How to seal granite countertops

4 Straightforward Actions to Take When Securing Granite Counters

How to seal granite countertops

Securing your granite kitchen counters routinely secures the granite from spots, engraves, and also various other damages. The bright side is securing granite is a simple diy task. Numerous property owners secure their granite counters one or two times a year, although you can secure them a lot more routinely if you desire since it is not feasible to over-seal all-natural rock. Below are some actions you ought to take in the past, throughout, and also after securing granite kitchen counters.

1. Know When to Seal

It ’ s essential to identify when your kitchen counters require to be secured once again. You can examine the stability of your seal with a basic water examination. Put a percentage of water, concerning 3 inches in size, externally of the rock in a couple of locations and also permit it to rest for 30 mins. If a dark ring or mark shows up, it indicates water is passing through and also your kitchen counters require to be secured once again.

2. Tidy the Granite

Prior to securing the kitchen counters, you intend to ensure the surface area is tidy. You can make use of Granite Gold Daily Cleanser ® to tidy granite kitchen counters without triggering damages. Ensure you stay clear of utilizing usual home cleansers and also abrasives that damage down the seal and also trigger damages that is costly to fix.

3. Make Use Of the Sealant Correctly

Make certain to make use of a safety sealant that is created for all-natural rock. When you make use of granite sealant, ensure it ’ s used uniformly to wet yet not saturate the surface area of your kitchen counters.

Granite Gold Sealant ® is ought to be made use of appropriately for ideal outcomes. This spray-and-wipe remedy must be splashed externally of your kitchen counter in a 3-foot area. As soon as possible, clean the sealant right into the rock utilizing a lint-free fabric. Cleaning the sealant right away is necessary since allowing it completely dry externally will certainly cause hazing. Once it ’ s cleaned, buff the kitchen counters with a tidy lint-free fabric. You can duplicate this procedure 2 to 3 times for also much better security, waiting 20 mins or till completely dry to the touch in between applications.

4. Don ’ t Fail to remember to Gloss

Sprucing up all-natural rock after it ’ s cleaned up highlights its all-natural appeal and also enhances the safety seal. For added security and also radiate, wait around 24 hrs after the sealant has actually treated prior to you brighten the kitchen counters.

Brightening your kitchen counters has to do with as very easy as securing. Use the rock gloss to the surface area by splashing with the container concerning 6 to 8 inches from the surface area. Quickly buff the counters with a lint-free fabric or completely dry paper towel. After rubbing, clean the kitchen counters completely dry with a tidy fabric.

For added suggestions on securing, cleansing, and also brightening rock surface areas, contact Granite Gold ® today. We are a household had business with rock treatment experience that covers 3 generations. Provide us a telephone call at 1-800-475- rock to read more concerning what we need to supply.

Lenny Sciarrino (also known as Lenny S) and also Lenny Pellegrino (also known as Lenny P) matured in the household service and also are founders of Granite Gold ®.

Maintain your financial investment with appropriate day-to-day treatment and also the ideal items for cleansing, securing, and also brightening your granite kitchen counter or various other all-natural rock.

How to seal granite countertops

You’& rsquo; ve started and also upgraded your kitchen area. The brand-new cupboards with granite kitchen counter not just bring your house right into the 21 st Century yet look great as well. The National Organization of Realtors’ & rsquo;2019 Improvement Effect Record provides a kitchen area upgrade a Delight Rating of 9.7 and also you couldn’& rsquo; t concur a lot more. Besides, the heart of your house is defeating more powerful than it ever before has and also you discover your household gathering there much more.

Nevertheless, granite’& rsquo; s not economical. With rates varying from $40-75 per square foot, according to The House Depot, you intend to safeguard your financial investment to maintain those kitchen counters shimmering for many years to find. That’& rsquo; s why protecting the seal on your granite is so essential. Yet prior to you rub anything on this jewel, allow’& rsquo; s check out exactly how to secure a granite kitchen counter the proper way (it’s a great suggestion to find out exactly how to brighten kitchen counters, as well).

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Naturally, granite is a permeable product. Unsealed, it will certainly absorb spills and also dampness from food deposit, oil from all-time low of your salad clothing container, or condensation from your cold beverage. Yet that doesn’& rsquo; t suggest you need to secure your kitchen counter, yet. Since numerous all-natural rock items feature a manufacturing facility seal on them.

If you’& rsquo; re unclear if your kitchen counter came secured, or if it’& rsquo; s been a couple of years given that you mounted it, you can conveniently check the seal on your granite.

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Exactly how to check the seal on a granite kitchen counter

Using sealer to a counter top needlessly will not do anything and also, if you wear’& rsquo; t lover everything off, it will certainly leave a movie externally. So, to conserve on your own a little aggravation and also the cash invested in a pricey item, examination your granite’s seal with this straightforward technique.

  • In an unnoticeable area, drizzle a percentage of water in one area and also a little oil in one more area.
  • Allowed the fluids rest for 15-30 mins.
  • Inspect to see if the granite has actually soaked up any one of the fluids or if they’& rsquo; ve dimmed the rock beneath.
  • If you see much less fluid or a dark staining of the rock, you require to use a granite sealant.

Exactly how to secure a granite kitchen counter

Prior to securing, get rid of whatever from the counters and also completely tidy the kitchen counters with a warm soapy fabric to get rid of dirt, crumbs, and also food deposit. As soon as cleaned up and also completely dry, use a granite sealant as adheres to:

  • Spray a 3-foot area of the kitchen counter with the sealant.
  • Quickly clean the item right into the rock with a soft, lint-free fabric. Permitting it to completely dry will certainly develop a plain haze.
  • Rub the surface area till completely dry with a completely dry lint-free fabric.
  • Repeat the procedure 2 to 3 times.
  • Maintain the surface area completely dry for 24 hrs prior to brightening to permit the item to heal and also bond to the pores.

To assist your granite maintain its all-natural sparkle, comply with the sealant with a granite gloss. Use it similarly you used the sealant. Spray on, right away lover with a lint-free fabric, and also clean completely dry.

Exactly how to get rid of existing spots on granite

If your granite has a tarnish, you’& rsquo; ll demand to eliminate it prior to resealing. To get rid of a tarnish from your granite kitchen counter, make use of a sedimentary rock plaster item per the tag instructions in between the deep tidy and also the securing phase.

Exactly how typically do you require to reseal granite kitchen counters?

That relies on the item, whether it came factory-sealed, and also exactly how you take care of it everyday. If your kitchen counter came factory-sealed, its seal might last 10 to 15 years. Yet if it isn’& rsquo; t, or if you have an older kitchen counter, you will certainly require to reseal it every 6 months to a year.

Day-to-day take care of granite kitchen counters

Appropriate day-to-day treatment will certainly protect the seal on your granite. Below are a couple of methods to maintain it shimmering:

  • Just make use of pH-neutral items made particularly for rock treatment.
  • Constantly make use of a soft fabric or sponge on your kitchen counter to stay clear of abrasions.
  • Stay clear of opening up chemicals like bleach, drainpipe opener, or various other home cleansers on your kitchen counter.
  • Quickly tidy up all spills, consisting of water.
  • Usage rollercoasters, placemats, trivets, and also reducing boards to safeguard the surface area.
  • Avoid chips or fractures by not going down hefty things on it.
  • Don’& rsquo; t rest or base on your granite.
  • Avoid utilizing high-temperature home appliances, like a toaster, deep fryer, or rotisserie, as the high warmth and also oil splatters might harm the rock.

Granite sealants to pick from

Considering that granite is a permeable product, stay clear of acidic and also rough cleansers. Light soap and also water for day-to-day cleansing is best. Powdered cleansers typically consist of shattered rock that can damage the surface area. Additionally, the acidic web content of citrus-based items, ammonia, or homemade cleansers which contain vinegar or lemon oil, can boring the coating. If you intend to buy made-for-granite cleansers and also sealants, below are a couple of to pick from.

In order to keep a gorgeous kitchen area, it is very important to take appropriate treatment of your granite kitchen counters. This strong rock is long lasting and also has a spectacular appearance, yet it additionally calls for upkeep to safeguard it and also maintain it looking its ideal.

Continue reading to uncover 5 points you ought to understand prior to you secure your granite to make certain the very best outcomes.

1. Granite is a Permeable Product

Although granite is a difficult and also long lasting rock, granite is permeable. This indicates if you splash something and also your granite kitchen counters aren’t secured, it might trigger long-term spots and also unattractive marks.

New granite counters typically have actually a sealer used throughout installment. Nevertheless, this sealer diminishes in time, which is why reapplication is so vital.

2. You Ought To Regularly Inspect the Problem of Granite Countertops

Prior to using a brand-new layer of sealer, take the “water examination.” Take 1/4 mug of water and also put it on the kitchen counters. If the water remains “beaded” ahead, your counters ought to not require sealer.

Nevertheless, if the water shows up to permeate right into the surface area or you observe a dark area, you ought to secure the granite. Ensure you carry out the examination in an unnoticeable location of your kitchen area so it does not leave a recognizable area or mark behind.

3. It is necessary to Tidy In Between Sealings

Preferably, you ought to just require to secure your granite kitchen counters every 6 months to a year, possibly a lot more regularly relying on usage and also website traffic. If you splash something externally, it is very important to make use of the appropriate cleansing techniques to avoid any type of more damages. Generally, we suggest utilizing a clean cloth or sponge and also a mild soap and also water to get rid of dust and also food particles. Dry completely after cleaning with a tidy, completely dry towel. Stay clear of rough abrasives or extremely acidic options which can damage and also boring your granite kitchen counters. Bleach can additionally boring the granite surface area. If you feel you should make use of bleach to decontaminate, utilize it just sometimes and also ensure it’s well watered down. Wash the surface area completely after application.

To get rid of spots, you can make a paste of cooking soft drink and also water and also delicately massage it right into the discolor with a soft fabric, after that wash completely. You might require to duplicate the procedure a couple of times for especially persistent spots.

4. Usage Safe, Safe Sealants

When you require to secure your granite kitchen counters, it is very important to make use of a safe item. A top quality sealant ought to not consist of rough chemicals that can trigger irritability or discharge solid smells, and also you should not need to make use of a mask or handwear covers to use.

Anything loaded with rough chemicals might wind up doing even more damage than great. Try to find a sealant that works yet mild sufficient to make use of on your counters so you do not require to bother with hazardous active ingredients entering into your food or sticking around chemical smells that might penetrate throughout your house.

5. Use Sealer Appropriately for Fantastic Outcomes

Constantly use granite sealer to tidy, completely dry kitchen counters. Comply with the supplier’s instructions thoroughly to make certain appropriate application.

Ensure that you use the sealant uniformly to ensure that it covers the whole surface area from back to front, side to side, and also over the sides. You might intend to section-off locations of your kitchen counter and also use one by one to make certain no areas are missed out on. Permit the sealant to soak up right into the granite prior to rubbing out the unwanted. This straightforward procedure will certainly maintain your kitchen counters shielded and also looking attractive.

Safeguard Your Financial Investment with Sealant

With the ideal items and also appropriate treatment, you can appreciate your granite kitchen counters without stressing over every sprinkle of tomato sauce or spill of merlot. Bear in mind these 5 suggestions to maintain your granite kitchen counters shiny, secure, tidy and also secured.

Although a lot of granite kitchen counters do not require to be secured, it does assist the rock withstand dust and also spills, which can trigger etching and also discoloration [source: Marble Institute of America].

By its nature, granite is moisture-resistant– nevertheless, it’s additionally permeable. Sealers obstruct fluids from permeating right into the granite. An appropriately secured kitchen counter will certainly trigger fluids to grain externally.

Fluids with shade– like grape juice and also merlot– cooking oil and also fat can all blemish the kitchen counter. Pizza oil can be a perpetrator, as well, when it saturates with all-time low of the pizza box and also onto the kitchen counter.

In little locations where the taps, sinks and also stovetops exist, you ought to use sealant after the kitchen counter is mounted. This ought to be done prior to home appliances are placed in since you will not have the ability to get to these areas in the future– yet permeating fluids can [source: Hart].

Normally, you ought to secure a lot of kitchen area granite kitchen counters yearly. Remember that various items of granite have various porosities. Some kitchen counter locations might require to be secured more frequently than others. To identify if it’s time to reseal a counter top, dribble some water onto the kitchen counter. If it grains up, fantastic. If the water saturates right into the granite, it’s time to reseal.

Sealing is uncomplicated. Obtain a good-quality granite kitchen counter cleaner, a granite sealant that’s created to withstand water and also oil-based spots, and also some tidy dustcloths. Comply with the cleaner’s instructions initially, making certain the granite is completely dry prior to you begin securing. Some sealants, such as those with a solvent base, benefit a number of years [source: Marble Institute of America].

When securing, operate in little locations, enabling the sealant to soak up for the advised quantity of time prior to using the 2nd application. After that transfer to one more location. Comply with the sealant’s advised quantity of drying out time (normally a number of hrs or over night) prior to utilizing the kitchen counters.

Prior to deciding concerning granite kitchen counters, it is very important to understand the advantages and also prices. Continue reading to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of granite kitchen counters.

Granite kitchen counters are so long lasting they can essentially last longer than the structure in which they stay. Can you presume what product is one of the most preferred for producing an eternal on a headstone? Granite[source: Everlife] –