How to seal an envelope

Historically lots of people have actually constantly secured envelopes by licking them. Nonetheless, in current times in the middle of COVID, several have actually come to be worried of spreading out or acquiring the infection. There are likewise a variety of generalised adverse results of licking envelopes such as: taxing, inadequate preference, as well as being entrusted a completely dry tongue.

Resultantly, several are currently looking for alternative approaches for securing envelopes. The good news is we have actually looked at a variety of reliable securing approaches listed below:

An extremely standard approach, however likewise still made use of today. This approach does need a a lot longer procedure than any kind of various other approach. Regardless of the moment taken, a wax seal will certainly most certainly boost your envelope, offering a premium deluxe feeling, because of this being ideal for deluxe brand names or wedding celebration invites.

An extremely straightforward method. Run an adhesive stick along the sticky seal of the envelope, using a percentage of stress to shut the flap. One crucial advantage of making use of an adhesive stay with secure the envelope being the to adhesives from the adhesive stick as well as the adhesive on the envelope usually causes a more powerful seal, making your envelope much more safe.

Once more an extremely usual house thing similar to sponge. Finest technique would certainly be to dip the cotton swab right into some water and afterwards roll along the adhesive on the seal. The dampness from the water on the cotton swab will certainly trigger the adhesive on the seal similarly as dampness on the tongue would certainly when licking an envelope.

If you do not wish to obtain any kind of dampness on the envelope, as like several you might fret about making the envelope or its materials damp, Sellotape (or any kind of sticky tape/label) is a terrific option. Just shut the flap of the envelope, as well as stick the Sellotape throughout the flap onto the envelope to seal. To make sure protection, you might wish to Sellotape the whole seal to ensure that the envelope flap will certainly remain closed.

As a different Peel & & Seal envelopes have a tear-away strip which discovers a sticky seal strip. As soon as the detachable strip has actually been torn away all you need to do is shut the flap as well as the sticky strip will certainly do the remainder for you! This approach is far more reliable as there is no demand to locate an activation for the adhesive.

A multiple-use as well as unique-looking method. The string washing machine securing approach entails string being twisted around washing machines in a number of 8 pattern.

Self-Seal envelopes do specifically that! Mostly made use of for company envelopes, the self-seal jobs by using stress to the envelope flap when shut, which after that turns on the sticky residential or commercial properties along the seal strip, securing the envelope.

Having actually discovered every one of these approaches to securing an envelope, you might never ever need to lick an envelope ever before once more!


Sure, licking an envelope may be wonderful in the beginning. The somewhat pleasant, gaudy preference of the sticky on your tongue advises you slightly of the tough sweets your grandmother made use of to maintain in her handbag when you were a child. The aftertaste, while not always pleasurable, sticks around in such a way that makes you assume, “ yeah I might do that once more. ” So you do. You run your tongue along the 2nd envelope in the 150 envelope pile that is your sister-in-law ’ s wedding celebration invites, as well as you recognize, with a sluggish slipping fear like the sensation of obtaining a sore in the initial mile of a marathon, that no, you can refrain that once more. The good news is for you, as well as all people moist-tongued mail senders available, there are various other methods of securing an envelope that won ’ t leave you with an undesirable preference in your mouth.

Various Ways to Seal an Envelope with JAM

Wafer Seals

How to seal an envelope

These are excellent for sprucing up wedding celebration invites or any kind of official welcome. Just peal as well as stick these wafer seals onto an envelope to seal.

How to seal an envelope

Wax Seal

Securing an envelope with wax has is something that has actually been provided for centuries. Prior to the days of pre-gummed envelopes, wax seals were the only method to secure a letter. Currently wax seals are made use of much more for attractive functions instead after that work.

Check out the background of the wax seal below.

How to seal an envelope

How to seal an envelope

Printed Aluminum Foil Seals

Like the wafer seal, these aluminum foil seals are merely peal as well as stick. What makes them various from the wafer seal is they are embossed with an ornamental pattern or a “ Thanks ”.

How to seal an envelope

How to seal an envelope

Circle Tag Sticker Label Seals

Make Use Of these for your company mailing. You can publish your firm logo design straight onto the seal.

How to seal an envelope

So when you ’ ve obtained numerous letters to secure, conserve your tongue, as well as assume outside the envelope.

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How to seal an envelope


Whether creating a mailing at the workplace or in the house, there should be a means to obtain those envelopes secured. Repetitive licking of a wide range of envelopes is not the very best technique.

How to seal an envelope

First Off, it tastes negative. Second of all, the adhesive might not be risk-free to consume over as well as over once more. Licking envelopes to shut as well as secure them is not a terrific suggestion. For performance purpose, you might want to buy self-sealing envelopes however, usually, that is not an opportunity. Invite envelopes often tend not to be self-sealing.

Right here are some innovative methods to secure an envelope without licking them!


How to seal an envelope

What type of mass mailings might you be doing that need liquid to secure them? Is it costs paying day? Are you sending out birthday celebration celebration welcomes? Perhaps it is a future shower [baby or bridal] or wedding celebration invites? College graduations? Mass mailings happen for all type of factors consisting of everyday outbound mail for business or volunteer task where you function. So, finest technique is to secure the envelopes without licking them!

How to seal an envelope

  • Utilize a basic house sponge. Moisten it with water as well as seal. This can have quality assurance troubles, equally as the envelope sealant may. You might launch excessive water as well as have a not-so-neat view the rear of your envelope. If you exaggerate it as well as you might also moisten the materials, too. Keep in mind: ensure you utilize a brand-new, tidy sponge to prevent obtaining your envelope unclean.

How to seal an envelope

  • Utilize a cotton bud or Q-tip. Dip completion of the swab in a smidgen of water in a mug. Gently swipe throughout the side where the gum tissue is. Seal. This approach is what I simply made use of in securing invite envelopes for the wedding shower I organized as well as, later on, the wedding celebration invites. It functions really, extremely well! Least expensive as well as neatest approach I ’ ve located. job remarkably. These hand-held elegances have fluid adhesive inside, or permit you to basically water in them. They give the liquid onto the adhesive part of the envelop – as opposed to licking it – as well as you merely push it shut.
  • Glue Sticks –-LRB- ***************************) great ole “ wrap up adhesive ” will certainly work. You can either utilize the basic college adhesive sticks that you purchase for your youngsters or you can buy adhesive sticks that are created particularly for securing envelopes.

How to seal an envelope

Sent Out any kind of “ mass mailings ” for office or home recently?

What is your favored approach of securing envelopes?

How to seal an envelope

Visitor Communications


OOOH I am so delighted I saw these pointers prior to I needed to do my vacation cards this year. I do not such as licking the envelopes. I am certainly mosting likely to utilize your recommendations as well as utilize an adhesive stick! Why have I refrained this in the past. Many thanks! #HomeMattersParty

I purchased the plastic cover for a Oui Yoplait glass container. I place water in it as well as I utilize a tiny brush, affixed to the leading with among those bouncy sticky pen loopholes. I take the brush out of the loophole, open up the top, grab a little water, as well as swipe my envelope. I simply obtained frustrated by needing to obtain up as well as go to the washroom to damp my fingers at the automated faucets in my workplace.

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You have actually obtained a pile of envelopes occupying your dining-room table. They’re currently packed as well as prepared, however there’s one action staying: securing the envelopes. However with numerous envelopes to survive, you get on an objective to secure envelopes rapidly.

Nowadays, you may be asking yourself: is it risk-free to lick an envelope, what with bacteria walking around? Also if you’re not stressed over licking in itself, you’re still thinking about determining just how to secure envelopes without utilizing your tongue for usefulness (as well as preventing that horrible paper preference in your mouth).

Right here are 3 simple methods to secure envelopes without licking a solitary flap.

Do You Need To Seal An Envelope?

Initially, a fundamental inquiry: do you really need to secure an envelope?

The brief solution: yes.

The united state Post office refines greater than 180 billion items of mail yearly, as well as it does it with the aid of automatic mail arranging makers. Unsealed mail items can obtain captured in the makers as well as jam them.

This develops an entire host of concerns, from mail material protection to mail damages to mail hold-ups. It likewise screws up the tools, adding to inadequate mail.

What’s even worse is that several unsealed mail things are unique things, like wedding celebration invites, vacation cards, as well as letters. They’re things you send out wholesale as well as neglect to secure an envelope or more, however they’re likewise much more delicate than the ordinary mail thing as well as you desire them to get here in great problem.

So, you require to secure your envelopes. The inquiry is just how. There are numerous methods to do it, however the majority of people select in between among 3 classifications: securing with water, securing with wax, as well as self-sealing envelopes.

Seal Envelopes With Water

If you wish to secure a great deal of envelopes, you do not require an adhesive stick or your tongue. As a matter of fact, an envelope water sealant is ideal for a fast, straightforward seal.

Just How to Seal with Water

The simplest method to secure with water is by utilizing an envelope moistener, which is generally a tiny container of water with a sponge at the end.

To utilize an envelope moistener, merely turn the container so the sponge side is dealing with down. Press the container gently as well as run the sticky on the envelopes.

Innovative Ways to Seal with Water

That stated, there are a couple of methods to secure envelopes with water if you can not obtain ahold of an envelope moistener or aren’t eager to destroy your envelopes by attempting one.

One method to do it is to take a Q-tip or cotton bud as well as a mug of water. Dip the Q-tip in the mug of water (simply the suggestion). After that, carefully swipe the water along the side of the envelope. This is a terrific do it yourself approach if you’re stressed over wrecking fragile envelopes as well as do not wish to burst out untidy adhesive sticks for elegant invites.

You can secure with a tidy sponge as well as water in a pinch, however it isn’t advised. You might launch excessive water as well rapidly as well as spoil the envelopes, possibly also moistening the materials of the envelope.

Seal Envelopes With Wax

Do you ever before consider your envelopes as well as picture a time when letters were a prettier event, secured with wax as well as sent with style? Okay, a wax seal might not provide you the dramatization of a duration flick, however you need to confess, the result is quite striking.

What happens if we stated you could secure handcrafted envelopes without adhesive? All you require to secure wedding celebration invites like a duration heroine is a wax seal.

What is Sealing Wax?

When you wax mark an envelope, you’re utilizing what’s called securing wax. We state this apparent name since it is very important to compare securing wax as well as, claim, candle light wax.

Wax seals were typically made use of to secure envelopes, guarantee they without a doubt originated from the meant sender (because lots of people had special seals), as well as make sure the letter had not been damaged. They were likewise made use of to save money on shipping as traveling ended up being extensive as well as an envelope would certainly have increased the price of shipping.

The distinction in between various other kinds of wax as well as securing wax is that securing wax is created to stay with the paper as well as rapidly harden after thawing to develop a bond around the paper. This makes it hard to divide without visible meddling. Candle light wax, on the various other hand, will not stay with the paper as well as will not stand up to quite handling.

Just How to Make Use Of Wax Seals

One of the most cost-effective kind of wax seal is grain wax, which serves for large tasks like wedding celebration invites. To do it, you’ll require a candle light, a melting spoon, a wax seal stamp, as well as a warm resource like a tiny tea light.

As Soon As you have your products, determining just how to do wax seals on envelopes is quite simple.

To do it, merely location 3 grains onto the melting spoon as well as hold the spoon over the tea light fire up until it’s practically totally thawed. The wax ought to appear like chilly honey. Do not over-melt the wax– if you thaw it totally, the wax might be as well slim to hold with each other as well as it might destroy your envelopes.

Put the dissolved wax on your envelope as well as emboss it with your wax seal stamp. It can assist to wait a couple of minutes prior to embossing, as it can develop a far better meaning as well as protect against the wax from thinning. Make certain to swab the seal with non-sticking therapy prior to embossing.

If you do not utilize a non-stick item as well as the seal stays with the wax, merely await the wax to cool down prior to carefully eliminating the seal. If you’re collaborating with a solid wax, remainder the seal in ice prior to embossing, as this will rapidly establish the wax.

Self Seal Envelopes

Ultimately, there are self stick envelopes, likewise referred to as peel as well as stick envelopes.

This is a quick, simple method to secure several envelopes, specifically if you’re stressed over the hassle of wax seals as well as the Goldilocks approach of water securing. And also, these envelopes are rather extensive, so you will not have any kind of problem locating them.

Searching For Self Seal Envelopes?

If you remain in the marketplace for self seal envelopes, we’re below to reveal you just how simple covering securing can be.

Our normal company envelopes are a terrific choice to make day-to-day mail fast as well as simple. They look excellent, they are available in a wide array of shades, as well as the seal like a desire. What’s not to like? Make certain to purchase your own today!