devices currently, however if you do not, possibilities are you can lease a few of the extra costly things. Right here’s a checklist of the things you’ll require to start:

  • Wide putty blade
  • Energy blade
  • Block sculpt
  • Bully flooring scrape
  • Hammer
  • Warm weapon
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Toe kick saw
  • Oscillating saw
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Water as well as recipe soap
  • Sander

Elimination Factors To Consider

Since you have actually obtained your collection of devices close to hand, there are a couple of points to be familiar with prior to you start. The very first, is not to anticipate the product to find off really conveniently. Because timber was most likely made use of for the subfloor, the adhesives made use of to bind the plastic or linoleum to it can be testing to get rid of. If you select to leave the old adhesive in position, be conscious that some service warranties that come with brand-new plastic floor covering will certainly be invalidated because the oils from the old adhesive can harm the brand-new floor covering.

It is very important to see to it that every trace of the old adhesive is gotten rid of to guarantee the honesty of the brand-new flooring. Old adhesive below the brand-new flooring can escape, hence producing weak points. You’ll likewise wish to be prepared in case asbestos exists in the floor covering product you’re changing. Asbestos was when an usual product made use of in linoleum as well as floor covering adhesives as lately as the 1970 s. If your house’s existing flooring was set up around that time, thoroughly break short a little item in an inconspicuous place as well as obtain it checked. If asbestos exists, do not take any kind of possibilities as well as have a specialist get rid of the floor covering for you. This is incredibly essential, as one of the most typical means for asbestos fibers to go into the body is with breathing. While some will certainly come to be caught within the mucous membrane layers of the nose as well as throat, as well as can be gotten rid of, there’s a possibility they might clear up right into your lungs or digestive system system as well as lead to significant health issue.

If the examination returns unfavorable for asbestos, there are 3 basic techniques you can utilize to start eliminating your floor covering.

Exactly How to Eliminate Linoleum or Plastic Floor Covering with Plywood Subfloor

If you have actually obtained a plywood subfloor as well as require to eliminate your old linoleum or plastic floor covering, you have actually obtained 2 choices, each of them summed up listed below.

The very first alternative is carefully scratching away the floor covering product as well as adhesive making use of the devices detailed above. You can utilize an energy blade to reduce the floor covering product right into workable strips, after that utilize the hammer as well as block sculpt or putty blade to damage it loosened. As soon as that layer has actually been gotten rid of, utilize a scrape to get rid of any kind of excess adhesive. To make points simpler you can soften the adhesive making use of the warmth weapon.

The 2nd alternative is to get rid of the floor covering as well as subfloor completely as well as go back to square one. Beginning by piercing an opening right into the floor covering to identify its deepness. Establish your saw to pierce ⅛- inch much deeper than the deepness dimension you videotaped as well as eliminated an area of the flooring as well as eliminate it. To remove the flooring flush from the wall surface, utilize the mutual saw.

Exactly How to Eliminate Linoleum or Plastic Floor Covering Glued to Timber

If your linoleum or plastic floor covering is covering up wood, the procedure for eliminating it will certainly be quite near to the procedure defined in the previous area. Beginning by peeling off away an area of the floor covering in the edge of the area up until you can figure out which means the floorboards run. Next off, utilize an energy blade to reduce the plastic or linoleum right into workable strips in the instructions the floorboards go to decrease the possibilities of reducing the underlying floor covering throughout the grain. Unlike the plywood subfloor, you’ll wish to take excellent treatment as you scuff away any kind of excess adhesive to stay clear of harming the wood! When you’re reducing the floor covering with your energy blade, see to it to just reduce the floor covering product you want to get rid of. Warm the plastic or linoleum with the warmth weapon to make it as well as the adhesive flexible as well as simpler to collaborate with. As soon as you have actually scratched away as much adhesive as feasible, utilize the sander to sand the wood prior to redecorating.

Exactly How to Eliminate Linoleum or Plastic Floor Covering from Concrete

Though eliminating your old floor covering from concrete will certainly still take significant initiative, it is perhaps the most convenient elimination to achieve. Cut the floor covering in workable strips making use of the energy blade as well as draw the strips up. If the adhesive is being tough, utilize the warmth weapon to warmth it as well as make it simpler to scuff away.

Alternate Methods to Removing Plastic or Linoleum Floor Covering

If you’re trying to find an option to the hands-on work defined over, you can do what several property owners select to do: mount the brand-new flooring right over top of the plastic or linoleum floor covering. In order for this to be a practical alternative nevertheless, the flooring that is being changed demands to be smooth in order for the brand-new flooring to rest appropriately. If this is the roadway you want to take a trip, you once again have 2 choices.

The very first alternative is to mount a 1/4- inch layer of plywood straight over the old flooring to function as the brand-new base. The brand-new flooring can after that be set up on that particular layer.

The 2nd alternative includes elevating the old flooring by using self-leveling concrete over top of the old flooring. When completely dry, the concrete will certainly have to do with ⅛- inch thick, as well as the brand-new flooring can be set up on that particular.

If you’re wanting to change your old floor covering, there are several means to do so as well as a lot more readily available items for you to pick from. Changing your old floor covering is assured to provide your house a contemporary as well as elegant refresh.

Linoleum is a resistant flooring covering made from a mix of linseed oil, cork as well as sedimentary rock. It can be set up over various type of subfloor, consisting of timber as well as wood floorings. It might be set up on its own with simply glue, or it might utilize a kind of glue paper. These adhesives expand more powerful the longer they are down, which can make the elimination tough. The old linoleum as well as glue paper can be gotten rid of from your timber floorings, nevertheless, offered you put in the time to obtain it all up.

Cut the linoleum right into smaller sized areas with an energy blade, encourages Today’s House owner. Rating the linoleum direct, however do not dig the blade right into the linoleum. You wish to reduce the leading surface area of the floor covering however not go so deep that you gouge the timber listed below.

Put the side of the flooring scrape below the among the cut marks in the linoleum. Press ahead with the scrape basically drives to raise the leading layer of the linoleum. A few of the adhesive might turn up, as well, however commonly just the cover will certainly come off currently. This is regular. Operate in little areas up until you obtain all the leading finishing of linoleum up off the flooring.

Warm the continuing to be glue or glue paper with a warm weapon or hair clothes dryer established on high, advises Tips Notice. Hold the warmth weapon about 3 inches far from the adhesive. Do not touch the warmth weapon to the adhesive.

Hold the flooring scrape at a 45- level angle to the softened adhesive, as well as scuff it up basically drives. Make sure not to dig the scrape right into the timber. Operate in little areas at once, quiting to reheat as well as soften the glue when the scrape does quits relocating with it conveniently. You might require to make numerous overlook each area to stand up all the old adhesive.

Points You Will Certainly Require

Warm weapon or hair clothes dryer

As soon as you reveal sufficient timber to figure out which instructions the grain is running, scuff towards the grain. This will certainly aid conceal any kind of scrape notes you might make in the timber. Intend on having the timber floorings fined sand as well as redecorated when the linoleum depends on get rid of any kind of glue deposit or scrape marks.


If you presume your linoleum might have asbestos, do not try to eliminate it. Asbestos-containing linoleum might be black or dark in shade, or it might have a black adhesive. If you remain in question, obtain an example of the floor covering checked by a specialist prior to continuing. Do not try to soften the glue with warm water or solvents as these might warp as well as damages the timber floorings below the linoleum.

A linoleum wall surface covering is set up in a style comparable to that made use of for a linoleum flooring. The linoleum is available in sheets that can be reduced to particular dimensions as well as are protected to the wall surface with an adhesive such as building adhesive.

Points You Will Certainly Require

  • Energy blade
  • Pliers
  • Scrape
  • Hair clothes dryer or warmth weapon
  • Portable sander

To get rid of a linoleum wall surface covering, you need to peel off away the linoleum as well as scuff away any kind of remaining adhesive.

Cut an edge area of the linoleum with an energy blade so you can hold it extra conveniently. Make a cut in the leading or lower edge of the wall surface.

Peel away the linoleum from the edge by clutching completion with pliers as well as gradually drawing. The suggestion is to divide the linoleum from the wall surface without triggering excessive damages.

As you draw, use warmth to the linoleum as well as glue with a hair clothes dryer or warmth weapon. The adhesive is extra flexible when heated up, which will certainly make it simpler to divide the linoleum as well as adhesive from the wall surface.

Retreat the continuing to be linoleum to subject the wall surface. Look for locations where glue demands to be gotten rid of.

Scratch away at locations of adhesive on the wall surface. If it does not come off conveniently, soften it with a hair clothes dryer or warmth weapon.

Utilize a solvent such as massaging alcohol to reduce the effects of the glue so it removes extra conveniently. Sand the adhesive from the wall surface with a portable sander if the scrape does not function well. Cut the linoleum right into smaller sized strips with the energy blade if smaller sized areas are simpler to collaborate with.


Do not draw as well tough on the linoleum. You could develop openings in the wall surface that will certainly require repair work.