How to start a hot tub

As soon as your medspa is loaded, the following action in the jacuzzi launch procedure is including chemicals to your medspa for the very first time. In this episode of Master Spas television, Shane will certainly give detailed, jacuzzi launch chemical directions consisting of just how to examine jacuzzi water, what chemicals to include in the jacuzzi, as well as the significance of including chemicals in a certain order.

Prior to including any type of chemicals to your jacuzzi, it is critical that you thoroughly evaluate the tags of the medspa chemicals you will certainly be utilizing for application details. The quantity of chemicals required is based upon the gallons of water your jacuzzi holds, you can locate the gallon ability in your proprietors guidebook.

If you have not loaded your jacuzzi yet, view our “Exactly how to Load a Jacuzzi” video clip for simple to adhere to directions as well as valuable tips for loading your medspa that will certainly make stabilizing your water chemistry simpler.

Tips to Jacuzzi Water Chemistry

Initially, we require to fill up the bathtub if you require aid you can take a look at our video clip where we go through the preliminary fill-up procedure. In addition to our video clip, you can locate details concerning the preliminary fill-up in your proprietors hand-operated as well as at

Once we have actually loaded the jacuzzi, currently it’s time to inspect the chemical degrees. Currently it is necessary to keep in mind the amounts to use can differ based upon the dimension of your jacuzzi as well as the chemical focus of the brand name or item being utilized. You must recognize the number of gallons of water your jacuzzi holds. This can be discovered on the design spec web page in your proprietor’s guidebook as well as ensure you acquaint on your own with the advised quantity for the chemicals you prepare to make use of, these must be straight on the container.

The screening strips we’re utilizing examination all needed degrees at when, however relying on your examination strips you might require specific testers for pH alkalinity calcium firmness as well as chlorine. It will certainly conserve time if you can have the adhering to chemicals handy:

  • a pH increaser
  • a pH decreaser
  • sodium-dichlor
  • chlorine granules

Bear in mind it matters in which order we stabilize our chemicals. Initially we require to change our pH degree as well as complete alkalinity. When we’re fetching an examination strip ensure that we’re not polluting the continuing to be strips in the container as well as when we have the strip in hand just adhere to the directions on the product packaging for dipping as well as critical the outcomes. Our objective is to locate our pH in between 7.4 as well as 7.6 as well as our alkalinity in between 100-120 components per million. Currently my preliminary examination showed as well as my pH was a little reduced so referencing the details on the pH increaser, I recognize I require to include one capful of pH as much as make up for this reduced degree. It is necessary that we stabilize our pH initially prior to carrying on to the following action including a sanitizer if the pH is not well balanced it can make the sanitizer inefficient bear in mind when including chemicals constantly spread them throughout the surface area of the water with all the treatment pumps switched on.

As well as currently we wait 30 to 60 mins prior to retesting. We’ll require to duplicate this procedure up until our alkalinity as well as pH degrees are within the advised arrays. As well as bear in mind that exceptionally high or reduced examination outcomes can take a while to obtain correctly readjusted, maintain operating at it up until your jacuzzi has actually gotten to the appropriate degrees.

As well as following, we’ll require to disinfect the water as well as the elements of your jacuzzi. There are 2 main kinds of sanitizers chlorine, which we have below, as well as bromine. Sodium-dichlor, chlorine granules are what we, at Master Spas especially suggest for cleanliness. They use the most effective outcomes with the attributes of your jacuzzi; such as the EcoPur as well as the ozone systems. As well as do not puzzle this variation of chlorine with tricor kind chlorine tri chloric as well as harm the elements of your jacuzzi.

Nevertheless, if you are incapable to make use of chlorine for individual factors you might choose to make use of bromine. Bromine does not liquify as swiftly as well as as a result you should wait a bit much longer for appropriate screening of the waters degrees. Additionally, bromine can accumulate in time if you need to make use of bromine simply beware not to over reward. Including tablet computers to a drifter or a giving tool might appear simple, however you should remain to examine the water as well as eliminate the tablet computers when a jacuzzi has actually gotten to the appropriate cleanliness degrees.

Currently for our preliminary start-up of our jacuzzi, we desire our cost-free chlorine degrees to be greater than what is ideal for everyday usage to make certain for appropriate start-up cleanliness of the water as well as elements. You must go for a degree around 5 to 8 components per million. Wait an added 30 to 60 mins prior to re-checking the cost-free- chlorine degree, as well as do not enable any individual to enter the jacuzzi up until the chlorine degrees have actually gone down in between 2 as well as 4 components per million, which is a suggested array incidentally. One last examination which’s it. As soon as sufficient time is passed to enable the chlorine to be up to the advised degrees after that your water is well balanced as well as all set to appreciate.

For European nations, please describe this Water Chemistry Overview for proper chemical degrees per BS EN 17125: 2018.

How to start a hot tub

Action 1

When you prepare to open up the medspa for the period, start by erasing any type of water and/or particles off of the cover. As soon as the cover is clear, tidy it with a remedy that is risk-free for the cover (inspect the documents that featured the cover) as well as enable it to completely dry. Once it has actually dried out, you can eliminate as well as save the cover.

How to start a hot tub


How to start a hot tub

Action 2

How to start a hot tub

Action 3

How to start a hot tub

Action 4

After the medspa water has actually flowed for a minimum of a hr, I would certainly suggest utilizing a withdrawing representative or steel eliminator. Steels exist in faucet water as well as must be reduced the effects of prior to the chemicals are readjusted.

How to start a hot tub

Tip 5

After enabling the steel eliminator to flow in the medspa for a minimum of 4-6 hrs, take a water example (roughly a foot down) to be checked. The 4 most typical chemicals checked in a medspa are chlorine/bromine, pH, alkalinity as well as calcium firmness. If you are utilizing a different sanitizer, the chemicals required for startup will certainly differ.

How to start a hot tub

Action 6

Once the water outcomes have actually been figured out, you might start readjusting the chemicals. Ensure that you are adhering to the supplier’s instructions to make certain that the chemicals are being included correctly. I would certainly suggest readjusting the calcium initially after that enabling a minimum of 12 hrs prior to readjusting the pH or alkalinity.

How to start a hot tub


How to start a hot tub

Action 7

You are currently all set to change the pH or alkalinity (or both) relying on your outcomes. If both are reduced, I suggest readjusting the alkalinity initially. The boost in alkalinity will somewhat raise the pH also.

How to start a hot tub

Action 8

Once the pH as well as alkalinity have actually been readjusted, you can include the sanitizer. If you are utilizing chlorine, you would certainly adhere to the item tags as well as include the granules straight to the medspa water. If you are utilizing bromine, you would certainly make use of Bromine Beginning, to develop a “get” prior to including the bromine tablet computers in a drifter or dispenser in the medspa. Salt bromide is commonly included at a price of 1/2 oz. per 100 gallons of water.

How to start a hot tub

Action 9

The last action in medspa startup is to stun the water. Whether you are utilizing chlorine or bromine, an oxidizing shock ought to be utilized prior to or after a hefty bather tons or a minimum of when a week. The oxidizing shock will certainly remove smells as well as natural accumulation in medspa water.


Megan Cromwell Uploaded: 4/7/2020

When one is very first beginning with a medspa, what are the preliminary quantities of chemicals one should begin with (after that examination to change)? Many thanks!

InyoPools Item Expert Matt S. Uploaded: 4/8/2020

The medspa chemicals normally include a dose based upon gallonage of the medspa. Adhere to those directions, as well as go from there.

InyoPools Item Expert Dennis R. Uploaded: 10/ 6/2014

joyce – Seems like you do not have adequate Bromine get. Offer us a telephone call at 877-372-6038 as well as request Alex. He’s our ideal chemical guy. Inform him that you simply began loading your jacuzzi as well as can not preserve adequate bromine degree.

joyce Uploaded: 10/ 3/2014

I simply loaded my jacuzzi as well as place in the advised chemicals.
nonetheless, I had not been informed to launch with the bromide granule item; should have I began with this? I can not appear to maintain any type of bromine in the water; I have actually utilized Bromine Concentrate as well as have bromine tablet computers (2) in a drifter. What must I do??

Mary Mayfield Uploaded: 11/29/2019

Simply obtained a jacuzzi from a next-door neighbor. I have no suggestion what to get to make it function right. Offer me some instructions, please

InyoPools Item Expert Matt S. Uploaded: 12/11/2019

That depends upon what you suggest by “make it function.” Do you need to change the entire pump as well as filter system? Does the control job? Are the jets in functioning order? Or, does all the tools job as well as all you require to do tidy it as well as load it?

Did you ultimately acquire the jacuzzi or medspa of your desires, however do not recognize just how to begin? The selection of cleansers, sanitizers, examination strips, as well as various other chemicals to include in your water can be frustrating.

It is necessary to validate that you’re establishing your medspa or jacuzzi up appropriately in order to maintain you as well as others that will certainly utilize your medspa risk-free. If you do not correctly prepare the water, germs as well as various other points might pollute your water as well as place you in danger.

For instance, making sure that your water has the right pH degree is crucial in preserving your medspa. If the pH degree is too expensive, the water will certainly end up being range creating. This can reduce the life of your tools as well as create you to make use of even more sanitizer than you or else would certainly. If the pH degree is also reduced, the water will certainly end up being acidic. When water is acidic, it can avoid your sanitizer from functioning in addition to it should, which will certainly enable dangerous pollutants to stay in the water.

Alkalinity is likewise exceptionally crucial. Water alkalinity is just how well the water to reduce the effects of acids. Preserving alkalinity functions as a barrier to maintain the pH degrees of your medspa from changing swiftly. Poor alkalinity degrees can impact not just the look of your jacuzzi, however likewise your skin. Reduced alkalinity can rust steel components, wear down the surface area of your jacuzzi, as well as quit the water from stabilizing chemicals that avoid algae. High alkalinity can create exceptionally high pH degrees that are challenging to reduced, in addition to creating range.

Furthermore, it’s important to correctly disinfect the water in your medspa. If you do not do this, the top quality of your water will certainly be majorly influenced. This might suggest gloomy water, algal flowers, or perhaps wild water mold and mildew. This can after that create added build-up in filters, which consequently can harm as well as inevitably reduce the life-span of your jacuzzi pumps since they will certainly need to function tougher.

The good news is, Watson’s is below to aid. We will certainly aid you browse your means via the incredible quantity of readily available items to locate what jobs best for you as well as your medspa.

Referral our valuable detailed directions listed below to get your jacuzzi or medspa established as well as on-line promptly.

  • Spray Citrabright externally of your medspa.
  • Clean the surface area of your medspa with a fabric or paper towel.
  • Ensure the surface area of your medspa is tidy as well as completely dry.
  • Making use of a completely dry towel, use Free time Quick Gloss to the surface area of your medspa.
  • Spread equally over the surface area of the medspa utilizing round activities.
  • Permit to completely dry for roughly 10-15 mins.
  • Usage one more tidy, completely dry towel to rub out the deposit.
    • Utilize a fresh towel for each brand-new location to guarantee you do not redeposit the deposit.
    • Prior to loading your medspa, ensure that it remains in its last area. Do not try to relocate your medspa after filling up.
    • Firmly position your hose pipe in the medspa.
    • Switch on the water as well as wait on your jacuzzi to fill up. Make certain to watch on your medspa while filling up to prevent overflow.
    • Ensure the heating system thermostat is either transformed right down or is off.
    • Furthermore, ensure that the medspa pack location is completely dry prior to switching on the power to your medspa.
    • The perfect pH degree for your medspa water is in between 7.4 as well as 7.6.
    • Prepare an examination strip for usage in your medspa. Clean your hands prior to dealing with examination strips.
    • Make sure that the examination strip is proper for the sort of sanitizer being utilized in your medspa.
    • Take an example of your water in a tidy glass.
    • Adhere to the directions on the product packaging of the examination strips for just how to examine the water.
      • Generally, you must dip the examination strip briefly in the water as well as wait roughly 20 secs prior to inspecting the shade codes outcomes.
      • This can be done utilizing oxidizer to eliminate pollutants.
      • If you make use of an oxidizer, do not cover your medspa for a minimum of 20 mins to enable the gases that will certainly be given off to get away.
      • If utilizing Free time Steel Gon, put the whole container equally around your medspa’s side.
        • Run the filter for a minimum of 30 mins.
        • If utilizing Free time Day spa Protector, make use of 2oz (4 tbsps) for health spas as much as 800 gallons.
        • If utilizing Swimway Range Preventer, make use of 2oz (4 tbsps) for health spas as much as 500 gallons.
        • Usage 0.5 oz for each 500 gallons of water.
        • After including, wait 5 mins prior to inspecting the pH as well as alkalinity degrees.
        • Note: Await 15 – 30 mins in between each chemical application.
        • The objective of this item is to decrease undesirable nonliving natural pollutants such as body oils, sun block, cosmetic items, and so on
        • Day spa Perfect likewise functions as a constant cartridge filter cleaner.
        • Usage 1oz per 500 gallons of water.

        Note: To prevent freeze damages, never ever fill up the medspa when the temperature level will certainly go listed below 35 levels throughout the very first 24 hrs.

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        How to start a hot tub

        Whether you have stationary water in the bathtub or otherwise, it ’ s most likely that the bathtub as well as the pipework teem with germs as well as biofilm. So there are some added safety measures that need to be required to make certain that the jacuzzi is tidy as well as risk-free to make use of when it is launched.

        We consider the actions you require to require to ensure both the components you can as well as can ’ t see in the jacuzzi are tidy as well as risk-free.

        Exactly how to launch your jacuzzi

        Adhere to these actions listed below to obtain your jacuzzi up as well as running if you sanctuary ’ t utilized it for some time.

        1. Eliminate your jacuzzi cover


        2. Eliminate biofilm accumulation & & germs from your jacuzzi


        If you sanctuary ’ t utilized your jacuzzi in a while, possibilities exist are some nasties prowling in your jacuzzi pipework in the type of biofilm.

        Biofilm is basically jacuzzi plaque. It creates a safety layer over the germs, that is basically difficult to pass through. It normally creates in difficult to get to locations such as pipework, pumps, heating units as well as edges of the jacuzzi. If you wear ’ t do away with this biofilm, you will possibly see white half-cracked little bits drifting in the water on launch. As well as you will likely make use of a great deal even more Chlorine with little result.

        To do away with it we suggest utilizing a biofilm destroyer such as DryOx. This creates a gas which can pass through the biofilm, ruining it as well as any type of remaining germs to guarantee you are beginning with a fresh start.

        1. Fill out your jacuzzi (if it isn ’ t currently complete)


        2. Warmth the water. DryOx functions best at 20 levels as well as over


        3. Include the tablet computer


        4. Allow the pumps compete 1 hr, so it flows via the pipework


        5. Leave in the jacuzzi over night (for 12 hrs)


        ( Please adhere to the directions on the package for risk-free usage)


        We suggest utilizing o-care as an once a week therapy to aid avoid the accumulate of jacuzzi biofilm.

        3. Check out the jacuzzi elements


        While you are running the biofilm remover via the water it deserves inspecting to make certain that every little thing in the jacuzzi is running as it should.

        Particularly if you have had it folded over Winter months as well as not had it cleared by a specialist. If there are any type of leakages or troubles it deserves understanding at this moment prior to proceeding with the tidy as well as solution.

        Inspect all the elements consisting of pumps, heating units as well as controls are functioning. As well as inspect that there is no water loss to show a leakage.

        For a complete detailed overview on just how to execute a jacuzzi solution, download and install the do it yourself overview listed below.

        How to start a hot tub

        do it yourself Jacuzzi solution list

        A detailed overview to aid you execute your quarterly jacuzzi solution