How to use a condom

Prophylactics are the most effective means to secure on your own versus sexually sent infections (STIs) and also undesirable maternity.

Prophylactics are an obstacle birth control made from latex rubber, an artificial rubber called polyisoprene, or an extremely slim plastic called polyurethane.

Prophylactics are readily available without:

  • birth control centers
  • sex-related health and wellness or (GUM TISSUE) genitourinary medication centers
  • some general practitioner surgical procedures
  • some youngsters’s solutions

You can additionally purchase prophylactics from:

  • stores
  • drug stores
  • grocery stores
  • internet sites
  • mail order brochures
  • vending equipments in some public bathrooms
  • some petroleum terminals

Constantly purchase prophylactics that lug the British Requirements Organization (BSI) kitemark or the European CE icon as evidence of top quality.

This implies they have actually been examined to the needed security requirements.

Likewise, examine that the expiration day is plainly noticeable on the package.

Sorts of prophylactic

There are 2 fundamental kinds of prophylactic readily available in the UK: man and also lady.

The women prophylactic is occasionally called a femidom since Femidom is its trademark name in the UK.

Male prophylactics

Throughout sex, male prophylactics are endured the penis to stop seminal fluid (sperm) getting in the lady’s vaginal canal when the male climaxes (comes).

The prophylactic ought to be placed on when the penis is set up (tough) and also prior to it enters call with your companion’s body.

To utilize a male prophylactic appropriately, adhere to these actions:

  • Thoroughly open up the aluminum foil product packaging that the prophylactic is covered in, making sure not to tear the prophylactic.
  • Hold the idea of the prophylactic in between your first finger and also thumb to ensure it’s placed on properly round and also no air is entraped inside (the prophylactic might divide if air is entraped inside).
  • Location the prophylactic over the idea of the penis.
  • While pressing the idea of the prophylactic, roll it down over the size of the upright penis.
  • If the prophylactic will certainly not unfold, it’s possibly on completely– begin once more with a brand-new prophylactic as there might be sperm on it.

Ensure that the prophylactic remains in location while you’re making love. If it comes off, quit and also place on a brand-new one.

After climaxing (when the male has actually come) and also while the penis is still hard, hold the prophylactic in position and also meticulously take out the penis from your companion’s body.

You must just take the prophylactic off the penis when there’s no additional call with your companion’s body.

Cover the made use of prophylactic in a cells and also placed it in the container. You must never ever purge prophylactics down the commode as they might obstruct the commode and also can trigger ecological damages.

Women prophylactics

Women prophylactics permit ladies to share the duty of picking what sort of birth control to utilize prior to making love with their companion.

Women prophylactics can be put any time prior to sex, yet should constantly be put prior to the penis touches the genital location.

To utilize a women prophylactic, adhere to these actions:

  • Thoroughly eliminate the women prophylactic from its product packaging, making sure not to tear it.
  • Location the shut end of the prophylactic right into the vaginal canal, holding the soft internal ring in between your first finger or center finger and also thumb.
  • Utilize your various other hand to divide the folds up of skin (labia) around the vaginal canal, after that placed the pressed ring right into the vaginal canal.
  • Place your index or center finger or both outdoors end of the prophylactic up until the internal ring can be really felt and also press the prophylactic as much up the vaginal canal as feasible, with the external ring existing versus the beyond the vaginal canal.
  • The external ring of the prophylactic must relax very closely outside of the vaginal canal in any way times throughout sex– if the external ring obtains pressed inside the vaginal canal, quit and also place it back in the best location.
  • Ensure that the penis enters the prophylactic– make sure to ensure that the penis does not go in between the prophylactic and also the wall surface of the vaginal canal.

Promptly after sex, a little spin and also draw completion of the prophylactic to eliminate it, making sure not to splash any kind of sperm inside the vaginal canal.

If this takes place, you’ll require to consult concerning emergency situation birth control from your general practitioner or pharmacologist.

Cover the prophylactic in a cells and also toss it away in a container, not in the commode.


Prophylactics come oiled to make them less complicated to utilize, yet you might such as to utilize added lubricating substance (lube).

This is specifically encouraged for rectal sex to lower the possibility of the prophylactic splitting.

If you utilize a lubricating substance when making love, ensure it’s water based. Oil-based lubes, such as cream or infant oil, can harm latex and also polyisoprene prophylactics, and also enhance the probability that they’ll damage.

What to do if your prophylactic divides

If your prophylactic divides while you’re making love, you must see your general practitioner or most likely to your regional sex-related health and wellness or genitourinary medication (GUM TISSUE) center immediately, as you might require emergency situation birth control.

Emergency situation birth control, such as the emergency situation tablet or the intrauterine gadget (IUD), can be made use of to stop maternity.

Emergency situation birth control is readily available without birth control centers, General practitioners that offer birth control solutions, Creek centers, sex-related health and wellness centers and also some gum tissue centers, yet not all have the ability to fit the IUD.

The emergency situation birth control pill Levonelle and also ellaOne can be purchased from a lot of drug stores, and also some offer it complimentary to youngsters.

How to use a condom

If you desire your prophylactic to function, you have actually reached utilize it appropriately. Thankfully, it’s actually simple. Below’s what you require to understand.

Just how do I utilize a prophylactic?

Roll the prophylactic on when your penis is set up (tough), yet prior to it touches your companion’s mouth or genital location (vulva, vaginal canal, rectum, butts, and also top thighs)– and also use it during you’re making love. This assists secure you from Sexually transmitted diseases that are sent with skin-to-skin touching. It additionally stops call with pre-ejaculate (pre-cum), which can have sexually transmitted disease bacteria and also might hardly ever consist of sperm that can trigger maternity.

1. Condoms last a long period of time, yet you must constantly examine the expiry day published on the wrapper or box. Open up prophylactics meticulously so you do not harm them– do not utilize your teeth or scissors.

2. Ensure the prophylactic’s prepared to roll on properly: the edge ought to get on the outdoors so it resembles a little hat, and also it will certainly unfold conveniently. You can unfold it a little prior to placing it on ensure it’s right-side out. If you inadvertently placed a prophylactic on completely, do NOT turn it around and also recycle it– obtain a brand-new one.

3. Squeeze the idea of the prophylactic and also location it on the head of your penis. Leave a little of area on top to gather seminal fluid (orgasm). If you’re uncircumcised, it may be extra comfy to draw your foreskin back prior to putting the prophylactic on the idea of your penis and also rolling it down.

4. Spread out the prophylactic down the shaft of your penis right to the base.

You can place a couple of decreases of water-based or silicone lubricating substance inside the idea of the prophylactic prior to you roll it on. You can additionally include even more lube to the beyond the prophylactic after it gets on your penis. (Water-based or silicone lube can make sex really feel also much better, and also it assists quit prophylactics from damaging.)

5. Make love!

6. After you have an orgasm (orgasm), keep the edge of the prophylactic and also draw your penis out of your companion’s body.


Do this BEFORE your penis goes soft, so the prophylactic does not obtain as well loosened and also allow seminal fluid out.

7. Thoroughly remove the prophylactic far from your companion so you do not inadvertently splash seminal fluid (orgasm) on them. Toss the prophylactic away in the trash– do not purge it down the commode (it can block pipelines).

You can not recycle prophylactics. Roll on a brand-new prophylactic every single time you have genital, dental, or rectal sex. You must additionally utilize a brand-new prophylactic if you change from one sort of sex to an additional (like rectal to genital).

Do not fret if you shed your erection (your penis obtains soft) while using a prophylactic– this is very typical. If this occurs you must alter prophylactics. Simply take the prophylactic off, and also when your penis is tough once more, roll on a brand-new one.

What are some ideas for making use of prophylactics?

Taking great treatment of your prophylactics and also utilizing them appropriately every time you make love is crucial.

Shop your prophylactics in a trendy, completely dry location far from any kind of sharp things and also straight sunshine. Do not maintain them in your pocket, auto, or restroom for extended periods of time (over 1 month), since too much warmth and also dampness can harm prophylactics with time.

Constantly examine the expiry day and also ensure there aren’t openings in the product packaging prior to opening your prophylactic– you must have the ability to really feel a little air bubble when you press the wrapper. If a prophylactic is torn, completely dry, rigid, or sticky, toss it away.

Because you need to utilize a brand-new prophylactic every single time you make love or obtain a brand-new erection, it’s an excellent suggestion to maintain a supply around. Have prophylactics close-by prior to points begin warming up, so they’re simple to order without disrupting the activity.

A lot of prophylactics come pre-lubricated, yet including added water-based or silicone lube can make prophylactics really feel excellent and also assist maintain them from damaging. Place a couple of decreases on the head of your penis or inside the idea of your prophylactic prior to you roll it on, and/or spread lube outside of the prophylactic when you’re using it.

Do not utilize anything that has oil in it with latex prophylactics, like oil jelly (Vaseline), cream, infant oil, butter, or food preparation oils. Oil harms latex prophylactics and also might trigger them to damage.

It’s simple to make prophylactics enjoyable and also hot– all it takes is a little imagination and also a favorable perspective! For many individuals, prophylactics are an all-natural component of sexual activity. Having your companion roll on the prophylactic, using lube, and also boosting each various other and also stating hot things while placing prophylactics on maintains points warm as well as secure. And also, understanding you’re shielding each various other from maternity and/or Sexually transmitted diseases allows every person unwind and also concentrate on feelin’ great.

Technique makes ideal, so it’s an excellent suggestion to obtain made use of to placing on prophylactics prior to you really utilize one for sex. You can exercise placing a prophylactic by yourself penis, or a banana, cucumber, or slim container– anything penis-shaped will certainly do! Ending up being a prophylactic professional prior to you make love makes it a lot easier to utilize them appropriately when it actually matters.

Last But Not Least, it’s an excellent suggestion to utilize an additional kind of contraception, like the tablet, ring, shot, dental implant, or IUD, together with prophylactics. It can assist stop maternity in situation you slip up or the prophylactic breaks, providing you added security. If you have a prophylactic incident and also you’re out an additional contraception approach, emergency situation birth control (the morning-after tablet) can assist stop maternity as much as 5 days after vulnerable sex.

A lot more concerns from individuals:

It is essential to utilize prophylactics appropriately. If you do not utilize a prophylactic properly– like placing it on completely– it will not function too.

When you placed a prophylactic on completely, it will certainly be a great deal more challenging to roll down. It may not cover your penis right, and also it can slide off throughout sex. A lot of prophylactics have a storage tank idea– a little added pocket on top that assists gather seminal fluid (orgasm) throughout climaxing. When a prophylactic is completely, this tank idea may not function too and also the prophylactic can damage less complicated.

If you inadvertently placed a prophylactic on completely, it may be appealing to turn it around and also roll it back on properly. However that’s not an excellent suggestion since when the prophylactic takes place your penis it can grab liquids (like pre-cum) that can spread out Sexually transmitted diseases or trigger maternity. So the most effective point to do is toss the prophylactic away and also obtain a brand-new one.

In order to ensure you utilize a prophylactic properly, take a look at it meticulously prior to you place it on. The roll of the edge must get on the outdoors, with the tank idea jabbing up in the center. You can additionally unfold the prophylactic a little prior to you place it on so you can identify which means is appropriate.

How to use a condom

Prophylactics are slim, elastic bags that you endure your penis throughout sex. Prophylactics offer excellent security from both maternity and also Sexually transmitted diseases. They’re simple to utilize and also simple to obtain.

What’s a prophylactic and also exactly how does it function?

Prophylactics are little, slim bags that cover your penis throughout sex and also gather seminal fluid (orgasm). Prophylactics stop maternity by quiting sperm from entering into the vaginal canal, so sperm can not meet an egg. Some kinds of prophylactics additionally assist stop Sexually transmitted diseases.

There are 3 kinds of prophylactics: latex prophylactics, plastic (non latex) prophylactics, and also lambskin (pet skin) prophylactics.

Latex prophylactics

Latex prophylactics are made from rubber.

Latex prophylactics are one of the most typical sort of prophylactic.

Latex prophylactics assist secure versus both maternity and also Sexually transmitted diseases.

Just utilize water-based or silicone lube with latex prophylactics– do not utilize anything with oil, since oil can harm latex prophylactics.

Plastic prophylactics (also known as non latex prophylactics or latex complimentary prophylactics)

Plastic/non latex prophylactics are made from plastics like polyurethane, nitrile, or polyisoprene.

Plastic/non latex prophylactics are secure for individuals with latex allergic reactions or level of sensitivities.

Plastic/non latex prophylactics assist secure versus both maternity and also Sexually transmitted diseases.

You can utilize water-based and also silicone lube with any kind of sort of plastic prophylactic. You can typically utilize oil-based lubes with plastic prophylactics. If you’re not exactly sure whether your lube is secure to utilize with your prophylactics, examine the instructions on the prophylactic bundle.

Lambskin prophylactics (also known as pet skin prophylactics)

Lambskin prophylactics are made from the cellular lining of pet intestinal tracts (normally lamb).

Lambskin prophylactics just assist secure versus maternity– they do not stop Sexually transmitted diseases.

Lambskin prophylactics are secure for individuals that are sensitive or conscious latex.

You can utilize any kind of sort of lube, consisting of oils, with lambskin prophylactics.

In addition to aiding to stop maternity, latex and also plastic prophylactics additionally assist stop Sexually transmitted diseases by covering the penis– this stops call with seminal fluid and also genital liquids, and also restricts skin-to-skin get in touch with that can spread out sexually sent infections. Lambskin prophylactics do NOT secure versus Sexually transmitted diseases, since there are small openings in the lambskin that are little sufficient to obstruct sperm yet huge sufficient to allow germs and also infections with. So it’s ideal to utilize latex or plastic prophylactics to assist stop both Sexually transmitted diseases and also maternity.

Do prophylactics assist secure versus Sexually transmitted diseases?

Yes! Utilizing prophylactics every single time you have dental, rectal, or genital sex is the most effective means to lower your opportunities of obtaining or spreading out sexually sent infections. Prophylactics secure you and also your companions from Sexually transmitted diseases by stopping call with physical liquids (like seminal fluid and also genital liquids) that can lug infections. And also since prophylactics cover your penis, they assist secure versus specific Sexually transmitted diseases like herpes and also genital moles that are spread out with skin-to-skin get in touch with (yet they’re rather much less reliable with these since they do not cover all your skin).

Pro-tip: if you reduced a prophylactic up the side, you can open it out and also place it over the vulva for more secure foreplay there. Prophylactics are valuable for every person!

Prophylactics are the only sort of contraception available that additionally assist secure versus Sexually transmitted diseases. So also if you’re making use of an additional kind of contraception (like the tablet), it’s an excellent suggestion to additionally utilize prophylactics to stop the spread of sexually sent infections.

Bear in mind that condoms constructed from lambskin or various other pet membrane layers DO NOT secure versus Sexually transmitted diseases– they just stop maternity. Just artificial prophylactics (latex or plastic) stop the spread of Sexually transmitted diseases.

A lot more concerns from individuals:

The major methods individuals obtain Sexually transmitted diseases are from genital and also rectal sex, yet it’s feasible to obtain some infections from foreplay. Sexually transmitted diseases that can contaminate your lips, mouth, and also throat consist of herpes, HPV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, and also liver disease B.

So if you’re attempting to obtain one of the most STD security feasible throughout sex-related get in touch with, you can utilize prophylactics throughout foreplay on a penis, and also dams throughout foreplay on a vulva and/or rectum. Prophylactics and also dams assist secure both you and also your companion from skin-to-skin get in touch with and also sex-related liquids that can spread out Sexually transmitted diseases.

You can utilize any kind of latex or plastic (latex-free) prophylactic for foreplay on a penis. Some individuals like plastic prophylactics for foreplay so they do not need to taste latex, or unlubricated prophylactics so they do not obtain lube in their mouths. There are flavorful prophylactics that are created foreplay, and also you can additionally include flavorful lube to any kind of plastic or latex prophylactic. If you have a vaginal area, prevent making use of flavorful items for genital or rectal sex since they can result in inflammation, yeast infections, or microbial vaginosis. And also do not utilize pet skin (also known as lambskin) prophylactics since they just assist stop maternity, not Sexually transmitted diseases.

Dams can be more challenging to discover than prophylactics. You can purchase dams online, or in some sex stores or medicine shops. You might additionally have the ability to discover them at some sex-related university hospital, like your regional Planned Being a parent. You can additionally make a dam by reducing open a prophylactic or interior prophylactic– simply reduce the idea off so it’s open at both ends, reduced the prophylactic from all-time low to the leading, open it up, and also lay it over your companion’s vulva and/or rectum.

Prophylactics assist secure versus all Sexually transmitted diseases, yet they offer even more security from some Sexually transmitted diseases than others.

There are great deals of various Sexually transmitted diseases. Some are brought in body liquids like seminal fluid (orgasm), genital liquids, and also blood– these consist of HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, liver disease B, and also trichomoniasis. Others can be passed from skin-to-skin touching with a contaminated body location, like your mouth or genital areas– these consist of herpes, HPV and also genital moles, syphilis, public lice (crabs), and also scabies.

If you utilize prophylactics appropriately, they function extremely well to stop Sexually transmitted diseases that are brought in body liquids. However prophylactics are a little much less reliable at stopping skin-to-skin Sexually transmitted diseases– that’s since these infections can occasionally survive locations of the body that condoms do not obstruct, like the scrotum, top thighs, butts (butt cheeks), and also labia. For instance, if a person has herpes sores or genital moles on their scrotum or around the base of their penis where a prophylactic does not get to, they can offer the infection to their companion throughout sex.

This might seem terrifying, yet it is essential to bear in mind that a lot of skin-to-skin Sexually transmitted diseases aren’t unsafe and also do not trigger major illness. And also all Sexually transmitted diseases can be dealt with or handled with medicine– that’s why sexually transmitted disease screening is so vital, so you can obtain therapy right now if you do take place to have a sexually transmitted disease.

The only means to be 100% certain you’ll never ever obtain a sexually transmitted disease is to never ever have sex-related call with an additional individual– yet lots of people make love at some time in their lives. And also some security is certainly much better than absolutely nothing. So if you’re mosting likely to be sexually energetic, making use of prophylactics is the most effective means to assist stop Sexually transmitted diseases and also secure on your own and also your companion.

Placing on a prophylactic is easy … when you understand what you’re doing. Comply with the actions listed below to ensure you’re doing it best and also it’ll quickly be acquired behavior.

  • Action 1
    Examine that the various other individual really intends to make love. After that, examine the expiration day of the prophylactic. Expired prophylactics can damage conveniently, and also no person desires that. Likewise, ensure it’s specified on the product packaging that it fulfills Australian requirements.
  • Action 2
    Open up the package meticulously; you may be lured to tear it open up in a fit of enthusiasm with your teeth, yet that can conveniently harm the prophylactic. Conserve the attacking for later on.
  • Action 3
    Hold the idea of the prophylactic to eliminate any kind of air and also roll it to the base of the upright penis (or sex plaything if you ’ re making use of one). If it’s tough to roll down, there’s a possibility it’s completely. Such a simple error to make – simply order an additional and also begin once more. Do not recycle that as there’s a possibility there’s a little pre-cum on it.
  • Action 4
    For sex with even more oooo than arrggghhh, placed some water-based lubricating substance outside of the prophylactic. This minimizes the danger of the prophylactic splitting as well as additionally boosts the enjoyment element. Do not utilize oil-based lubes such as Vaseline; these can trigger the prophylactic to damage.
  • Tip 5
    When you ’ re completed, ensure the penis is taken out while still set up. Keep the base of the prophylactic while you’re taking out so it doesn ’ t slide off and also wreck all your great thus far.
  • Action 6
    Eliminate the prophylactic, link a knot at the end, cover it in a cells and also placed it in the container. Easy as.

Bear In Mind, it just takes someone to determine to utilize a prophylactic – and also together with normal STI screening, it ’ s the only means to appreciate a healthy and balanced and also positive sex life.

Incentive idea: If you’re sharing sex playthings (such as vibes or vibrators) it’s an excellent suggestion to utilize prophylactics on these as well, as sex-related liquids and also STIs can conveniently be sent in between companions.